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    Astrophysics (obviously), Music (particularly 1977-81 period and more recently Glam Rock), Anything Related to Bass Guitars, Cocker Spaniels, Maintaining gainful employment in our shrinking manufacturing industry.
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    Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, UK
  1. Just over a month into imaging and battling the Yorkshire weather; stray rain drops, cloud, wind etc. Despite what the weather forecast had predicted we got a 2 hour semi break in cloud tonight so I hurriedly set up, did a quick and dirty PA and gambled on the North being most free of cloud. Picked the Iris Nebula as I thought 2 minutes subs would just about be ok and I could avoid setting up guiding. Anyhow managed 54 from 55 subs worth stacking; some amp glow so could have done with a few more darks though.....still learning WO GT71 with flat 6aiii SW AZEQ5 mount ZWO 385MC pro ASIair pro
  2. Very nice, I was looking at one of these but they were out of stock.
  3. Thanks for this Olly, I promised myself I wouldn’t get too precious about star shapes when I started out on this hobby. After years of purely visual endeavours I’m just happy to see colours and some detail. The only concern I had is if it affected the value of the scope, if that was the case I’d take it in to RVO to be adjusted as it’s still under warranty.
  4. I’ve got this on bright stars on my WO GT71, but in my case it’s at 120 degree spacing and even. I assumed it might be slight protrusion of foil spacers (though I can’t see them so it could be something else?) into the light path. I considered sending it back but I’ve seen a number of Skywatcher and WO small apo doublets and triplets with the same issue so there’s no guarantee of getting anything different....and to be honest it doesn’t look too bad. You can see it on the bright orange star on this image of M76 I took the other night.
  5. You have my sympathy. I've had the same fun with deliveries of bass guitars which couriers seem quite adept at damaging even when packed in hard shell cases and cardboard. Contact the seller, he/she has the contract with the courier (I assume) and should be able to claim the insurance (hopefully taken).
  6. The ubiquitous M13, first go at imaging. Using WO GT71 with ZWO ASI 385MC with assistance from ASIAIR pro. 30 x 60 second subs and no darks. No post processing.
  7. Late to the party but in line with SmokeyJoe above, the finder is pretty much not needed if you go through EQMOD rather than the alignment process on the mount.
  8. I really wish this was a C6, I fear it’s too much for my mount Lovely scope, good luck with the sale.
  9. That’s a tricky one J, if you really want planets and doubles then magnification is key and Wide field isn’t. Whichever, I’d go 100mm if you want some DSO as well. I use a WO GT71 and don’t consider it a visual scope though granted I think it’s lower FL than the SW ED80. Enjoy the decision making, that’s half the fun.
  10. Like above, I’d probably go for an ED doublet of good quality around the 100mm mark . If you select a slightly longer focal length it should be great on planets and doubles but also have enough aperture for the brighter DSOs at a dark site.
  11. I can’t comment on the suitability with your proposed scope but I’ve been more than happy with the AZEQ5 in my AP setup. With a WO GT71 is a reasonably easy all in one lift and it’s more than stable enough for wide field AP.
  12. Think you did well there Steve, I'm currently trying to source a used 127 OTA (plus finder) Skymax or Bresser for around that.
  13. F7 for me, want to be sure the mount can handle the scope with ease.
  14. Looking for a good condition 100mm APO for visual use only and the Altair Astro Ascent 102ED fits the bill. Would also consider the respective clones of this scope or the higher end Starwave 102ED-R depending on the price.
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