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    Ripon, North Yorkshire
  1. RiponJas

    Hello from NC

    Hello there and welcome.
  2. RiponJas

    Hello from a Total Noob in Herts

    Hello there and welcome from North Yorkshire.
  3. RiponJas

    What did the postman bring?

    Thanks to bendiddley this turned up today nice and cheap. Spent the next couple of hours tidying it up and now : Good as new
  4. RiponJas

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hello there and welcome.
  5. RiponJas

    Thanks for having me

    Hello there and welcome from North Yorkshire..
  6. Will be following this thread as it's my next step also. Just about to order the book as well
  7. You'll be better off buying a decent 10 - 12.5mm item and you'll see a lot more detail than you would with a very high power item the scope can't handle.
  8. Hi there. I started off with a sw10" dob earlier this year, basically the ep's that can't with it are rubbish for the scope. Any better quality item will make the view through the scope look better. The ep's I've changed to aren't great quality but they are a marked improvement on what came with it.
  9. RiponJas

    Show us your Frac

    And once again here's that little opticstar sitting with its big bro...
  10. RiponJas

    What did the postman bring?

    Nothing too exciting but it does allow me to piggyback my baby frac now. Been waiting 3 weeks!!
  11. RiponJas

    Hi from Cambridgeshire

    Hello there and welcome.
  12. RiponJas

    Hi from Aroeira, Portugal

    Hi there and welcome..
  13. RiponJas

    Hello from Herts

    Hello there and welcome.
  14. RiponJas

    Hi from Kent

    Hello there and welcome. Hope you get your scope soon. Nothing worse than waiting for something you really want.

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