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  1. Thank you all for your input ! ... I can keep the power supply in a shed as it is very close to where I intend to setup the mount ...and at the moment that is all i wanted to run ...just wanted to make sure they wouldn't damage anything ...unless of course you reverse the polarity as pointed out ... God I miss my obs I used to have ...maybe a project for next year building a new one ... Thanks again .
  2. Hi I have these two power supplies from my days in amateur radio ..would either of them be suitable for running my astro gear ...ie mount (heq5 pro) , cameras, dew heaters etc . Many thanks chris.
  3. Neo_uk

    Atik 428ex

    Nice looking camera ... I've just been looking at your first light with it on the wizard nebula very impressive.... Abit out of my price range .... Good luck with the sale !
  4. Hi ... I'm looking at getting a Astro Essentials 32mm f/4 Mini Guide Scope from flo to guide my heq5 pro with a skywatcher ed80 pro (gold ota) with the skywatcher flattener/reducer and a old hx916 ccd / trutech filter wheel or canon dslr ...my guide camera is a qhy5 mono ...would all this work together ? ... And if so could it be mounted on to rear scope ring with the threaded nut and plastic collar so I can keep my finder scope where it is ?.... Many thanks chris.
  5. Nice camera ...quite tempted. never had much luck with ccd imaging though ...mind you my camera is a old one hx916.
  6. Hi ... Along time ago in a gala .....you know the rest ! .. I bought a starlight xpress hx916 and I have never used ...purely through the lack of getting focus ...getting frustrated and reverting back to the tusty dslr The imaging train I'm looking at using is Hx916 .. true tech usb filter wheel ...skywatcher flattener/reducer on a sky watcher ed80 pro ... I have older versions of astro art (4) and maxim dl pro 5 . Any hints or tips ?.
  7. Neo_uk

    Hello again !

    Thank you all for your warm welcome back ....just as friendly a forum as I remember... Just got to get to grips with all the gear again and all the latest software ... And so many new goodies available now ...been looking already...oh what have I done ! lol . Those new William's optics scope at flo.
  8. Have you looked in the for sale/swap section ? Nikolas74 is selling just what your looking for.
  9. Neo_uk

    Hello again !

    Been a while since I've been on the forum ..er about 7 or 8 years I think ... Thankfully Still got all my gear ! Its been moth balled for a while through one reason or another and a friend of mine enquired if I was selling any of it ...so I dug it all out to see what I'd got and give it all a good clean and dusting off and instantly I thought nope cant do it ...im keeping it all ! So I better start putting it to some good use .. if theres any break in the clouds that is. So I just thought I'd pop in and say hi and see who's still knocking about ! . I dare not start looking in the buy/sell area as yet as I remember it costing me a fourtune when I did !! . Cheers chris .
  10. Many thanks for the replies ! it has been most helpful i will have to get my head around this drift alignment process as i understand its one of the best ways to get a more precise alignment. king regards chris.
  11. Hi, can anyone please give me a insight to bias frames and how to take and use them ?. Also i have read a few threads on here regarding flat frames and i thing i've got the idea in that you need to take a image of a evenly illuminated area but at what exposure time and do you take lots of flats and then stack them to make a master flat as with darks ?. many thanks chris.
  12. Hi, i have recently permanently mounted my eq6 in the obs and the question is from setting the mount up and doing a 3 star alignment when i park the scope at the end of a viewing/imaging session i have to park the scope in a horizontal position so when i start up the mount at the beginning of the next session do i have to re do the star alignment again or just switch on and away we go ? im just so used to lumping everything in and out and having to set up every time im a bit confused now everything is set up lol. i have one more question too regarding how to enter your coordinates i.e according to google my position is Latitude = 53, Longitude = -1.3 Lat = 53 degrees, 5.8 minutes North Long = 1 degrees, 22 minutes West so how would this read on the eq6 hand set the reason i ask is i don't think i've entered them right because my goto isn't going to correctly . Many thanks Chris
  13. Hi, Its been along time since i got the time to do any imaging but Here is my latest attempt at m31 the andromeda galaxy. Image details are :- 20 x 3min exposures taken with a modded canon 500d eq6 mount, skywatcher ed80 pro with skywatcher focal reducer, guided with qhy5 and finder scope. Stacked in deep sky stacker and processed in photoshop cs4. there's a lot more detail in this image than my previous attempts but not sure i got the colour right ?. see what you think comments and criticism always welcome. regards chris.
  14. Hi, had chance to grab my first solar images this year still learning the ropes on solar imaging but we do try !. pst 70 and dmk21 best of 500 frames. one thing i do find tricky is focusing the modded scope i have only done part one of the mod so im thinking focus will improve when the prism system in the pst is removed in part 2 of the mod ?. As always comments and criticism welcome. cheers chris
  15. Hi, This is a reworked crop from my previous image m42 and running man.I decided to just work on m42 using a video tutorial i found on youtube a little over the top maybe but whats your opinion ?. chris.
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