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  1. No problem with the GPS. Did take a few times initially to calibrate as when first turned on gave the compass position as 180 degrees out but that was indoors. Once calibrated has been fine. Just waving the phone in a figure eight pattern is how it is calibrated. Now spot on.
  2. The TS is 40 to 53 degrees and the Svbony is 33 to 51 degrees so slightly narrower. Has a claimed eye releif of 17 to 18.5mm.
  3. I have used a TS version of the Hyperflex zoom for a while and find it to be a very good zoom. Have been testing the new Svbony 10-30 zoom and really impressed by how comfortable it is to use. Great views and just easy to look through..Just realised I haven’t used the TS zoom since getting the new zoom.
  4. I bought a new rugged outdoor phone for use with Starsense and Synscan. Not expensive but with Android 10 and outdoor oriented features.but with rubber armor and shockproof and is supposed to withstand being dropped onto concrete from 1.5 metres. Also water and dust proof and can be used as an underwater camera down to 4 metres. Has an 8000 mah battery so will keep going for ages withput a recharge. Twice as thick as a regular smartphone due to the battery but not that heavy and the rubber armor makes it easy to hold. Hopefully it will be “John proof”. EDIT: OUKITEL WP5 Pro from Amazon
  5. Aztec would be a very good name for a scope brand. The Aztecs had a very advanced understanding of astronomy for their time.
  6. The Bresser 137 has a proper lens cell thst is fully adjustable and no plastic.
  7. Found a pic of the Bresser 102 with the dew shield removed. The 90 should be similar. My 127 dew shield is a push fit as well.
  8. In that case you might need the tippler cane to steady yourself.
  9. Looking forward to trying the Baader Diamond Steeltrack (due tomorrow) on the 6” CC. Have a Steeltrack on the 8” and it is a great addition with much more drawtube travel and have never needed the spacers. Think I’ll need one of the 25mm spacers on the 6”.
  10. TS has always claimed 99% reflectivity on the 8” although GSO claims 96% but TS claim 96% on their 6”. Not sure if you could notice the difference even if TSs figure is correct. Wouldn’t worry about it.
  11. The CC and RC scopes are made by GSO and the Skymax by Synta. Competitors.
  12. My CC is the TS Optics one which is more expensive than the Skymax. The Lyra is very keenly priced indeed and will really hit sales of the Skymax.
  13. Reminds of this article. Snake Oil anyone? https://reviews.financesonline.com/the-art-of-deceptive-advertising-reviewed/
  14. No you just need a simple collimation cap but it won’t need collimating very often unlike a newt. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-collimation-tools/rigel-aline-collimation-cap.html
  15. The dew shield will pull off but can be very stubborn. Found rotating the shield a bit breaks it loose most times. Easier with one oerson to hold the tube while the other wiggles and twists the dew shield.
  16. The dew shield just being a push fit is easily knocked put of line but easily re-seated.
  17. If it is like other refractors in the Bresser range the lens cell is held on by three screws into the tube. The dew shield is a push fit and can be rotated a bit and pulled off. Then around the rear of the lens cell there are three screws that hold the lens cell and flange in place. Could be the screws are loose or damaged. See if you can remove the screws and check for damage.
  18. I upgraded from a Skymax180 t a CC8”. The CC has better contrast and will take higher magnification than the Skymax. Just a big step up in performance, Add the advantages a quick cooldown and no dew problems and a fixed primary and a proper focuser and better build quality and it’s a bit of a no brainer to go with the CC. Would imagine there will be a few Skymax180s coming up on the secondhand market.
  19. Fortunately for idiots like the neighbour from hell in the OPs post most people only imagine what they would like to do rather than actually do it.
  20. Found a thread on CN. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/91214-yukon-30x50-newt-binos/ And the totaly useless socalled “manual” manual_nrb_30x50 2.pdf
  21. A couple of these in your garden facing his house perhaps?
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