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  1. many thanks dave all up and running .
  2. Hi ... I've been out of the hobby for a while and I'm trying to setup my eq6 once again using a hitech astro USB interface that I used to use but I can't seem to find the drivers for it ? ..also I've upgraded my pc to Windows 10 ..will this still work or are drivers even available anymore ?. Or is it time to get the newer version of the cable ... Here is the type of eqdir I have . Many thanks Chris.
  3. As most have already stated first run of clear nights ..only to have a full moon hampering all the little faint fuzzies up there .. So I thought I'd try my newly acquired narrowband filters on a easy to capture target ...the rosette nebula. Gear and image details are as follows.. Altair Wave 102mm + plano star. 79 reducer Sxvr-h694 and filterwheel Baader narrowband ha , oiii and sii Heq5 pro mount. 16 x 300s ha 12 x 300s oiii 5 x 300s sii Had a few issues at the beginning of the imagine session were the mount did a meridian flip and you can s
  4. Hi .. Many thanks for the replies ! This has helped me out alot ..as we know clear skies in the UK are far and few between and last night was a complete wash out ... Found a excellent tutorial on here about apt so going through that now .. I always thought of my self as tech savvy but the older I get ...the worse it is . Many thanks again Chris.
  5. Hi... I wondered if any of you kind people could tell me how to calculate the focal length of a telescope using a focal reducer ? ...I.e native focal length 600mm and a .85 reducer and 715mm using a .79 reducer ...just struggling to get apt to plate solve and I think it maybe because I have the telescope native focal length entered instead of the focal length while using a reducer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Chris.
  6. where was this 2 weeks ago ... I paid £450 for just the filters s/h ... Real bargain for someone ! .. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Hi ... I'm having a clear out of a few bits and Bob's .. Astronomik type 2c LRGB 1.25" Astronomik 6nm ha 1.25" Astronomik cls 1.25" All in clean scratch free condition Only selling due to upgrade to 36mm unmounted filters. £250 delivered. *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* 1000 oaks oxygen 111 1.25" filter Never used as new . £50 delivered. *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* Starlight xpress hx916 mono ccd And trutech motorised filterwheel A older camera now days but a step into ccd imaging for someone..Both
  8. Neo_uk


    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Thank you ...for your insight ..as samandrew said £500 is a big difference for not alot more apature.. I did read that some wo scopes suffered from focuser problems ...how do you find the focuser on the new gt71 ? ... Another side of the coin is if I went for the gt71 for the £500 difference I could get the flattener and matching guide scope and still be in pocket .
  10. Hi Neil... Just wondering why you refer to the gt81 as "quite a good scope but not amazing" ? . The reason I ask is I'm considering buying one and just thought I'd ask your opinion as you have this scope ..have you had any issues with it ?. Many thanks Chris.
  11. I guess I'm happy with the ed80 ...I was just thinking of a bit more flexibility with the f.o.v ...but I think its down to the chip size of my ccd camera ...throw in the modded dslr and the field of view of the gt81 widens quite considerably...
  12. Hi ... I'm looking at upgrading my imaging system ...currently I'm using a skywatcher ed80 Pro (gold tube) with the skywatcher .8 reducer/flattener with a starlight xpress h694 mono camera and filter wheel . I'm really torn between the gt 71 and gt 81 from the respect of the fov both with and without the flat 6 reducer and my current ccd camera ... I know that apature is king but there is about a £500 differance between the two scopes . What would you do ??? ... Also if I did push the button on either of these scopes the ed 80 Pro ( gold tube version) and flattener wou
  13. Thank you .. For the advice...think I'll order some of that then ! ... Many thanks chris
  14. HI ... I was just wondering what the best method of cleaning filters and lenses is ... ie .. what fluids and wipes/cloths to use ?. Many thanks Chris.
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