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  1. No need to change the grub screws if you fit the extra grub screw on the upper part. Often not fitted as the supplied instructions aren’t very clear.
  2. Congratulations You have now mastered the black art of focuser knob upgrading.
  3. Or if you are realy desperate. Googling came upwith this. https://www.wattpad.com/256438176-book-of-spells-sunny-skies-spell
  4. I’ve noticed that the accuracy of CO varies across the country. In some areas it’s pretty accurate but for my area the BBC is far more accurate than CO. Wonder how many others find one or the other better in their area.
  5. Not far off but you need to move the drawtube in or out so that a circle touches the edge of the mirror all round when collimation is spot on.
  6. I think Bresser dobs are finaly getting established in the UK market. Before it was the SW dobs are cheaper so I’m going for the SW as they look similar and everyone knows them but now that there is more feedback and reports on SGL the Bressers are seen as a step up from the SW for a bit more money. Not that there is anything wrong with choosing a SW dob but there is now another option.
  7. The 6” dob has a more basic focuser than the 8” and 10” but looks OK.
  8. Usa a proper solar filter like these. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/baader-asbf-solar-filters-for-binoculars-and-camera-lenses-50mm-aperture.html
  9. Interesting thread on the subject. https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/255947/how-do-laser-tape-measures-work
  10. Hmmmmmm.............. This thread made me think of this.
  11. Blending might be a better term but crash or colliision sounds better I suppose.
  12. Acutally there won’t be any crashing as galaxies are mostly empty space so will pass through each other and gravity will make them form one bigger galaxy.
  13. I think a lot has to do with personal experience with different brands. Had problems with an Altair camera so sent it back but zero problems with a couple of ZWO cameras so now I would buy ZWO over Altair. Find ZWO has better support than Altair in terms of drivers.
  14. Have had the pleasure of dealing with Ian a few times and he must the most helpful person out there.
  15. Either the 8” or 10” Bresser dob have the advantage of already coming with tube rings so easy to swap over to an EQ mount by simply fitting a dovetail bar or putting back on the dob base very easily.
  16. Bought an Altair Gpcam once. Tested it and then returned it to the dealer and bought a ZWO which had no issues and worked as advertised. The implementation was just better even though they had the same sensor. Anyway that was my experiece for what it’s worth.
  17. The lack of eye releif was a killer for me when I had the 4mm & 5mm Supermonos. Just made observing very uncomfortable.
  18. Makes more sense as an imaging resource rather than a retail site.
  19. Best solar zoom I’ve ever used os the Pentax XF. Actually as good as a Baader Genuine Ortho for HA I found.
  20. The Lunt zoom they sell for their solar scopes is the same as the Hyperflex. Works very well on HA. Not as good as the Pentax XF zoom for HA but still very good. Lunt zoom with thered band and Hyperflex with the black band.
  21. Clean if you notice a smudge or anything but no need for regular ckeaning. Just when needed.. Use a blower to remove dust or bits then clean with Baader Optial Wonder. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-optics-cleaning-protection/baader-optical-wonder-set-cleaning-fluid-and-cloth.html
  22. I don’t let it bother me as it’s something that may happen or not and would be billions of years after I’m gone and theories on the subject come and go so the fate of the universe is unknown as far as I’m concerned anyway.
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