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  1. The 127 does gather about 55% more light than the 102 so better on brighter objects however doesn’t make a huge difference on bright things like the moon and planets. The bigger aperture gives a bit more resolution though. The 102 is a lot smaller and lighter than the 127 which makes it more portable. I had a 127 but now replaced by a Bresser 100 f/15 mak that gets used a lot more as it's so small and portable and cools down faster. Both sizes are very good and can be a difficult decision to choose which one. The Bresser mak seems to be out of stock everywhere.though. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/bresser-messier-mc-100-1400-optical-tube-assembly.html
  2. Sorry but you were just beaten to it. I was just replying to a PM when you posted.
  3. Altair ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector As new. Bought a few months ago and just not getting used. S O L D. - £75.00 Posted to UK Altair Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector for planetary and lunar imaging or observing. The ADC corrects for atmospheric dispersion (rainbow effect) producing sharper images of object closer to the horizon. Particularly useful on Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the moon at about 20-40 degrees altitude which.The prisms are high quality K9 glass with broadband multicoatings and a prism angle of 2.5° which gives a maximum deviation angle of 5°, which is ideal for the UK, Europe and North America. The rear side has 1.25" pushfit adapter with 3x thumbscrews and internal compression ring to protect your Altair or other CMOS cameras and eyepieces. The pushfit adapter can be unscrewed to reveal a T-Thread for direct camera connection. The nosepiece is threaded for filters. I am including a short nosepiece. Payment: PayPal. (buyer pays fees) John
  4. Glad it’s been sorted. RVO certainly dropped the ball on this one. Not up to their usual high standards of service. Hopefully just a one off as have not had a single problem with anything I have bought from them.
  5. Worth temebering that ESA is an intergovernmental organisation, governed by an international treaty that’s in UK law and not an EU organisation. Canada and a few other countiries outside of the EU are members.
  6. The key points are if the order gives a date that your order will be shipped and also if the goods are custom made for you or standard items. Would be a good idea to speak to Trading Standards and ask their advice.
  7. No the stock focuser is built in and can’t be removed. The crayford is an addional focuser and you would use the stock focuser for very large focus adjustments but then use the crayford for normal focus adjustments.
  8. Most 127 maks now have the SCT thread on them so shouldn’t need the mak to sct adaptor. With the focuser you would need to order the custom made focuser to sct adaptor. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p9286_TS-Optics-custom-made-Adapter.html
  9. Avg sold price lately seems to be about £250.00 to £260.00 although one is sale pending on ABS ar £320.00.
  10. Smartphone cameras can be surprisingly good for simple AP. I’ve been experimenting with an inexpensive microscope camera that shows promise although have just gotten the proper adaptor so should be able to get better images.
  11. Have you considered trying some smartphone photography? Single smartphone shot with my 80mm APO and a Baader Neodymium filter.
  12. Can’t understand why TS only makes the SCT adaptor to order as the 1.25” crayford is a great upgrade for small maks..
  13. The 1.25” crayford needs a custom made focuser to SCT adaptor. Or could be to any other thread but an SCT thread is better as the focuser can then be used on other scopes.
  14. Hopefully not long. I notice that it’s just the retail shop that’s closed. PLEASE NOTE: ALTAIR'S RETAIL SHOP IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, BUT IT'S BUSINESS AS USUAL WITH ONLINE ORDERS, AND "CONTACT-FREE" DELIVERY.
  15. Get a decent diagonal. The cheap plastic one that comes with the scope isn’t great. Something like this will be a big improvement. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/stellamira-1-25-90-di-electric-diagonal.html And a RACI finder is very popular. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/skywatcher-6x30-right-angled-erect-image-finder--bracket.html#SID=22 A few good eyepieces is also a good idea. The Starguiders are not exoensivebbut are very good. Perhaps a 25mm, a 15mm and an 8mm. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/search/for/starguider/
  16. I did try a Bresser 10” OTA on the Skytee and while it worked fine now stick to the dob mount. Easier to set up.
  17. With any “maas produced” scope there will be an occasional one that isn’t quite right. Scopes do occasionaly get knocked out of adjustment diring the long trip from China so checking them all is the only way to ensure every one is a good one.
  18. You can fit a 1.25” crayford to the Skymax127 but not cheap with the optional SCT adaptor. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p11734_TS-Optics-1-25----T2-Crayford-Focuser-for-Refractors--Cassegrains-----.html Fitted to a Bresser 127 mak.
  19. The wait will be worth it and why not conttact FLO now and say you’ll be placing an order as soon as your refund comes through.
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