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  1. My bald head is the most accurate temperature sensor. My missus relies on it heavily 😂
  2. Sweet as. This thread has surely helped me move one step towards complete automation. I can't thank you guys enough
  3. Ok, this is super useful to remember. So if the temperature sensor is already soldered to the DIN socket, then what's the benefit of buying the external sensor on the fly lead? Assuming by external sensor what IK means temp sensor unless it's completely a separate thing?
  4. ah ok, that's very handy then. Come on Monday, be here already! (here's me wishing my life away lol)
  5. I don't mind waiting till Monday tbh, i'll give him a call, speak to him about the different brackets that i need and confirm it as well. Can i just ask, would i need the temperature sensor if i'm using the auto focus routine check every 90 minutes any way?
  6. I do not have SGP yet but i am going to buy that once the v3 comes out. Currently i have MaximDL and for everything that is holy i do not want to part ways from it only because the guiding is soooooooooooooo simple. I know i will have to bite the bullet and go with PHD2 one day but that will only happen when i move to SGP ... or maybe i still keep MaximDL for my guiding ... that would be one super expensive guiding program lol I'm sure what you say about max in and max out point will make more sense when i have it with me but i think i get the idea. The gist if it is, just get it close to in and out focus and define those and max in and max out focus. Correct? I'm amazed how close to parfocal my Astronomik filters are any way so that shouldn't be much of an issue.
  7. In terms of the actual working, are these a pain to set up? I read it somewhere (don't hold me to it but i think it was @Davey-T) that you need to punch in some number to incorporate the backlash?
  8. Sure will sir. If you don't mind, i'll ping you a PM to find out how you getting on with your attachments and then i can order mine in one go too. Super helpful @PhotoGav, @Davey-T, @RayD, @cfpendock & @GyCx. You lot just made me a happy chappy and answered all my questions
  9. Knowing what i know how (thanks to all of you for the great great help and i really do meant it from the bottom of my heart) i will call in IK on Monday and maybe i'll just buy the two stepper motors and the hand controller in one go and be done with this. I totally agree, bahtinov mask is an amazing tool but it requires adjusting and some times you just wanted to stay away from all this messing about and just let the software and hardware achieve best focus for you. One more question, when calling IK, i am supposed to tell him the scopes that i have an he will sort me out with the type of brackets himself right? If so, am i supposed to say anything special for the bracket for my EdgeHD? I know you said it's standard but i am supposed to tell him the scope i've got right?
  10. I'm super glad he did because without knowing anything about it, this is exactly what i was hoping to achieve *Bhangra dance*
  11. now THIS is exactly what i had in mind and will save me them £400 lol. Can i ask you if you don't mind me @PhotoGav, the bracket for your EdgeHD, did you make it yourself or asked IK that you want it and he provided you with one for the scope? it wasn't specially made was it? Backfocus is the only killer with the EdgeHD and this configuration saved me all the trouble as well.
  12. Perfecto! Silly question, are these things durable? (Build quality, temperature and dew resistance etc) sorry never seen one in flesh and this will be the first time i will be diving in to the realm of auto focusing.
  13. hahahaha @Davey-T mate you're awesome as you are. I know i'll be buying the lakeside now because i'll get more help from you all fine people. It's just the case of calling IK now and having it all booked in. I'll buy these items separately. First will get it on my WO Star 71ii, then buy the Moonlite and next the stepper for the moonlite. CFO ain't going to like it at all lol @cfpendock, yeah the one with the option to fit the reducer is worth £400 alone. Unavoidable cost if you ask me.
  14. I guess i will have to do this if i want to use lakeside on it. Time to start saving then
  15. @cfpendock, cheers matey, much appreciated. Can i ask that this is the moonlite focuser in which you can slot in the 0.7x redcuer or just a normal one? Interesting ... @Davey-T, thank you for sharing mate ... now this alone is £400 alone ... eek! i hope i get some bonus to fund this hobby because right now it's seriously getting out of hand