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  1. PHD2 guiding - Silly question

    Cheers @solarboy, apart from a few settings my PHD looks exactly the same. I ended up using guiding assistant that helped with the algorithm numbers. Funny thing is, my guiding was way better (in numbers) when using MaximDL but when I used PHD, the numbers went a bit high ... Might be due to the wind ... Will need to find the right balance for my guidescope and phd. Still lots to learn it seems.
  2. Last night saga. SGP to PHD to MaximDL

    Cheers matey. I purchased it on the 1st so awesome news!!! Free upgrade to the ever awesome software And mate, thank you for offering your assistance with SGP. Means a lot mate.
  3. Last night saga. SGP to PHD to MaximDL

    Cheers Steve. Mind if I ask the link to this thread please?
  4. Last night saga. SGP to PHD to MaximDL

    Cheers Dave. I know MaximDL very well but because I've had only one setup, it worked for me but there were limitations to it which SGP handles well. I'm glad I took the plunge and sorted out the kinks with my balancing, SGP and PHD last night. Guiding wasn't top notch but then again it was only my first time. Got nice round stars and am quite happy to report that all my subs came out OK. @sloz1664, no need to apologise mate, it's all good. Hijack away my friend I couldn't wait for v3 so bought the v2 instead. So far loving it but will have to start another thread and see how people use it efficiently.
  5. Strange PHD graph

    Are you using a hub? Is it powered or USB connection? See if a direct connection of your guide cable to your machine makes any difference. Is your tripod and mount level? How good is your Polar alignment? Is your scope perfectly balanced in both RA and Dec? Try calibrating at Dec 0 and closer (East Side) of the meridian. Last night was my first time in the world of PHD as well. To begin with, I had a wonky graph. I started to play with Aggression, Hysterisis and MinMo... That made subtle difference to my graph but not to my liking. Then I tried "Guiding assistant", ran it for 2 min which gave me recommended values based on the last nights seeing and my mount behaviour. Guiding was better and liveable after that. Though it was very windy but my subs came out good. Hope this helps.
  6. PHD2 guiding - Silly question

    Nice one, noted! Thanks matey
  7. PHD2 guiding - Silly question

    Cheers @kens & @PhotoGav, i will see if i can loop my guidecam cable and plug it directly in to the USB hub. I think connection from hub to another hub and then to the laptop might cause a few issues with the USB 2 data rate so will most certainly give this a go. @ChrisEll, i'm using the EQDIR cable so can use the same calibration as far as i thought or do i calibrate on each target if i choose to go for a new one on the same night? (Not that i will ever be imaging multiple targets in one nights).
  8. PHD2 guiding - Silly question

    Nice one, many thanks @artem & @PhotoGav. Like i said, only started to look in to guiding so wanted to be sure of the required steps. On a separate note, (well another silly question) i've seen a few threads where people have had issues with guiding when their guide cams were connected via USB 3 hub (even star tech shock, horror!). My setup is as follow, i have an ASI1600MM-C which has 2 built in ports. One port is used for FW and the other i'm using it for guide cam (I have QHY5L-IIm). The USB 3 from my ASI1600 goes in to a USB 3 powered hub. Also on the hub i have my EQDIR cable. Now given this setup, do you think i would suffer from any guiding issue in terms of signals/data? I ask this because i've heard that some guide cams are very fussy about being used with hubs but in my case the guide cam goes in to the ASI hub and then to another powered hub. I must say that i have used the above setup (Minus the USB powered hub) and have not found any issue but for the last two times that i have used the powered hub i have one time where my scope was out of balance (hopefully that should now be resolved) and the second night i had issues even calibrating the guidescope (even using MaximDL which i am comfortable using). Thought i'd get some advice on this too while on the subject matter. Many thanks in advance
  9. Hi All, Am taking baby steps here with PHD2 guiding. Spent nearly all day today learning about different settings and what it means. I've heard from people that one should calibrate PHD at dec 0. So here's the questions. If say my target for the night is somewhere in the sky, am i right in saying that i first move the guidescope to calibrate at dec 0 - 30 (what PHD recommends) and then once calibration is done i move it to my target and expose again and then only hit guide button? Sorry about such noobish question. Thanks in advance.
  10. IC 410 - The Tadpole Nebula

    Really liking this version. Nice one matey
  11. PHD 2 issues

    I feel your pain Alan. Am following this thread with great interest. I've only just moved away from Maxim guiding to PHD and it's meant to be "Push Here Dummy" and just like you i'm finding this anything but ... Now over the past year i have been happily guiding using MaximDL built in guide procedure and always calibrated on stars where i was imaging .... now i'm beginning to think i shouldn't have been doing that but i tell you what, it worked every time. It's only when i moved to PHD and applied the same technique, my calibration didn't work and neither did my guiding. In all fairness at the same night i tried to go back to Maxim and even that didn't want to calibrate so something is a miss here. Will have to check. This is where i will have to express my fears that i did hear a snap when i was slewing to my target so not sure what that was. Again will have to check. Any way, will be keeping a close eye on this thread because it's producing some very useful info by everyone. Good luck with your AP adventures mate.
  12. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Would've loved to join you guys but i don't drive at the moment
  13. Scope balancing question

    Cheers Ian, muchas gracias.
  14. Scope balancing question

    Good shout Shibby. I have indeed rotated the scope already where the focuser is now on the top (because it was hitting the mount saddle) so i can move the scope and then camera back to it's original position (where my scope was parallel in horizontal). I might/want to try different variations before the next clear night which is on Thursday (fingers crossed) and get this balance this sorted out. This balancing on 3 axis is really getting to me now
  15. Scope balancing question

    Hi All, Please do apologise for the lack of response, it's been busy 2 days at work for me (on-going audits) Right Thank you @MeyGray3833, i'm glad i loosened up the dec so it's not as stiff as it was. My mount should be in a great condition as far as the gears go but i suspect that because i've loosened up the dec puck a little, it had brought the scope movement in to play. @ian_bird, cheers for your reply matey. Well i can not really rotate the camera because no matter how many times i've tried to thread it in to the FW, it's always the same angle it ends up as that's why the method you told me (Olly's one) at Jeff's BBQ, is what i did which made my FW stick out in to one direction. I must admit, i did not notice my scope balance going out until this time which was a few weeks ago which now i'm thinking is the first time my scope was pointing at the Zenith'ish ... hang on, that can't be right, i did image Pelican in the same way with my scope pointing at the Zenith but i never noticed this weird movement. Please do let me know of these deralin spacers you speak of. I think there are Baader ones if i'm not wrong, are these the same ones? Hi @Thalestris24 (Louise), i was afraid someone was going to say just that. I was trying to avoid putting any weight on my scope, wanted to keep my gear light as possible but i do have a spare SW vixen dovetail which i can add and see if that makes any difference. @MarsG76, that is exactly what i've got, my FW sticks out towards one side and that was to have my camera sensor parallel to the scope horizontally to frame objects nicely. What ring do you speak of? i would be interested in knowing that.