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  1. LOL yeah according to my calculations it is around 52MB as well which is crazy unless you have a super fast machine that can handle the processing of such huge file size. I'm sure it won't be an issue for many. Any way, I'm not going to distract the Ops topic any further
  2. Absolutely but truth be told, the file size has never really bothered me much, only because I've not known a life in astrophotography with a smaller file size. I remember seeing Alex's face when he asked me the file size of my camera because he's used to around 1MB of a file size What does bother me is the 294MM file size 47MB (bin 2x2) and 97MB (bin1) and I suppose the 2600MM is going to be even more crazy
  3. I've always been in the 300s sub exposure with unity gain kinda guy. I could've used the SharpCap smart assistance or whatever that tool is or use Robins formula. I was in a bit of a rush so got a mate of mine to punch in some numbers using my F/5.5 in Bortle 8 skies and that came out to be 245s so using 300s subs, I wasn't too far off. But there was this itch I just had to scratch so I went with a 600s sub. Tbh I can see so much more nebulosity with a 600s sub (of course it's double to that of a single 300s sub) but when I have that mate 2x300s subs and compare that against a single 600s sub,
  4. A true master at work. Beautifully done Peter.
  5. Very nice indeed. The Antlia weren't supposed to give halos as they made a big thing about that on Facebook. Also, your stars do look off, more like pinched optics to me. Maybe someone else with a bit more knowledge and better eye can chime in.
  6. I live in London myself (Zone 4 - East) and L-eXtreme will give you a 7nm bandpass in Ha and OIII which will be far effective than trying to use the 294 as an OSC from Zone 3. Galaxies are RGB targets with a hint of Ha for which you will most definitely need some kind of a LP filter (I'm not too clued up on that side of things) but my answer was. Specifically aimed towards you wanting to use Ha filter with this camera.
  7. I'm truly sorry to hear the troubles you've been through but it's good to have you back and feeling better. Optolong L-eXtreme filter is a much better bet which works on Ha and OIII at a generous bandpass.
  8. Decided to keep the scope but sell the reducer which is now sold.
  9. Thank you mate. What about as a seller? Any tips?
  10. Thank you Grant. Just in the process of a Sale myself. What is the recommendation on receiving the payment? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Thinking of selling up this brilliant scope which has only been used a very handful of times. Both items in mint condition, live indoors when not in use and in smoke free home and mostly used for visual. Holds collimation like nobody's business. Reason for selling, due to health issues and bad back I am unable to carry the load so have resorted to smaller refractor. Both items comes in original box. Oh and I also have the dew shield which won't be of any use to me so will throw that in at no extra cost. Ideally I would like the items to be collected (respecting social
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