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  2. I for one am totally seeing the benefit for it Rainer
  3. Hi Hicks, I understand it but main reason for people reluctant to understand the advantage of an encoder is mainly because of the additional price for them and other people who do not have it can not understand the advantage and that is why they say " OH, if you are going to guide anyway, save the money " OK, yes but I think I have written my fingers wound trying to explain the advantage of encoders ... but looks like nobody understands it or do not read it ? ... Again ... see my message posted yesterday at 10:16 Mexican time
  4. Forget this 'crop factor' business because it is meaningless and causes confusion. You have the following key variables with a given focal length: Chip size. This determines field of view. (A small chip does not 'get you closer' or more 'zoomed in,' as the term crop factor might imply.) Pixel size. This determines your image scale in arcseconds per pixel and, in so doing, determines your resolution of detail. It also determines the size a given object will appear on your PC screen at 'full size.' The object's image size as projected by the scope will vary only with focal length but its size on the PC screen depends only on how many pixels the projected image lands on. More pixels (ie smaller pixels) means bigger image. When we say an image is being viewed at full size we mean that one camera pixel is give one screen pixel. So we now see that a longer focal length scope with larger pixels might actually produce a smaller final screen image of an object than a shorter FL scope with a smaller pixel camera. The key values, again, are 1) Field of View in degrees and minutes of arc. 2) Image Scale in arcseconds per pixel. These two values are independent of other values and specify the image completely. Olly
  5. is there an option where i can still use the scope for seeing, with the camera piggybacked? or does that dovetail do that also? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/astro-essentials-vixen-type-photo-dovetail-bar.html if not, what would i need to piggyback the dslr to the tubering? i found this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telescope-Piggyback-Camera-Mount-for-Skywatcher-or-Celestron-127/401754070071 but think it maybe not sturdy enough?
  6. Also wish I'd known about the box!
  7. Well, not strictly delivered by the postman but delivered by a nice chap called Lee.... a Vixen Sphinx SXW mount in unused as new condition. Bought as my AZ4 proved to bit a bit to feeble to hold the long frac still at higher power, and also because I fancied something which will track nicely and allow me to concentrate properly on the view. The Goto is a welcome bonus via the starbook controller (AKA the gameboy) which is really nice and intuitive to use.
  8. That's excellent - so how do you create a colour moon please?
  9. RiponJas


    Hello there and welcome
  10. Hello there and welcome. Cracking pics there squire
  11. One ZWO ASI 120MM Mini USB 2.0 Mono Camera. Customer Return Customer return, tested and all OK. In excellent condition with very minor signs of use. Full manufacturers warranty. £153.00 £137.70 (saving £15.30)
  12. I went for the biggest scope I could set up and take down and move around on my own. When I was looking it was either going to be a 14" solid tube reflector or a 16"-18" truss tube reflector. In the end I landed a 14" solid tube and I'm very happy with it still and enjoying the advantages a solid tube provides. I'd love to have somethung bigger but I dont envy bigger scopes as I know I couldnt handle them so easily and so wouldn't use them enough. Aperture fever is a common feeling, and so is regret getting something too hard to handle or set up.
  13. I have a Lacerta Concrete Pier Adapter suitable for mounts like Skywatcher EQ5, HEQ5, AZ-EQ5, Orion SkyView, Vixen GP, SXW Sphinx and SXD2 (according to the website I purchased it from https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p8594_Lacerta-Concrete-Pier-Adapter-for-Skywatcher-mount-EQ5.html). Everything other than the top plate is brand new and unused. To my eyes the top plate itself doesn't look any different to the day I bought it. Selling because I have swapped to a larger mount and ended up buying a whole new unit to suit and then just swapping the top plate. These are great bits of kit and I found it easy to create a permanent pier using a cheap 200mm air duct tube and a load of concrete - you can see my pier build in one of my albums. If anyone is planning a pier project this summer and has a mount that will fit then grab yourself a nice adapter at the reduced cost of £140 collected or I can work out what the delivery cost will be to the UK. Bank transfer preferred. Regards Al
  14. Hi Bill Very interesting write-up, thanks. I see you have an IC galaxy in there and a few other fainter galaxies. I will try to measure this one next time I'm out (unfortunately not until 2nd week of May). Martin
  15. ES 4.7mm EP now sold. Diagonal and Panaview still for sale.
  16. I'd say, soak in all the information provided within this thread and then see what people's experience has been. So far i'm only hearing positive things so it shouldn't leave you in any doubt The other thing is, there is no other mount within this price point that can do all of this. The next step down from CEM60 or the EC version is the EQ6-R which don't get me wrong is a good mount but then it's got the Skywatcher badge on it which comes with it's own set of issues.
  17. One ZWO ASI 071MC-PRO USB 3.0 Cooled Colour Camera. Customer Return Customer return. Tested and in full working order. Excellent condition. Full manufacturers warranty. £1,464.00 £1,317.00 (saving £147.00)
  18. Thankyou, I'm really pleased with it! I've sharpened a little more and updated the pic
  19. I think this thread has left me even more unsure about whether the extra cost of the CEM60-EC is worth it when guiding. I've gone from planning to get the CEM60 to getting the CEM6-CE to no longer being sure which Interesting discussions though.
  20. Almost certainly a power issue I would say.
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