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  1. I thought that the ‘frequency’ axis of the curve referred to the wavelengths of light. Low frequency (left side) being reds, oranges, like the surface of Jupiter. Right side of curve being higher frequencies of light like green, blue.
  2. The last item I bought...I couldn’t meet the seller for a couple of weeks, so I ‘secured’ the item with a small deposit via PayPal (logic being that I definitely wanted the item and wanted to show the seller that I was serious, but if I got scammed then I could write that off). Needless to say it all went smoothly and I met the seller a few weeks later, paying the balance in cash. Despite lots of deals over the years, I’ve never had a problem with any SGL user and all items had been very well looked after. It’s true - we treat our kit well.
  3. I personally feel that Orion Optics scopes are a little overpriced. I had one with 1/10 wave optics and it was very nice, but it was the 6" f8 version which I used for planetary, purchased 2nd hand from a forum member here at a good price. I wouldn't buy one brand new, the pricing is just too far out for what you're getting. If it's the F5 version you want, which would be better for DSO's & wide field at low power - do you really need the high grade mirror? I have a standard Celestron model and I doubt I would see any difference between that and the 1/10 wave OO equivalent at low to medium power. My other scope, a 100mm achromatic refractor, delivers a superior view on Lunar / planets than my F5 newt. It is just...sharper... On deep sky, the Newt does pull ahead, but it is not a 'night and day' difference. There is more contrast in the refractor, which fools the brain into thinking that the object is a little brighter. Spend your pennies on the refractor. Best of both worlds, and more portable.
  4. Trust me, torches & headlamps can be oddly addictive (like scopes!). There's an entire forum dedicated to this subject in the USA. I have also developed the 'sickness'' and own quite a few headlamps / flashlights / torches now. Some of them aren't cheap either... The headlamp I use for astro is the Black Diamond Spot. It has a variable output in red light (very useful) and you can turn it on in red mode, without going to white light. At the other end of the scale, there is something quite fun and satisfying when using a modern, pocketable, high power handheld light to illuminate something across the field at 300 metres. LED technology has really advanced. Just don't do it at an astro event though...
  5. I use the Celestron version for UK touring holidays. 6” of light grasp at a dark site is rather good, plus you can get a reasonably wide field of view. It also seems to hold collimation well. As a ‘small’ telescope, this model is quite underrated I feel. I still have memory of the dumbell nebula from dark skies in Cornwall, it was the best I’d ever seen it using this scope. Mine’s on an AZ4. I have 3 issues with the scope though (only minor personal niggles). 1. I don’t like standing up all the time to observe and frequently need to as the eyepiece approaches zenith. 2. I want to use a holiday scope terrestrially too. Doesn’t work with the newt... 3. This scope will fit onto the parcel shelf of my hatchback...but it is a little ‘fat’ and obscures my rear view (of course, that’s my decision to put it there, but when the car’s full of holiday gear, space quickly gets taken up). Your circumstances might be much better (two people in an Estate!) in which case this little scope could fit anywhere you like. In astronomical terms, the 6” F5 newt has much merit though. I like it.
  6. Don't bother spending a lot of money. You can get slip on pipe end caps from DIY stores and online. I use one on my 4" refractor when transporting it (makes it nice n' short). I've got a photo somewhere.... The one I used is in rather bright orange, however it could easily be sprayed black if needed.
  7. That's fantastic. What a cracking little scope!
  8. Pretty impressed if the '72' can resolve the Plato craterlets, even if it does have ED glass - I've only managed Craterlet 'A' with my 100mm Tal under average UK seeing. Were you abroad or were the conditions rather superb (and rare)? Saying that, I suppose the angle of illumination helps too. Whenever I get time to observe Plato, the crater is already well past being illuminated.
  9. I'm attracted to the idea of the small scope for UK travel. The scope must also be suitable for terrestrial use too. I like the idea of the AZ GTI mount coupled with a suitable OTA, but not sure which one.... I think the ED72 would be very nice but as I'm currently using a 6" F5 newt on my trips, I'm not sure I could take such a hit in aperture. What can 72mm really do?? Then there are two 100mm options that wouldn't tax the mount - the little 102 Mak and the 100mm Startravel F5 short tube. Both very different characteristics, I think that the Mak would just be too long in the gears for sweeping star fields. And whilst the Startravel would be perfect for that, the blue / purple tinging of stars would irritate me slightly. How noticeable is the colour at low power, is it present? I suppose I'm just thinking out loud and getting my thoughts into words....any thoughts from you out there with these OTA's??
  10. I've got a TAL100RS now...I like that too....
  11. Stu, that's superb. Thanks! I'm liking the lunar imaging challenge, it's great fun. Just need a decent barlow or telextender to really bring up the power a bit now.
  12. Overall I am pleased with the sharpness of the image, but do you think over-exposed? I had DSLR on auto settings.... Pleased with this achromat though - I can't really see any CA (very slight touch of blue at top right of image), but hardly noticeable do you think?
  13. Nice work! Great seeing last night, I had a good session too.
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