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  1. The tripods are different. You would need one of these. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-heq5-tripod-adaptor-for-eq6-2-tripods.html
  2. Looks like when dealers run out of stock there might not be any more. The DZ version costs a lot more but comes with a proper alt-az mount with slo-mo controls.
  3. No, the postie didn’t bring what I needed today. Looks like Monday now.
  4. For visual would be the 127L but for imaging the 102’s lighter weight would be an advantage. So if it is mostly visual with the occasional bit of planetary photography then I would choose the 127L.
  5. The 127L will give a much brighter image and better resolution but the 102 will still be good. CA will be similar but not too bad in either. Purely on performance the 127L will show a bit more but bigger and heaver and will take a bit longer to cool down.
  6. Will be fine on an HEQ5, particularily for visual. While it would be nice to save a few quid going for new is the way to go for that long warrantee and peace of mind.
  7. That one has the old focuser so never had extenstion tubes.
  8. I would double check with FLO as the 127L is showing 4 to 6 days availabilty.whereas they normaly give 1 to 2 days if it is stock in their warehouse. 365astronomy is showing it as in stock https://www.365astronomy.com/bresser-messier-ar-127l-1200-127mm-refractor-telescope-ota.html
  9. The Starsense app was developed by the same company that makes SkySafari and is based on SkySafari with added features. The Starsense Explorer LT70 has been removed from Celestrons Starsense Explorer section of their website so it looks like it may have been discontinued. https://www.celestron.com/collections/starsense-explorer-smartphone-app-enabled-telescopes
  10. When you turn it on point the scope to a bright star then centre the star on the phone screen in the crosshairs on the screen.by swiping your finger across the screen..You just have to align the image with the scope rather than aligning the phone holder with the scope. The more accurately you align the image the more accurate the push to will be. I’ll be using a reticle eyepiece to centre the star in the scope first.
  11. Or perhaps go back to the idea of the Bresser 102 / 1000 which is within budget ?
  12. Or the TS 28mm version of the UWAN but with a better eyecup arrangment than the flat top UWAN. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2757_TS-28mm-UWA-82--2--High-Perfomrance-Eyepiece.html
  13. Why can’t things just be simple eh.
  14. Hmmm.......the other pic in the ad shows a different scope. Is this a scam ?
  15. Pic in the ad shows the tube rings although think you will want to change the dovetail bar.
  16. The guide to using it on the back of the instruction sheet helps but could be more detailed I suppose.
  17. Not difficult to make up a setup using a cheap 1.25” mirror diagonal and a telrad riser and parts from a phone holder. If they were to release the thing as a unit that would fit a finder shoe it wuld be a big hit Here’s a setup I made from bits I had laying around before I realised the app was locked.
  18. A second hand 127L at the right price. £220.00 delivered. Unfortunately not the hexafoc focuser version. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=165781
  19. Yes uses a mirror so wthout the mirror the camera would see things the “wrong way up” and wouldn’t work. The app needs a unique unock code to work which is only available with the scope. Te Acetal sheet I need to make up an adaptor between the phone holder and a finder foot has been posted so hopefully will be able to get it sorted this wekend.
  20. This scope does come with an extended 10 year warrantee to the original purchaser. Not sure if it can be transfered to a second owner. Might be worth asking Bresser.
  21. Yes it is.The phone holder has a mirror on the front.
  22. The next generation of push to. Instead of having to align the mount and of course needing encoders. You just point the scope at a star and it takes a photo and uses plate solving to workout where it is pointing to and that’s it. Then select something using the plantarium app that you want to look at and it guides you to the target using arrows on the screen and tells you when you have reached the target. Push to made easy.
  23. Does the adaptor flange use an M90 thread? In that case you can use a TS M90 extension. 50mm extension available from Teescope Express. https://www.365astronomy.com/ts-optics-25mm-m90x1-extension-tube-for-6-and-8-rc-focusers.html
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