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  1. The focusser on the GT71 (and the GT81) are now R&P. I've found it rock solid in my GT71 with a ASI533MCP hanging off it. The Flat6Aiii flattener/reducer screws directly into the current focusser and is a very good fit.
  2. I briefly had an early version GT81 but, as a newbie, found it a challenge as everything cost and required knowledge/skills I didn't have to fit things to it (and I found the old crayford focusser a bit clunky for AP). Eventually I sold it on but funds were such that I downsized to the new model GT71. To be honest, I haven't found a massive difference in performance (focusser aside) between the 2 for AP. So if you are happy with the FOV considerations I wouldn't get too concerned over which model you eventually went for.
  3. I use the AZ-EQ5 in my AP rig with a 70mm Refractor. It's a great mount and for AP is one of the lighter options out there, I can move it about fine with the scope attached. With the 100mm refractor option though I'd assume this would need possibly 2 weights instead of the one I need to get balance on my set up. In this case you'd be looking at a 2 trip option which makes it a bit less grab and go. On the positive side though, if you do decide to have a go at AP at some point it's a decent option for that.
  4. I think it must be the '533' effect? I've had less than 2 hours sky time with mine since it arrived 3 weeks ago.
  5. I thought if you did a deal through paypal as the seller you were better covered if this was done as gift/friends and family as the rights are taken from the buyer. The buyer cannot scam the seller by saying goods not received which is the typical scam when placed as goods and services. If I use PP goods and services and cover the sellers fees if the seller was looking for 'gift', if the seller refuses this it is a sure sign of a scam. Apologies if I'm incorrect.
  6. I managed to upgrade to a cooled camera, ASI533mc pro, just after Christmas. As expected, I’ve had nothing but cloud, rain, snow...since. Well, I exaggerate, but nowhere near enough clear sky to give the camera a proper run. The other night though I saw a bit of a zenithal gap that looked stable, so I thought let’s hit the double cluster. Amazingly I got 17 60 second subs before the clouds settled over for the night. I haven’t considered doing open clusters before but I was quite happy with the result considering and I’ll be looking at some others hopefully if the sky ever returns
  7. I'll have to revisit this one, the last time I looked was in the early 2000s with a 8" SCT. Sadly the murk was a little too thick so I couldn't catch the red dwarf, I was very happy with seeing my first white dwarf though.
  8. Galaxies and Nebulae still covers a lot of ground. I use a small WO GT71 to do widefield imaging on the larger nebulae and big galaxy targets such as M31 and M33. If you are looking that way a 70 - 100mm APO triplet should do fine and you can run a 5 or 6 class mount. If you are looking at small FOV then a 130-150 class scope and bigger mount will be needed.
  9. I had one of these back in the day. My skies were typically Bortle 8 where I lived at that time and I found I had the best views at lower power using (the supplied) 26 and 40mm eyepieces. I occasionally used an 11mm Nagler and found my sky quite often couldn't take it. A lot of what you say strikes me of themals in the tube....mine was definitely fuzzy for the first hour or so, a little longer if it was brass monkey outside.
  10. You're obviously a stronger man than me! I briefly considered one but cam to the conclusion that as a one man lift (including the OTA) I'd do my back/shoulder/other bits in so I caved and went for the more diminutive AZEQ5. I suspect I'll never use in in AZ mode though.
  11. Thanks, I use dew heaters on the main and guide objectives but wasn’t sure if it was essential to have one for the sensor window on the cooled camera.
  12. I've decided to take the plunge and go for my first cooled camera, after much pontificating, although it's not an ideal pixel match, I've gone for the ASI533MC. A couple of questions; firstly is the dew heater strip essential, is the session limited or could there be damage to the window if not used? Secondly, I'm assuming that the camera couldn't be powered from my ASIair pro and that I'll need the separate power supply, is this correct? TIA
  13. Great image. I little small to be imaged with my set up but I'll give it a go if the skies ever clear. I remember being happy when I managed to see this one visually some years ago in my very light polluted sky with an 8" SCT.
  14. Found myself looking at this a month or so back. Very small in my short fl set up but very pretty.
  15. Really nice and informative image. The WR's are something special.
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