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  1. Ok, I'm new to AP but here is my first DSO (M42 of course!). Taken with a Celestron Nexstar 6SE and associated Alt-Az mount so no guiding and no filter with a 73% moon. Camera was a ZWOASI294MC. About 100 x 10s subs with darks, flats and bias. All stacked and processed in Pixinsight. Having got the camera refurbed from FLO I was anxious just to try something while waiting for an EQ mount etc etc. This was very much a case of lets see what we can see night. Second was first light with an RC8 (just as it came out of the box so no view on collimation) on a CEM70 mount on M81 (new gear h
  2. Weird....I was litteraly just reading this thread and a delivery has arrived with this in it! Birthday present from Mrs G. I have this sneaky suspicion that she is more excited. P.S. First post on this forum and looking forward to many years of enjoying the collective wisdom here
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