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  1. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... The moon is so bright I can read a book in my front yard at midnight! So, I took its picture. I can't get it all in the 250P, so I used the guide scope. This is 1 shot at .001 seconds using a Svbony SV305 camera and a Svbony SV106 60mm guide scope and some light touch-up (mostly cropping) with GIMP.
  2. Nice job! Andromeda Galaxy is a good be this time of year (M31). There are also a lot of other targets around M42, but they are a bit dim and harder to find. Right now the moon is near full, so that makes things tedious. in a couple of weeks it gets easier once again.
  3. I may try to look at the core dumps. In the past with other issues, I have not found raw core dumps much help. The version I am using is the compiled Sourceforge for Linux version. I haven't tried the raw python version from github...but I may this weekend.
  4. I got a surprise last evening. The moon was making dim objects a bit tedious, so I started "collecting" Messier open clusters. I really don't like open clusters as a rule, but conditions make limits. In the midst of a quick peek at M-46 I found a smudge. It wasn't dust or a cloud, so I looked further. It was a nice little planetary nebula hiding in the cluster. Imagine that! NGC-2438 inside M-46 (100 - 20 second images stacked with Siril and processed with GIMP).
  5. @BCN_Sean: Nope, got that right. I'm an old-school terminal kinda guy. cd is my friend. The only thing I drag is my feet. @JamesF: Yep, no avx support. I knew it smelled like a library issue. Odd that -none- of my hardware has it. Still, I don't generally buy hardware with an eye for graphics support.
  6. The big green Download button on https://sourceforge.net/projects/starnet/ is what I used. It downloaded a StarNet_Linux.tar.gz that I unfolded into a directory that contained the executable and some shell scripts with demo files to test operation. Thanks!
  7. I downloaded from SourceForge the StarNet++ Linux tar.gz file onto a few Linux Ubuntu laptops and desktops (all AMD64 processors) I have and crashed and burned with every attempt. I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on most of them, but I did try on a 19.x version for grins (also a fail). When I untar/zip the file and run the test shell script, I get a core dump. For that matter, I get a core dump if just try to run the executable. I am not running PixInsight and just want to run the program stand-alone. If I must, I'll load some other version of Linux on a machine to make it happen. Anyone ha
  8. @Bright Giant: Probably I just fat-fingered something and created a second post. Ended up with two and couldn't delete the second one...which was originally the first with the wrong image.
  9. Apparently, one cannot delete a bad image upload.
  10. M81 Bode's Galaxy - 180 subs @ 15 seconds, stacked with Siril, processed with StarTools.
  11. M82 - Cigar Galaxy, 200 subs @ 15 seconds stacked with Siril and processed with StarTools (although I did a quick-and-dirty test process with GIMP that resulted in an image that wasn't significantly different from this one). I am very disappointed that I got no hint of the nebular flare that is supposed to extend above and below the galactic center. Apparently, I need many more subs to get that feature. A shame, as I would be reasonably pleased with this image if I didn't know about the nebula I failed to capture.
  12. M1 - Crab Nebula 130 10-second subs stacked with Siril and processed with StarTools. Alas, yes. I know I still have squishy stars. Auto-focus works, but guiding doesn't. PHD2 seems to hate my mount...not really designed for Alt/Az, I suppose.
  13. We had a good night of seeing conditions, so I got some distant targets, Cleopatra's Eye Nebula and Superman Galaxy. Stacked 100 subs @ 20 seconds for each image.
  14. I have never used the SV105 for guiding, but the SV305 is my guide camera now. It has worked without fail with the indi_sv305_ccd driver for indiserver. I have used it to image in the past and occasionally now through the guide camera with exposure up to 30 seconds. I typically guide with an exposure of 2-3 seconds. There may have been some issues with the driver when it first came out that artificially limited the camera for ASCOM or INDI, but I know that, for INDI, at least, that was corrected at least 8 months ago. There have been some minor issues with the SV305Pro (not related to expo
  15. I would look at plate solving before guiding, but that probably won't work with Stellarium. You can use PHD2 for guiding with Stellarium, but you'll need to be running either an ASCOM or INDI driver for PHD2 to connect to the scope.
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