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  1. Wish you guys nothing but success
  2. I did look everywhere but couldn't find the setting apart from under the "Telescope" tab Awesome stuff John. I think this is where I might be getting it wrong. As like you said the mount needs to be connected to check and change the commander settings but when I do connect, I will make sure that commander is set to flip after SGP. A gap of 3-5 min should be enough you reckon?
  3. Had a look at the thread and there are wordings which have long since changed. Any way, my current settings are as follows: I did notice 2 nights ago was that on SGP the time to flip was showing 5 minutes but the mount flipped and then yesterday i wasn't really paying attention to this in SGP but during my 5 minutes exposure sequence, the mount flipped but then exposure kept on going. My issue is not that the mount is able to do merdian flip but it does not (what it used to do) go through the process of centering the target after it does that. I used to get this screen for SGP to platesolve, resolve and center the target with my old NEQ6 mount but now not any more. (not my image but just pulled something from google search to show what i mean)
  4. Cheers matey, I'll have a read through now. Of course I can't test this but if there are any changes to be made, I'll do them now
  5. Hi All, For the love of everything that lives under the sun I can't remember how I set it up with my old mount (NEQ6). Back then I was using EQMOD. Ive changed to a new mount and am using iOptron commander but I can't remember where I'm SGP (if that) was the setting to center target after meridian flip because I just couldn't find it or remember how it has previously set up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Neat little trick. I did find that the strap kept on slipping when holding it by hand. Thanks for the share.
  7. Really need to find something that will work with the thinner spacers/adapters. I feel as if the rubber straps are going to be wide enough for the thinner spacers to slip through it. I'm now wondering if the camera lens removal or the Jar openers are a better choice instead?
  8. I've literally just had another go at this. I heated the spacers using heat gun for 10 seconds and then left the spacers to slightly cool after which I put on rubber gloves and pushed both spacers between my hands and then unscrewed them. Came right off.. Result!!!
  9. I was going to buy strap wrenches today but a mate of mine had a strap wrench and some rubber gloves that he kindly let me have them to try this first. Well the strap wrench is 1.9cm thick so getting a 5mm spacer in right was tricky. The stupid thing kept on moving inside the rubber but then also I was using a pair of rubber gloves. In the past, I have tried using rubber boots and managed to get 2 spacers lossen but that was about it. I'm not sure if you think these rubber wrenches are going to work on thinner spacers which are between 5 & 10mm? These rubber strap wrenches do come in a pack of two... One being 1.2cm and the other 1.9cm.
  10. Hehehe good man, cheers mate. I'll take a look. Cheers mate
  11. Boot polish is most definitely now applied and the spacers that I did manage to loosen were indeed done with placing them in between the rubber slippers I just didn't like the force I had to apply so wanted to find an alternative and better solution Been looking at ebay and couldn't find anything with 4pcs hehehe I guess I'll have to make it work with the 2 then tbh I only need two wrenches for this job but like I said, I need something that is capable of holding on to two thin spacers stuck together.
  12. I agree, that's why I asked if there was a way to make the available area through the TOAG larger somehow? I don't know what or how but I'm sure people are out there using the 174 with smaller prism sizes.
  13. Wowzer, I thought they only come in a single or a pack of two. Where did you buy yours?
  14. Cheers mate yes the object was in the foreground as well as to the sides of the Focused object. I hope I'm not imagining things now. Unfortunately I do not have the budget to spend on anything anytime soon so have to make do with what I've got.
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