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  1. Got a link to the sort of canister you've been using? Just out of sheer curiosity. Thanks
  2. Joy's of living in a Bortle 4 scale. I can not even think of imaging anything remotely rgb in my bortle 8 skies.
  3. What a brilliant image Adam. Not overly stretched, beautiful star colours... Just perfect. What's your bortle scale if you don't mind me asking matey?
  4. Absolutely beautiful Gina... I mean the picture... You as well and you know it
  5. Hahahaha now that you've said it, I can see the wild boar as well
  6. Funnily enough, I literally just finished this target yesterday. It's also known as the Fossil footprint Nebula. Very nicely done.
  7. Cheers for the brilliant explanation Ciarán which now makes complete sense. SMC Pentax lens, here me come!!! on a serious note, this looks super fantastic mate. The only thing I'm wondering is whether these such wide lenses are any good in Bortle 8/9 skies that I live in but I guess that's me distracting the topic away from the absolutely stonking image that you've produced which I wouldn't want
  8. Hahaha you've made a believer out of me mate, that's for sure cheekily I have been looking at this lens on fleabay and I think for the price it makes sense So is it the 35 - 135mm one that you have? Also the image looks fine on my phone mate.
  9. Good God man!!!! Bloody love it matey. How can you ever go wrong with this. I might be one of the very handful of people who just can't stand wide field imaging but this head turner has now made me question my stance. Absolutely awesome matey.
  10. Hi mate, you'll love them. Trust me. I sold my filters back in February this year and have been in touch with the new owner ever since. Really nice chap. We talk about other worldly things and he also let's me know how he has been finding them. So far, he has been nothing short of impressed. He too had halo issues which these filters have now resolved for him. I hope the copy you get are as good as the ones I had. Good luck mate.
  11. I hope I'm not going off topic here but I used to have Astronomik 6nm filters and I live in Bortle 8 skies. No halos, pure class. I never tried imaging OIII during full moon but Ha had no issues. Just putting this out there so that you do not give them a miss when considering.
  12. Maybe I was just a bit too quick to view the session. Can confirm I can see the 1080p option. Cheers mate.
  13. Cheers for the data Grant and it sure was an interesting episode. One thing I would like to say, the quality of the video was for me not good. I always want to bump it up to 1080p but this session did not have that option so all the formulas that Dave was typing (or had already typed) couldn't make sense of it. But it's good that he released the project so I can now check. But just a pointer really. Cheers mate.
  14. I do, it says "Give it to Ahmed to test this for you and you can have it back when he's done playing" promise.
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