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  1. Canon EF Lens to T2-Mount Adapter, Geoptic clone. enables connection of Canon EF lenses to CCD & CMOS astro cameras. features locking collar and 1.25" filter holder. £55 plus postage
  2. Lol, happens to me all the time are you interested in it? lee
  3. Know such thing as a 429EX but its a 428EX OSC
  4. Selling my Atik 428EX OSC ccd, in perfect condition. only selling as I own 3 x Atik ccds and need to part with one to free up cash for something else. This is a very low noise camera, dark or bias frames are not needed and in fact ive never bothered with them at all on any Atik CCD ive used. attached some pics showing it connected to my various scopes, as you can see its like new. i have taken many nice images with this camera, included some examples. Reduced to £799 including Royal Mail special delivery Lee
  5. Yes the Starizona flattener for this is going to have about 45mm spacing for DSLR, but Its been in production all year and never seems to get announced, I wonder now this official one is out they have decided to cancel their one.
  6. ignore that, I see its 17.5mm, its listed in the specs as back focal length rather than back focus LOL
  7. Have they said what the back focus distance is with this flattener? Lee
  8. Quite enjoying wide field imaging at the moment, so pointed the camera towards the Sadr ( Gamma Cygni ) region last night. started clouding over at 1:30 am so only managed 1.5 hours of good data, but really happy with the result, really nice field of view including the crescent nebula at the bottom. So this is 6 x 15 min subs in Hydrogen Alpha, with the Atik383L CCD & my old Pentax 135mm SMC @f5.6. Considering this lens was full of fungus and had it to bits for cleaning its not doing too bad is it Now is using an EQ8 overkill for imaging with a 135mm lens LOL, and guiding with my 5" triplet at 950mm FL? Lee
  9. Snap, thats how mine is going too
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