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  1. Many thanks for the replies ! it has been most helpful i will have to get my head around this drift alignment process as i understand its one of the best ways to get a more precise alignment. king regards chris.
  2. Hi, can anyone please give me a insight to bias frames and how to take and use them ?. Also i have read a few threads on here regarding flat frames and i thing i've got the idea in that you need to take a image of a evenly illuminated area but at what exposure time and do you take lots of flats and then stack them to make a master flat as with darks ?. many thanks chris.
  3. Hi, i have recently permanently mounted my eq6 in the obs and the question is from setting the mount up and doing a 3 star alignment when i park the scope at the end of a viewing/imaging session i have to park the scope in a horizontal position so when i start up the mount at the beginning of the next session do i have to re do the star alignment again or just switch on and away we go ? im just so used to lumping everything in and out and having to set up every time im a bit confused now everything is set up lol. i have one more question too regarding how to enter your coordinates i.e according to google my position is Latitude = 53, Longitude = -1.3 Lat = 53 degrees, 5.8 minutes North Long = 1 degrees, 22 minutes West so how would this read on the eq6 hand set the reason i ask is i don't think i've entered them right because my goto isn't going to correctly . Many thanks Chris
  4. Hi, Its been along time since i got the time to do any imaging but Here is my latest attempt at m31 the andromeda galaxy. Image details are :- 20 x 3min exposures taken with a modded canon 500d eq6 mount, skywatcher ed80 pro with skywatcher focal reducer, guided with qhy5 and finder scope. Stacked in deep sky stacker and processed in photoshop cs4. there's a lot more detail in this image than my previous attempts but not sure i got the colour right ?. see what you think comments and criticism always welcome. regards chris.
  5. Hi, had chance to grab my first solar images this year still learning the ropes on solar imaging but we do try !. pst 70 and dmk21 best of 500 frames. one thing i do find tricky is focusing the modded scope i have only done part one of the mod so im thinking focus will improve when the prism system in the pst is removed in part 2 of the mod ?. As always comments and criticism welcome. cheers chris
  6. Hi, This is a reworked crop from my previous image m42 and running man.I decided to just work on m42 using a video tutorial i found on youtube a little over the top maybe but whats your opinion ?. chris.
  7. Ive finaly finished my obs after 2 yrs and went out to tidy up the bits and bobs i had lying around after about half an hour i nipped back into the house to get a coffee and low and behold it was clear although very windy so i thought about time i used all this equipment i have spent thousands of pounds on.After alot of messing about (first time use teething problems) i realised the polar alignment wasnt very good but i was determined to get something !!!!! and here it is although a little bit nosier than i would like. image details: ed80 pro and 0.8 reducer canon 500d modded iso 800 30 x 1min 20 sec exposure (due to poor alignment) 15 x dark frames stack in dss and processed in cs4 thanks for looking ! Chris
  8. Hi, im looking at getting a adm guide system from flo and im not sure what would be the best size of ring to mount my ed80pro in any ideas ? cheers chris.....
  9. I can agree, I had a celestron c8 prior to my lx200 10" and i dithered about just how much difference it would make for the money i was paying all i can say is wait until you look at the moon and planets ! the moon blew me away craters were 3 dimensional and the mountains looked like mountains and not bumps and as for the planets only really looked at jupiter but lots of details in the bands but cant wait for saturn. i decided to de-fork mine and have pier mounted it on a eq6. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/123494-power-usb-cables-your-pier.html bargain price paid £1000 for mine
  10. i might have answered my own question here but Why didn't you go for the skywatcher 0.85 reducer/flattener that is matched to the 80ed ? unless you didn't want the reduction its seems a logical choice as it is matched to that scope. Reducers/Flatteners - Skywatcher Focal Reducers chris......
  11. Hi, which would you have megretz 90 or skywatcher ed80 pro ? what do you get for the extra £300 ? they both have fpl 53 glass so are you paying for the name or is there a real differance apart from 10mm more appature ?. chris......
  12. I have both a ccd and a dslr and to be honest the dslr is much much easier to use and can produce some very satisfying results.But i bought a ccd to take the next step and it is a very steep learning curve and a prolonged one at the moment with the weather being so rubbish. hope this helps in some way ?. chris......
  13. 500d for me then ! looks like andy ellis is going to get a telephone call. thanks for the replies everyone much appreciated. Chris.....
  14. Good point !!! have now edited the coordinates . cheers chris.
  15. Thanks peter so i just enter the coordinates as 53 06 N, 1 23 W in to the eq mod boxes ? many thanks chris
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