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  1. So many different theories. . Try searching for Dark Gravity (emergent gravity)
  2. There was a paper called “Could Dark Energy be a Manifestation of Gravity?“ How they are actually related is simply unkown with plenty of different opinions. One theory is that they are opposing forces.
  3. Some physicists believe gravity is tied in with dark energy so once we understand what dark energy is we will understand gravity. Or more likely when and if we discover what dark energy is we’ll have a whole new set of mysteries to solve. Then there is the dark energy vs dark matter argument of course.
  4. Good news. You do know you’re not allowed to leave it stock don’t you. Dobs and modding go together.
  5. I’ve used twin wheel locking castors and while there is no up and down movement the wheels can swivel a little bit due to play in the locking mechanism. The only castors that do not move at all are the leveling types that let you raise the castors off the ground and the weight is then supported on rubber feet. Not cheap though. https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/Levelling-Castors-3783-c My old Blue Whale used them.
  6. This place is where I buy my castors. Huge selection. https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/Castors-1085-c
  7. TS just say all necessary filters included which as an ND3 is necessary infers that one is included but they should state clearly that one is included to prevent any misunderstanding..
  8. Bought the Observers Book of Astronomy a few months ago to replace the one that had gone missing years ago. Better than your old Tasco but probably about as usefull. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tasco-Refracting-Telescope-Model-6TR-S-Hospiscare/383239096530?hash=item593ad488d2:g:e2YAAOSwnCtduERW
  9. Unscrew the inner ring on one side of the filter and you will find two filter elements stacked together inside..Note there are a couple of tiny slots on the inner ring that you can use to unsrew it using a tiny screwdriver. There is a pic of this in the thread I linked to but here it is again. Please also note the OP of the thread I linked to asked TS about it and they confirmed there was an ND filter. Did you ask if there was a seperate ND filter which there isn’t as it is a combined filter.
  10. 5.7 and drizzle here at the moment. with 5 the forecast low tonight.
  11. Skywatcher USA does give the OTA weights for a lot of the scopes. https://www.skywatcherusa.com/products/sky-watcher-classic-150p?_pos=1&_sid=71f4b21d7&_ss=r The 150p dob ota is given as 15lbs (6.8kg)
  12. Complained about the showers here today but in Sheffield it was a bit more than just damp.
  13. Did you point him in the dirction of the ARK
  14. Did a bit more looking around and found it a bit cheaper at FLO. Astroshop - £40.80 incl shipping FLO - £40.95 incl shipping
  15. The astroshop Omegon Radian finders are about £3.00 or £4.00 cheaper including postage compared to ordering a Telrad from the UK.
  16. Bit like those old fashioned thread sizes Americans use instead of proper metric stuff.
  17. My old A&E wedge put a lot of heat out the bottom and you could burn your hand if you put it right under the wedge not to mention any children or pets looking up into the bottom of the wedge would get the full unfiltered sun. Definately not a safetry wedge and if you come across one bin it.
  18. About time to sort out the loft and get some shelving put in up there as well. Did the flooring a while ago.
  19. Doesn’t get that cold in the UK very often. Around here we might get an inch of snow once or twice during the winter or sometimes none at all.
  20. Whats the sun??? Todays local forecast. ️️️️️️️️
  21. Rain non stop all day today.
  22. Have a look at this thread for more info and pics of it disassembled. .
  23. There certainly is an ND3 filter. Take apart the double stacked filter if you don’t beleive me.
  24. No problem. A budget is a budget and better the 200p now and get some use out of it. There are a lot of mods you can do to it to improve the performance. Look for bearing mods as this is a simple thing that can make the scope nicer to use. Improving the AZ bearing involves nothing more than the plastic from a milk bottle.
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