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  1. Thank you for your kind comment AstroNtinos. Bob.
  2. Hi, just got to image even with the moon out. M82 the Cigar Galaxy imaged the evenings of the 25th & 26th FEB. Just over 11hrs image time, [nearly daylight to my thinking]. Filters used Optlong L-eXtreem and Baader Neodymium & IR-Cut Moon & Skyglow. 141 x 180s..51 x 300s Scope OOUK ODK12. f6-8
  3. Decided to image the moon yesterday afternoon for first time in ages before starting deepsky.[witch turned out hopeless in the end]. Best 25% of around 800 frs stacked in AutoStakkert, ICE for stitching, Reg6 and Photoshop for sharpening and color. Capture software, Sharp Cap pro. OOUK OD12" ...A A 294C ProTec ..IOPTRON CEM120EC Mount. Bob.
  4. bob-c

    Moon 22 Feb

    Well done. Bob.
  5. A nicely captured image.
  6. A great pic again Peter. Bob.
  7. Very nicely done. Bob.
  8. Absolutely beautiful images Peter, great processing well done . Bob.
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