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  1. Astroboot UK is closed down at the moment anyway. Not sure when they will start shipping to the UK again.
  2. Try searching for “Japanese occupation binoculars” or “vintage Japanese binoculars”. for more info. Think the Welmy brand was around until the 1960s so actually post occupation.
  3. The ES12 actually comes with a decent CNC R&P focuser so no need to upgrade it to a Moonlite as it should handle a greater load anyway. Pity the SW doesn’t come with a better focuser.
  4. I bought a 2” 2x tele extender a while ago and only ended up using it once in about a year so sold it on. Just didn’t like using it. Too big and heavy.
  5. There is the 2” Televue 4x Powermate but £££££££££££££ https://www.firstlightoptics.com/barlow-eyepieces/tele-vue-powermates.html
  6. I have built ny own 100mm f/13 refractor using a Carton objective “Big Red” and recently built a new base for my 10” Bressser dob. I do like modifying various bits and pieces to suit myself.
  7. The parts are glued in place I believe. A bit of heat may help break the part loose. A hot air gun should be enough.
  8. Infocus travel is a problem with many refractors and a wedge. When I used a Lacerta 2” wedge with an Orion 120 frac fitted with a SW crayford had to shorten the tube a bit to reach focus. With my Tecnosky 125APO not a problem even without removing the focuser extension piece.
  9. While the 1.25” wedge should survive being used on a 150mm frac I would be a lot more comfortable using a 2” wedge. I did use a Baader Coolwedge on a TS 152mm f5.9 frac and the back of the wedge did get very hot. Wouldn’t have wanted to touch it with a finger.
  10. I use a sun shield that attaches to the OTA with a velcro strap. There are a few versions out there.
  11. Good effort BTW to add images directly to your post just click on “choose files” and select your images.
  12. Maybe FLO could get some in stock……with a suitable discount for SGL members of course. With a Tak patch on them perhaps.
  13. Not so Gnu https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Project#
  14. Question. Does SGL have a staff psychiatrist? After this thread might come in handy.
  15. Oh why did I ever bring Gnus into this. I have a lot to answer for.
  16. Just use a standard Li-on battery alarm to protect the battery. Cheap enough.
  17. "Gnu" Moon Two wildebeest, also known as "gnu," crest a hill at night at the Safari Park.
  18. The Starbase and ScopeTech 80mm optics reportedly are made by the same people and parts of the tube assembles look remarkably similar. Both are great scopes that while the optics are “old style” do benefit from the latest coatings so will perform better than the vintage scopes. Get one pf them, you’ll love it.
  19. Oddly enough the 26mm Nagler was my favourite of the longer focal length Naglers. Just hit the sweet spot for me. Second hand 26mm Naglers do seem to sell very quickly and bring a high price at least in the UK.
  20. Was reviewed with mixed opinions. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/345916-unistellar-evscope/
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