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  1. Here you go Olly, a Starnet version, I dont think I have enough data to stand up to being starless, it got very noisy after I run it so then had to run another iteration of Noels Deep space noise reduction. Lee
  2. Thanks Olly, I would say the Samyang lens is the best Astronomy purchase ive ever made, at f2.8 the stars are perfect and it blows the socks of the Askar 180 which I returned. Funny thing is ive seen people saying the complete opposite. I wish id got more data on it, as I really had to work hard with the processing. problem is I think its been the worst winter for imaging in the UK, we've only had a handful of clear nights in about 4 months, and now the weather has turned for the better its been full moon, and loosing Orion by 9:30pm behind the conifers I will do a Starnet version
  3. Rosette and Cone Nebula wide field. I came across a great image of this area today and thought now that's a nice field, so rushed out when I got home and managed to capture a quick 90 mins of data tonight before Orion went behind our trees. 9 x 10 mins with my Samyang 135mm f2 lens @ f2.8 & Atik 383L CCD camera + Baader 7nm ha filter. Guided, captured, stacked and stretched in MaximDL, processed in Photoshop. Work in progress along with a few other projects ive got going around Orion at the moment, but quickly running out of time for this season so may have to wait until the next winter to
  4. Theres no control over it really, i think you can change one parramatta when running from the command line which alters the size of the chunks it chops the image into, apparently that can help with artifacts. But i just run it in the default setting
  5. Thanks Peter, I think thats because I installed Starnet after id processed the image so I simply removed the stars from the final image as I didn't want to go back to the beginning LOL
  6. In this case I was trying out the stand alone version of Starnet for Mac OS
  7. ive been having a play making a starless version can never decide if I like these or not, though they seem to be the current fad at the moment LOL feel like removing the stars adds noise, or maybe just makes it more noticeable
  8. im looking for either Baader 3.5nm ha filter or Antlia 3nm ha filter, size 1.25" or 2" either is fine thanks Lee
  9. I found some info on the baader website, looks like the standard 7nm baader is ok down to f2.8. So looks like mine cant be going too far off band but there will be some losses at the fastest end. plus a good write up on the subject by Baader. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/blog/baader-highspeed-filters-and-why-different-fratios-require-special-filters/
  10. Just captured this image of the heart of Orion my recently purchased samyang135, though I was hoping for a bit more structure at the bottom and really had to work hard on this image, straight out of the camera there was much more contrast in the centre 50% of the image than the outer parts which looked washed out ( almost like reverse vignetting ), im wondering if my Baader 7nm Ha filter is going off band at f2.8, can't decide wether to stop the lens down ( defeats the purpose of buying it ) or upgrade to an Antlia 3nm filter which ive seen examples of working well with RASAs at f2.2. my filt
  11. The weather finally broke long enough this week for me to start the project ive been wanting to do for the last 3 months. Managed to get a few hours on it spread over 2 nights but the moon will be in the way for the next 2 weeks and im loosing Orion behind a tree earlier every night now so will remain a work in progress until next winter. Anyway this is the widest and deepest image ive ever captured of the heart of Orion, though I was hoping for a bit more structure at the bottom, when straight out of the camera there was much more contrast in the centre 50% of the image than the outer pa
  12. Thanks Peter and Dave I tried to delete the duplicate one but It won't let me LOL
  13. Well the weather finally broke about 10:30 last night and I am once again capturing photons. Went for the IC410 The Tadpole Nebula, and IC405 the Flaming Star Nebula. 13 X 10 min exposures in Ha with my Atik460 mono CCD & Sharpstar 61EDPHII f4.5 Triplet refractor. Guided, Captured, Stacked and stretched in MaximDL5, final processing in Photoshop. No darks or Flats Reports of CCD being dead are greatly exaggerated
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