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  1. souls33k3r

    Reducers of Esprits?

    I'd be interested in knowing this too but i'm afraid so far my research tells me that there is nothing that works with them
  2. souls33k3r

    Wow! Difference in custom pier costs!!

    I suppose. The fabricator got him a steel pipe for nothing and did the metal work for only that price. It's not fancy or anything, just works. Cheap as chips as they say.
  3. souls33k3r

    Wow! Difference in custom pier costs!!

    A friend of mine had it made for £20 here in the UK. I'm after this friend to be my BEST FRIEND now
  4. souls33k3r

    M31 HaLRGB

    An absolute master class. This thread has plethora of information and an absolute gold mine. @Rodd, really love your posts mate. Gives us mere mortals plenty to learn from yourself, @wimvb and others.
  5. souls33k3r

    Scope balancing

    I think you're quite right about the possibility of something wrong with the mount mate. I do feel my Dec is slightly loose ... however i don't know what the dec should be like apart from what i've always known from using my mount. Will be seeing a few friends over the weekend so will have a look at their setups too. One of them is a EQ6-R mount but principle remains the same. Ok now i get it. With me the thing is that even a slight bit of imbalance when the scope is vertical in dec, i try to eliminate that. Maybe i'm getting a bit too over cautious.
  6. souls33k3r

    Scope balancing

    Wow that's a bit clever. Is this time consuming process for you? So no 3rd axis balance then mate? Is that on your MESU or with you AZ-Eq6? I only ask this because I once got in to a situation where my stars were all over the shop when my scope was pointing at the zenith. Because of this, I've started doing the 3rd axis balance where the scope is pointing vertical to the ground. Never had the same issue again but doing this meant that more time checking the balance and also issue with framing objects now in the camera sensor because to counter the scope dip, I have to move my FW in the anti-dip side if this makes sense.
  7. souls33k3r

    Is my scope SkyWatcher Equinox 80?

    Pro series are the Evostar versions. Got an image to share so that we can try to figure out this mystery together?
  8. Hi All, Let me start by saying this, i worry too much and some times because of that worry i do stumble across a few pointers which then leads me another rabbit hole. The usual rule of thumb is when balancing the scope (SCT and Refractors), you do the following: 1) Loosen the RA clutch and tighten the Dec clutch. Move the mount in horizontal position and then check if your OTA side is heavy or the counter weight side is 2) Move the mount back to home position where the counter weights are now pointing downwards. Tighten the RA cluck and put the OTA in horizontal position. Check whether the OTA is front or back heavy. Now here's a question of the day. Do you then keep the mount in the same position as 1 or 2 and point the scope vertically and see if that's balanced too? How critical is that for a better guiding? I do and some times i go super crazy about it. Not only when the scope is pointed straight up but also when it's pointed at say 45/60 degree angle and see if the scope dips to one side. Thanks in advance
  9. souls33k3r

    M31 HaLRGB

    That's a very handy time. Cheers Wim
  10. souls33k3r

    M31 HaLRGB

    Good God buddy, you're being over critical about it mate. It's a fantastic image. But knowing you, you won't rest till it's perfect in your eyes so here we are all rooting for you mate
  11. souls33k3r

    Outdoor setups

    Been thinking of doing the same, putting it under a good cover and then also have some puppy heat pads installed. Would also be interested to see what others have come up with.
  12. souls33k3r


    That's a great image mate. Clearly you missed a small one at 4 o'clock
  13. souls33k3r

    Nebulousity around M45 - 7 hours data

    Hahahah mate don’t sweat it. It looks perfect. I was just reading through the comments and noticed that @Xiga beat me to it nonetheless it’s great finding these little buggers in the image.
  14. souls33k3r

    Nebulousity around M45 - 7 hours data

    Very nice. You even managed to capture UGC2838 too
  15. souls33k3r

    Espirit 120

    Hahaha sorry its been a long day at work so I can see why my comment didn't come across how I expected. What I meant was, I was expecting this scope to be slightly bigger than my previous 70mm but it bigger, heavier and looks great. It's a great scope, really nice finish so I expect nothing but the best with the 120 as well.

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