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  1. Hi All, Am looking for a Baader 1.25” focusing T2 eyepiece holder similar to the one in the image below. Please PM me if you have one and hoping to part ways with it. Thanks in advance
  2. No rush whatsoever matey. Take all the time you need and please don't spend any more time than you have to. Much appreciated matey.
  3. Nothing short of a LEGEND mate. Saved me all the troubles. Have pm'd you mate
  4. Correct, both of these should be a perfect fit as per the specification. If it helps, i got hold of this design a few days ago which gives the dimensions of the centering diameter
  5. Cheers mate, no worries at all. I have looked at a few drawings and the centering diameter is listed as 65mm. I haven't measured it yet though but i'm more than happy to share any of my experiences with you. I might even start a new thread when i'm on my way so you can follow that.
  6. Cheers mate. I'm trying not to go cheap skates on the outer material if i can help it
  7. Wise words. I'm not sure about the dimensions really but i think i'll see if i can find some drawings of the pier adaptor from some where.
  8. Awesome advice mate. Will most certainly try and find something along those lines. What i did wonder if anyone here has already used something and they might be able to tell me which car make/model to go for.
  9. Not going to happen mate my wife is going to kill me for spending the kids inheritance money in such a way I should consider myself lucky for being able to keep 2 scopes
  10. Hi All, Am looking for some advice from those who have already used brake disc as the pier adapter for their NEQ6 pro mount head? Can you kindly confirm which one to buy? Thanks in advance.
  11. Lots of very useful advice. Can't thank everyone for their input. I now have a much clearer picture and got a few very neat ideas from this thread. Much appreciated all those who replied
  12. I was thinking, maybe make the whole thing look like a greenhouse of some sort at some point.
  13. Will indeed be taking an extra security measure for sure but truth be told i wouldn't want to give anyone the idea that some expensive thing is underneath the covers. That's the whole point.
  14. Great solution but slightly an overkill in my situation. Only because i won't be looking to leave anything other than the mount head, not always but most of the times. The scope will come back in side because i'm not really that confident on leaving expensive kit outside. All what i'm looking for are some ideas (some great ones have been suggested above) on how to sort of hide the mount and pier in plain sight when covered up
  15. This is a very neat idea, thank you for that. I have been trying to find a washing line cover as Dave suggested but can't seem to find one wide enough to encompass the mount head.
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