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  1. souls33k3r

    Observing help

    +1 for stellarium. You can also download Sky Portal (free) or Sky Safari (free or paid) that will help too. Just wave your phone around in the air and it will show you what's up there in the night skies. Hope this helps.
  2. No chance, got to make do with what I've currently got which is Astronomik 6nm filters.
  3. Hi All, Just trying to pick brains here and maybe help some who might be going through the same issue that i currently am. What are your top tips for battling with LP gradients? I will be found using NB filters and process my image using Pixinsight. My camera is the ASI1600MM shooting at 5m subs. Thank you
  4. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Ah cheers for the very quick response mate. My feeble mind keep is on extra time and thinks about new things and ways to improve my astro journey I must admit, i really haven't noticed any dust on my image so far so i should be alright *runs to the nearest wood and touches it*
  5. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Yes mate I usually do. I mean the last time I took it off was about a year ago when I bought the Star 71. The whole unit goes in to a case with only FW moved to one side to that the scope sits in the case properly.
  6. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    oh mate, i do feel your pain. Yours aren't too bad, mine are just having a dance party on a weekday. So do you think my way of dealing with flats would work?
  7. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    This got me thinking last night. Say when i'm imaging more than one filter per night (which i normally do) and i write down the focuser position number (orientation of the camera and filter wheel are already marked) and pack my gear away, can i not bring out my focuser to those positions in doors and take flats? Gradients is what's killing me most during processing and i would like to tackle them in a better way.
  8. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Ok, ok I believe you you really could be my sister because I’m the same. Can’t really say the same about Ray because the inner engineer in him always wants to fiddle
  9. souls33k3r

    What did the postman bring?

    My money is on Matryoshka (not dolls) boxes
  10. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Somehow an astro imager not fiddling with their gear doesn’t seem to quite fit but I’ll believe you
  11. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    In which case I’m glad you replied because that’s one thing I’ll most definitely make sure it isn’t from time to time Was the loosening of the grub screws the result of you tinkering or just happened with over time?
  12. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Sorry for the uber late reply mate. Been on here all day but didn't get a chance to reply. Much appreciated for this tip. Will definitely give it a go hopefully some point during the week and will let you know mate.
  13. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Ok, that's very handy to remember in any situation. My target for the night was close enough to 80 degrees. Ok I've changed the backlash compensation value to 50 which I'm hoping it will be high enough. What type of V curve should I expect if the value is higher or lower than the backlash and at what stage should I start making the tweaks to these numbers?
  14. souls33k3r

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    You know what mate, you could be very well right there about the seeing because I did thought that the it wasn’t particularly good seeing judging by the guiding too. But this is now another thing to remember when doing auto focusing. I am certainly binning 2x2 . All my broadband filters are autofocusing using 6s subs and Narrowband with 10s subs.
  15. souls33k3r

    I must be blind

    Is your finder scope aligned properly? Putting an object in the finder scope helps you bring the object in the field of view very nicely or at least very close enough. Firstly i would align the finder scope to your eye piece. You can do this during the day time by pointing to a far object (like the top of the house or an antenna) which will be close enough and you can then fine tune it under the stars at night. Secondly what i would do if i were you is download an App (Sky Portal by Celestron or Sky Safari free version) and use that to help you find your target placement in the sky. Living in light polluted skies some times does has it's benefits because you only get to see the bright objects (planets and stars) rather than getting confused in the sea of stars from a Bortle 2 skies. So use the app which will help you find the location of the object . Hope this helps.

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