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  1. Cheers mate. Much appreciated. I'm slightly jealous with your view to the North and West and I'm pretty sure it's the same on the East
  2. souls33k3r

    Qhy9 or Atik383l+

    Bummer. There's one on ebay but I'm not too comfortable about the price. £1499 or best offer
  3. souls33k3r

    Qhy9 or Atik383l+

    It did made me wonder too. Maybe the sale did not go through?
  4. souls33k3r

    Qhy9 or Atik383l+

    There's one on abs https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=161687
  5. Mate don't blame you for going the Mesu 200 route. A beast of a mount and worth every penny. You brave soul imaging at f/10. With my bortle class and seeing, it would take me 20 years to get a single image done at that f ratio
  6. Absolutely stunning. Was this imaged sat F/10?
  7. Sorry I haven't been able to update this thread. Documented everything on the link here So for now, I'm going to pass on any external focusers for now. Have spent too much on this hobby in the last year already.
  8. Damn! Regardless of how much data you ended up throwing away, this to me is still what I would aim to achieve mate. To my untrained eye, the minimal processing you did is still awesome mate.
  9. Too kind Ray you sweet talker, too kind
  10. Thank God you got what I did there mate
  11. I'm truly sorry to inform you all that I've been tested positive with Chromavirus. This bug is real and it's here to stay. The effects of this strain is teary eyes for months. Let's hope I do recover soon. Any way here's a picture of the Chromavirus
  12. Really excited to see the video and results Ray. Can I be a bit of pain and ask if the same difference that you noticed when using LRGB filters will also be noticed when imaging through say a Bortle 8 skies? Also the tests that you've conducted, were they done from Spain or here in the UK? I really want to be able to image broadband targets using the mono camera but not sure if I'm just wasting time here. Currently using the el-cheapo ZWO Lrgb filters because my bread and butter is more NB imaging but I really don't want to be a one trick pony by sticking only with NB targets.
  13. Yikes! This is great mate. Mind if I ask a few questions about both why and how you decided to go for such short those exposures?
  14. Good man, just make sure you keep an eye on it mate.
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