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  1. Ah yes the 2004 Venus transit. perfect clear skies and was able to watch the whole thing. Only have to wait until 10–11 December 2117 and 8 December 2125 for the next ones.
  2. Looks like a D Pull handle from Screwfix or some other DIY place. Good solid handles though. Handles should come as standard with all scopes I think.
  3. Clouded out so resorted to looking at NASA/SDO images.
  4. That’s it for this transit. Thought the sun was going to come out but now wall to wall cloud and getting darker.
  5. You fotgot grey as in medium, dark or very dark.
  6. The sun peeps out now and then so maybe a brief look.
  7. This may be of more use today. https://whatsthiscloud.com/cloud-identification/
  8. Showers here with sunny breaks until about 3:00 when it clouds over completely so might get a brief glimpse.
  9. As above velcro does have a limited lifespan if frequently unfastened but should be OK if left in place permanently. Personally I prefer a couple of tube rings with a handle fitted.
  10. Yes the ES 32mm and 40mm in that series are 2” barrels. If you want a 40mm 1.25” eyepiece thay are available in several brands but in smaller fov. The TeleVue 40mm Plossl 1.25" is very nice eyepiece but only 43 degree.
  11. Wonder how it compares to a Siebert 4.3” observatory eyepiece?
  12. Did you see this story.? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7669949/Angry-row-breaks-squatter-interrupts-Remembrance-Sunday-silence-fireworks.html
  13. Is it just me that would like to get about a hundred of the big ones and set them all off at once at their front door at three in the morning.
  14. Some idiot in the next street has been letting off fireworks every night since Nov 4th. Sounds like he finally ran out tonight as only a few let off. A ban can’t come soon enough.
  15. Looks like I may have to resort to this to view the transit. https://www.timeanddate.com/live/ Or this
  16. Looking more like I will have to resort to this to see the transit. https://www.timeanddate.com/live/ Or this
  17. Looks like an interesting little project for sometime this winter. Will keep you in mind if I need some projection material. John
  18. The 28mm Nirvanna is pretty good for low power viewing. https://www.microglobe.co.uk/ovl-nirvana-28mm-uwa-82-high-performance-eyepiece-p-9272.html The 16mm Nirvana would also come in handy for something in between.
  19. Has anyone tried building a sun funnel? Looks like a simple project. https://legacy.aas.org/files/resources/build_a_sun_funnel_v3.2.pdf
  20. Ready but the weather forecast is looking a bit iffy for tomorrow.
  21. Some info here including reduction in light when using binoviewers. https://starizona.com/tutorial/binocular-viewers/
  22. Telesope Express gives these specs for the 300pds so I’d be surprised if your secondary is different. Aperture: 12” - 305mm Focal length: 1500 mm Focal ratio: f/4.9 Mirror: Parabolic primary mirror - substrate is Pyrex Secondary mirror: Diameter 70 mm minor axis
  23. One point that I rarely see raised when discussing binoviewers or binoculars is that they aren’t suitable for everyone. In some people using them causes eye strain and they just aren’t comfortable to use. This has nothing to do with colimation etc but simply that some people have issues with vision convergence. Particularily if they have different levels of vision in each eye. One person may rave about how great binoviewing is while the next may find them worse than single eye viewing. Best thing is to try a few different ones to see if they suit you.
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