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  1. The man who was the first to observe the moon through a telescope. He beat Galileo to it and his moon maps were far better as well. All round scientific genius. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-01174-x
  2. The biggest improvement is in controlling off axis light entering the tube. Really helps if looking at something with a streetlight close by.
  3. The XF zoom is optimised for spotter scopes and corrects for distortions in daylight but just the wrong type of corrections for regular astro night time use. Astro eyepieces correct for different things. Just a horrible night time eyepiece that shows loads of distortion. However it is brilliant for solar Ha where you don’t see distortions.
  4. Happens a lot with Amazon. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-55117037
  5. I wonder if ADM has a suitable radius block that could be attached with a single bolt? Maybe worth contacting ADM directly and seeing if they might have a solution.
  6. A regular Losmandy bar is flat on top so can’t just be fastened straight onto the tube of a Skymax180. You need to use radius blocks. You could fasten the radius blocks to the tube but would have to drill four holes in the tube. I used a oair of Orion Optics UK tube tings and radius blocks to fit a Losmandy bar and a carry handle when I had. Skymax180.
  7. Hope you will be as impressed with the zoom as I was for solar Ha.
  8. Collimation perhaps? The C6 is well known for having consistently excellent optics.
  9. How about the Celestron C6 SCT? Light weight (not much heavier than a 127 mak) and 150mm aperture. When I did a head to head between the C6 SCT and a Skymax 150 a few years ago it was a tie. Found no real difference in contrast between the two.
  10. The knob is in the centre. I’ve not used binoviewers myself but should be no problem. I built the base from marine ply. Lot of work but not that difficult if you have some woodworking skills.
  11. The scope is a step up in build quality over the Skywatcher and GSO dobs and those proper bearings really do help. Nice rubberised black anti reflection coating inside so no flocking needed. Focuser is a very nice CNC high quality one but would recommend fitting the optional dual speed knob, really should come as standard. To fit a standard Synta type finder just replace the stock finder shoe with a Baader universal shoe which has the wide hole spacing needed so it’s a straight forward bolt on replacement. And don’t forget to fit the extension piece to the focuser when using for visual.
  12. Hail and rain earlier today but now has turned into a nice sunny evening with clear skies. A bit of lunar observing perhaps this eve .
  13. Looks neat and tidy and goes with the white tripod nicely.
  14. The new Lunt 40 will be about the same price if not cheaper than the PST. The Lunt 40 will be available from FLO. Had a Solar Scout 60 and found it was more suited to imaging than visual but be aware that the Daystars QC is a bit variable so might have to replace it if not up to scratch to get a good one. PST isn’t perfect but had one and found it enjoyable to use.
  15. If only all quarks were that good. Glad you seem to have got a really good one.
  16. While there are still Televue eyepieces at decent prices there are a lot at what I consider to be wildly inflated prices. Would love to get another 26mm Nagler (my favourite Nagler) but not seen one at a good price in ages. You just need to be patient and lucky.
  17. Was the own brand of Moonfish Group which I think is no longer in business. http://moonfishgroup.com/catalog/index.php?language=en&osCsid=dc85e23a8853ddcf28d04
  18. Even if the sensors are identical the associated circuitry in the camera may not be. Also QC testing has a big part to play.
  19. Telescope Express does their version of the Starguider but much more expensive. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p7428_TS-Optics-1-25--ED--eyepiece-3-2-mm---60--flat-field--long-eye-relief.html
  20. Just in case there is a minor miracle and it’s sunny on the day I’m ready.
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