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  1. My sky most of time , cover with cloud . But most importantly , my sky is very light polluted . Please , tell if any of kind of filter , that help me ?
  2. Thank you , for your posting . My sky is very poor seeing . I tried it . But , I am failed .
  3. With mobile phone . on 7th DEC 2016 .
  4. Namaste(hi). Please tell me , what kinds of nebulae i see through my telescope?
  5. Cool, like it. So, very hardworking.
  6. Hi , In few months , Clouds are over all night. I don't target anything . so, I am very upset.
  7. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/274357-i-am-confused-about-stars/?do=findComment&comment=3005598
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