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    Astrophysics (obviously), Music (particularly 1977-81 period and more recently Glam Rock), Anything Related to Bass Guitars, Cocker Spaniels, Maintaining gainful employment in our shrinking manufacturing industry.
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    Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, UK
  1. Regarding WO, I had a GT81 anniversary edition and it was a Crayford focusser. As far as I know all of the latest models are a good quality R&P; the unit on my GT71 is smooth and has no problems.
  2. Been on the lookout for one of these, unfortunately bit too far south of me. GLWTS
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, the Astro Accent is now on the list, just wondering how that would compare with something like a Celestron C6? I’d love a dob but I think swimbo would kill me if I took up the conservatory with one, plus my star hopping is pretty dire after years of goto.
  4. After about a year I've finally got the small wide field AP rig set up based around a WO GT71. I gathered along the way that there was no such thing as the 'do it all set up' so I decided that in order to enjoy both AP and Visual I'd likely be looking at 2 scopes...I also found that I didn't want to be constantly reconfiguring the GT71 from AP to Visual and back. In the past, before my hiatus, I'd had both a 120mm refractor on a GEM and an 8" LX200 SCT. I hated the refractor, mainly because of the mount which I found a pain for visual (plus, as it was at the start of the low cost Chinese imports race, it had more CA and astigmatism than I was happy with); I liked the SCT but didn't like lugging it about. In order to have some flexibility I opted for the AZEQ5 mount so that I could have it as EQ for AP and set to AZ for visual so I'm now looking at a visual scope that would be happy on this set up. So far I've been looking at ED doublets in the 100mm range and 6" Mak/SCTs. I'm looking at keeping the budget at <£650 as I want to spend more time on AP otherwise I'll never get to the level of even demoralising incompetence. Does anyone have any advice so I can avoid a costly mistake?
  5. Have a word with Adam or Ian at RVO, they’ll be able to assist I’m sure. Quite local to you (assuming you’re Scunny or thereabouts).
  6. Many thanks for the replies. Now that night has finished until August here in the depths of Yorkshire I'll have some time to try and get to grips with some of the advice.
  7. Not spotted it as yet, despite knowing exactly where it was.  Too much haze in my parts of late to enable a naked eye viewing even though it's quite bright.

    1. Knighty2112


      Hope you manage to see it soon! :) 

    2. Martthebass


      Managed to catch a decent view on Tuesday evening so well chuffed.



  8. Watching this with interest; I’m using a Lynx Asro cable for eqmod from my ASIair pro into an AZEQ5 but was sad to find it wouldn’t allow control from SkySafari
  9. Welcome to the forum Niko, just a little south of you in Ravenfield, Rotherham.
  10. I’m somewhat tail heavy on my new imaging rig. I gather that’s not unusual with the WO short F ratio refractors. Could someone give me a heads up on the best way to relieve this; my current thoughts were along the lines of a longer dovetail bar, moving it forwards and perhaps turning it over to stop the focusser fouling? TIA.
  11. Unfortunately I am a Mac User, PC at work, Mac at home. This hasn't been a problem until I decided on this foray into astro-imaging. I'm using a ASIair pro for the capture side which is great but I'm falling back on my MBP (which I'd upgraded with a SSD) for the stacking and processing side. Sadly I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle as I didn't realise that DSS wasn't on OSX and I'm really clueless about boot partitions/emulators and the like to get PC stuff running on the MBP. So....can someone recommend me something similar (and simple) that will do the same job? I watched a tutorial on Nebulosity which seemed somewhat complicated but it might have just not been a good tutorial.....TIA
  12. Slightly over £1k but another recommendation for WO. Unfortunately this time the colours don’t match. GT71 on an AZ-EQ5 with ZWO mini guide and ASI120 mini. 0.8x reducer fitted.
  13. In part it comes down to what you want to use the telescope for. The AZ GOTO is great if you're looking to do mainly visual observing, the GOTO will be an added benefit in helping to locate objects fairly quickly which will assist in stopping the kids getting bored. If you are looking at the possibility of doing astro-photography/imaging then you really need an EQ mount to do justice (though you can take quick snaps on the AZ of bright objects like planets with eyepiece projection using a camera phone etc) to the 127 Mak.
  14. Thanks for this, also interested as they look good like a good bang for the buck.
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