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  1. i have found all the forecasts to be completely wrong over the last month. got my hopes up at 6pm mostly clear in Hull then it was gone by 7pm
  2. Hi, is the dual channel controller still available.
  3. Echo this i have an azeq5 and if i have the scope in perfect balance backlash prevents guiding. Remove backlash and guiding is a dream. Look up balance issues on you tube talking about easy west bias.
  4. I have found the guys at moonlite very helpful, dont be afraid to send them an e-mail and ask.
  5. I have the same problem. Bought an adapter off amazon can only get 1.84% uploaded. Do invested 53 quid in a synscan wifi adapter and downloaded synscan pro to pc and android phone. Works perfectly though sky safari 6 on ipad doesnt work. Getting version 5 android as assured that will. Not sure why skywatcher sre persisting with handsets they are cheap looking and flimsy.
  6. Hi, I also took your rgb data and combined manually in photoshop cc2015 aligned channels, stretched channels and removed gradient. Did not add luminace. I have only been doiing this 6 months and practice each evening using data from astrobin.com and my own limited data. Sticking with photoshop as there are a lot of tutorials on you tube and rest of the net. Colours look good to me and i would echo other advice saving data as fits files so you get all the data. Over processing is very easy to do and if you use the commercial actions available for photoshop its even easier to do too much but they are worth getting hold of. Less is more like KISS is the motto i use and hope one day to produce one of those shots that make you gasp with my own data. Also anyone laughing at your attempts you don't want advice from.
  7. Thanks, I will see if I can match, I know 9s are short just trying to get a feel, I am surprised at the amount of detail you can get on short exposures. If I increase exposure time to 30s the ring appears to become a large luminous object, should I keep bringing the gain down as I increase exposure and would it be better in raw rather than rgb.
  8. copy of ring nebula stacked in DSS using default settings no stretching ring nebula.TIF
  9. Thanks Guys, will take a look at these, a colleague gave me a copy of photoshop c6 with a licence unfortunately it doesn't run on windows 10.
  10. Many Thanks, my profile picture of the dumb bell nebula was taken using the same camera and i was overjoyed with the result i got when i processed it in GIMP, cant remember what i did and have not been able to repeat it. I have tried watching some tutorials on you tube though even for beginners many assume a level of knowledge most us do not have. Are there any classes at any of the star parties?
  11. I have just started with astronomy and decided to try and capture some decent images of the objects i look at. I have a WO megrez 90mm and an Altair GPCAM2 290C Colour. This photo is the result of stacking 150 x 9s subs and 10 darks captured using sharp cap, gain 2120 with a lumicon deep sky filter attached. only processing on this is a small amount of colour balancing in Deep Sky Stacker before saving as a tiff. As we can no longer buy Photoshop and my copy vanished 2 laptops ago I do not wish to pay 9.99 per month to adobe. I have purchased star tools but haven not been able to produce anything worthwhile from it yet, GIMP is very hit and miss. If anyone has experience with GIMP feel free to process this image but please explain what you did, I claim no copyright on this photo. Any and all advice is welcome. ring.TIF
  12. Don't knock it, you can see the horse head looming out of the clouds looks great.
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