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  1. Yes there is definitely something going on with my images when I post them in here, I wonder if there is a specific resolution or file size we can post at that would stop them being altered? ive searched but cant find any info on SGL about this issue. Lee
  2. Thanks Olly I will have a look ?. Lee
  3. Captured some more data Thursday night on Caldwell 32 ( The Whale galaxy ) This is now 6hrs of data comprising of 3hrs of Lum & 3hrs of RGB in 5 min subs. Captured with my Atik 314L CCD & Meade 127mm F7.5 triplet Apo refractor. Lum Stacked and DDP in MaximDL, RGB stacked & DDP in Astro Pixel Processor, LRGB combine and processing in Photoshop. This is my first image partially processed in Astro Pixel Processor, with the aid of Sara Wagers tutorials. Lee
  4. Thanks Olly, I may come back to this and hit it with 20 min Ha subs. P.S. is there any trick to uploading images on SGL these days, I haven't been on here in quite a while, but have noticed mine look dramatically different once posted almost like the gamma is being altered. Lee
  5. The galaxies are looking great, though the background is a tad noisy for me, specifically the colour noise. I would suggest if you have another go to not allow the saturation into the background. Lee
  6. M106 L(haR)GB. On Saturday 23rd March, I was able to capture 3hrs of Hydrongen Alpha data on M106 ( The Splendid Galaxy ) in the hope of picking up some of the Ha Jets in the spiral arms and the h2 star forming regions to add to my previous LRGB version. Total exposure is about 7hrs. Imaged with my Atik 314L CCD & Meade series 5000 127mm F7.5 triplet refractor. guided, captured, stacked & pre processed in MaximDL final processing in Photoshop. No Darks No Flats. Lee
  7. NGC 4631 (also known as the Whale Galaxy or Caldwell 32) The whale is a barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Canes Venatici and has a nearby companion dwarf elliptical galaxy, NGC4627. I captured this image on Monday night but clouds stopped play after only 90 mins so its slightly noisy, was hoping to grab some more data last night but every time I opened the roof fast moving clouds appeared. So I thought I would still post as a work in progress. 17 x 5 min Lum subs with my Atik314L & Meade 127mm F7.5 Apo triplet refractor. Guided, captured, stacked and stretched in MaximDL processed in Photoshop. Lee
  8. Pretty windy Sunday night, captured nearly 4 hrs on M63 the Sunflower Galaxy, but I had to delete about 9 of the subs due to wind gusts and satellites. I can see a myriad of tiny background galaxies in this image, if you look closely some of the dimmer looking stars are actually diffuse so are in fact galaxies. I also like the 2 little jets sticking out the top like Ants Antennae. Technical bit: 33 x 5 min subs with my Atik314L & Meade 127mm F7.5 Apo triplet refractor, guided, captured, stacked and stretched in MaximDL Processed in Photoshop. Lee
  9. whoops looks like I didn't check for reply soon enough, some reason I thought I would get notification of reply by email LOL Oh well, if it falls through let me know Lee
  10. I have one of these and would possibly be interested in this as a backup encase mine ever dies. Mine works well with windows 7, but 10 is whole other ball game. mine takes 5 x 1.25” filters but you say that this takes 5 x 31mm filters ? Is that correct or are they infact normal 1.25” as i wasnt aware that they made a 31mm carolsel for it. cheers lee
  11. Reduced to £425 ono
  12. SOLD I am looking at purchasing a new telescope and lack of funds means I must part with a couple of my current scopes. My Altair Starwave 102 F7 ED doublet refractor. This comes in the Original Metal flight case and includes CNC tube rings. This is the scope that I have produced 90% of my deep sky images with in the last few years. so can supply many examples. If you dont know these particular 102 EDs come with a massive 3inch Crayford focuser which is really solid. Thanks for looking. I would prefer collection but could possibly ship at extra cost as its in the foam lined aluminium flight case. Reduced to £475 ono Paypal payment + the 3.5% PayPal fees, or cash on collection from Kent.
  13. I am looking at purchasing a new telescope and lack of funds means I must part with a couple of my current scopes. So my Celestron C8 f10 SCT is up for grabs. its a very nice example and the optics are tac sharp, its been a great scope and is ideal for both Planetary imaging and observing and Deep sky. My last couple of images were taken with it to show what it can produce. Reduced to £425 ONO which includes finder scope, dovetail bar, Dew zapper heater band and a home made dew shield. Collection only on this one as I dont have a box for shipping.
  14. Magnum

    5" Triplet

    I am looking for a Triplet refractor around 5 inches, something like a Meade series 5000 127mm, Explorer Scientific 127mm, Altair 115 or 130mm, or anything similar. I have a couple of scopes I would like to trade or part trade. My Celestron C8 OTA and or my Altair 102mm F7 ED doublet, both are in great condition.
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