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  1. Hi, comet T2 imaged on Monday night. It was a bit windy so had to take dew shield off to help.The guiding was better than i expected also. Anyway , 24 mins total image time stacked in DSS. OOUK ODK12" A A 294C PROTEC IOPTRON CEM 120EC. Bob.
  2. Stunning,Stunning,Stunning. Bob.
  3. A great image, well done. Bob.
  4. I just don't understand how someone living in a modern way can believe in such things. I had to turn it off. Bob..
  5. A nice set of pics Steve, well done . Bob.
  6. Thanks for your nice comments guy's. Bob.
  7. Hi, my first go at stitching two panels together using MICROSOFT ICE .Both the panels are 60% of 270 frames captured on 3/2/20. I found it very easy to do using this FREE program. The Moon was just past 1st Quarter . Scope OO UK ODK12" Camera A A 294C PRO TEC.. Mount IOPTRON CEM 120 EC. Bob.
  8. Hi all, a bit of clear sky for me on Thursday night gave me another chance at T2 panstarrs . 10x120s with a Baader Moon & Skyglow 1.25 filter. Scope OO UK ODK12" Cam A A 294c PRO TEC IOPTRON CEM 120 EC. Bob.
  9. Okay Dave, I understand thanks for the reply. Roll on some clear moonless nights for galaxies.
  10. A nice set of images there Dave. Have you thaught about doing your first image of Orion again if possible to see how the brightness of Betelgeuse compares... Bob.
  11. HI, just managed a few minutes on the moon last night before going on to Panstarrs before clouds came in... 60% of 270 frames captured in Sharpcap ,stacked in AutoStakkert..Wavelets sharpening in Regstax 6 and Photoshop.. Scope OO ODK 12"...Cam Altair Astro 294c Pro Tec...Mount Ioptron Cem 120ec.. Thanks for looking, Bob.
  12. A smashing image Dave,,well worth the effort. Bob.
  13. Hi John, I will be attending again along with my little group of friends the [Potteries Astro Imagers] this year also...Will be nice to meet up with you once again and have a chat , and hopefully see Mark and Peter too....From posts I see that you have got your mount and scope combo really working together now and getting some great pics....You must be chuffed with it all.. Bob.
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