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  1. Nice image Bob! This is one target that I need to revisit at some point. My last attempt was a few years back now.
  2. Fantastic image John. Your'e lucky to get some clear sky at the moment. Every time I set up the cloud seems to move in.
  3. Unfortunately the cloud moved in and put a stop to things. My guiding was absolutely spot on with the mount behaving better than it ever has. Still it was an exploratory session to get a feel for my new scope with narrowband and how much exposure for each filter it would need. Looks like I'm going to have to wait for the skies to clear again.
  4. Beautifully done! Strangely enough I have just started grabbing some data on almost exactly the same region tonight. Came on for a read on SGL whilst keeping an eye on the guiding and found this. I just hope I can get half as good a result.
  5. I'm glad its going well. There is a newer version of the firmware (190820) I tried it for a couple if images one of M34 and one of a the core of M33 (which I'm about to post on astrobin). @Jkulin found it OK but felt that it was not quite as good in RA. I found it not as good in both RA and Dec. It still produced a good image but the stars are not quite as tight for me when compared to 190718, so I reverted back to it.
  6. Hi Bob, Many thanks! I hope the review is helpful to someone and that you found it interesting. It is a bit long but there was a lot to cover and it was worthwhile doing it justice. I'm getting some great images now with the rig as I start to really fine tune things. We just need some clear skies now. Its been a frustrating year weather wise. I hope all is going well with your setup now.
  7. Scope and mount upgrade project - Part 3 Having tried my AD250 with my Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 and found that it was struggling to handle the combination of focal length and weight to the precision that I wanted, I decided to upgrade the mount. My site does not have the room for a permanent observatory or pier, so whatever I went for needed to be ‘portable’ as I would have to set up from scratch whenever I wanted to use my rig. Also going from something that is transportable, could, in the future give me the opportunity to port the kit to a truly dark site if the opportunity arose. I h
  8. Scope and mount upgrade project - Part 2 The scope that I upgraded to after some consideration and a little bit of serendipity was an AD250 from www.656Imaging.co.uk. I am currently running this using: FeatherTouch 3” 1.5” travel focuser Celestron off axis guider Starlight Express lodestar X2 Xagyl 2” 5 position filter wheel Badder 2” filters Atik 383L+ camera Pegasus Astro Motor Focus Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Box Previously I had been running all this kit on my Meade LX90 (other than the focuser, motor focus and the lodestar). I thin
  9. Scope and mount upgrade project - Part 1 This has been a long time in the writing mostly due to work/life pressure, weather and a whole series of other factors. Finally, I find myself in a position due to circumstances beyond my control to do something that I have been trying to get done for quite some time now. Anyway, down to business... I have split this into three posts, the first one some background and history of events on how this upgrade went, then the other posts with more technical and ‘in use’ information of the scope and the mount. Back in 2017, I had been looking to
  10. I have been battling condensation in the observatory/garden office for a while. It's not bad or serious, but I wanted to control it. So I decided to get a dehumidifier to solve the problem. I had a good dig on the internet and there are loads available. However I found https://www.dry-it-out.com/ and noticed that they were the only supplier that specifically mentioned observatories in its list of dehumidifiers (and yes there is are specific needs for observatories which I was surprised to discover). I didn't know which one to go for and so decided to give them a call. I spoke with Roger
  11. One thought is: was it mounted on an equatorial wedge or not? if so was the correct option in Autostar set for how the scope was mounted? It could have accidentally been changed at some point.
  12. Careful Jon, AP is a 'money pit' as I'm sure many here will testify ?
  13. That's awesome I love the composition and the processing. Nice one!
  14. OK as promised this is where everything that I was talking about is set. First go into your Equipment Profile Manager and select the profile you want to edit. Select the focus tab and ensure use auto focus is set and then click set to configure it Setup auto focus on filter change and disable auto focus with filter and then click the 'For Filters' button Configure the times that you want for the filters The select the guiding tab and ensure pause guiding during auto focus is enabled That should fix your problem for focusing with an OAG usi
  15. When I get home I should be able to have a look at where the options are in SGP. But you can set focus duration for individual filters, if you are using on exposure setting for all filters then 3 seconds probably won't be enough for the autofocus mechanism to pick up sufficient star data. Yes there is an option to disable guiding whilst performing an autofocus in SGP, again I'll see if I can find where it is in the configuration. But have a poke around its all in the the equipment profiles somewhere, but a little buried in the dialogs. Let me know if you find them before I get chance. Good luc
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