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  1. Orion Optics VX6L used condition, few scratches on tube. Used twice in the last year. Mirror has a 6mm scratch but this does not affect viewing. 1/10th PV upgrade FL 1200mm F8 Weight 5KG Basic orion focuser dusal speed focuser a bit squeeky previous owner fitted a larger 50mm secondary mirror, original 37mm supplied as well. Has cooling fan but came without power adaptor. I sourced one and it will be sent. Tube rings and dovetail bar fitted, no finderscope but mount for one attached. comes with large Geoptic padded bag for newtonians and tripods. Price £250 ono including carriage via DHL
  2. Lumicon Deep Sky Filter price new £115 £55 Baader Fringe Killer price new £60 £25 Baader UHC - S nebula price new £58 £24 Opticstar LRGBb SET 5 filters clear IR block, red, green, blue, light blue price new £24.95 £12 OVL Lunar & Planetary set 4 filters red, yellow, blue, neutral density price new £29 £15 OVL Light Pollution Filter price new £18 £9 New this lot would set you back £304.95 offering First as a job lot for £99 including carriage. If no interest shown after 3 days will sell individually at prices shown inc post
  3. sold pending payment Currently on version 4.39.05 Unused for the last year as i have a Wi Fi adaptor £65 including carriage (UK)
  4. Bought new last month for use with my brand new Helios 5 quantum 100mm apo binos (excellent binos by the way). Used once but base of Helios is too short to utilise 2 mount holes, tried fixing binos to a short geoptik dovetail to overcome, worked fine but looked awful so have purchased a large fork mount instead. very smooth action even altitude with 7Kg balanced correctly can be panned in both axis easily and not slip. includes bolts and wrench. Specs connection thread 3/8" weight 1.8Kg Height 18cm £110 including carriage via DHL Bank Transfer Only
  5. i have found all the forecasts to be completely wrong over the last month. got my hopes up at 6pm mostly clear in Hull then it was gone by 7pm
  6. Hi, is the dual channel controller still available.
  7. Echo this i have an azeq5 and if i have the scope in perfect balance backlash prevents guiding. Remove backlash and guiding is a dream. Look up balance issues on you tube talking about easy west bias.
  8. I have found the guys at moonlite very helpful, dont be afraid to send them an e-mail and ask.
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