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  1. It was an amazing sight last weekend at 10000 feet in the mountains of Colorado. Bright to the naked eye and stunning in my big binoculars. It's the best comet I've seen since Hale-Bopp.
  2. I was 4 years old and sat next to my mother (who fell asleep) but still remember it vividly. I had a picture book, Stowaway To The Moon, that I had read over and over, and I knew the Moon landing might be the most important thing I ever saw. It seemed to take forever for them to leave the Eagle and step out on the surface. The landing fostered a lifelong interest in astronomy.
  3. Nice photos, especially Saturn. I finally got a reasonable look at Mars in bad seeing. I saw similar features to your photo, but not quite as clear. It appears the global dust storm has subsided. The seeing here in Colorado has been crappy for a month because of the wildfires all over the West.
  4. Mars mocked me too a couple of weeks ago with its global dust storm. Then for the past couple of weeks, the seeing has been crap because of wildfires. By October, when Mars is a tiny spec in the sky again, I'm sure there will be no dust storms and I'll have perfect seeing.
  5. My family (6 adults and 4 kids) indulged me tonight and drove through the mountains at night to a dark site south of Steamboat Springs. We stopped at a store on the way out of town to buy bug repellent and when the clerk asked me if we were camping I told him no, we were going to watch a meteor shower. He then asked me where it was happening. I looked at him for a second before replying "Everywhere!" The seeing didn't live up to the astronomical forecast because of smoke from wildfires, but the Milky Way was brilliant, we saw Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in a great arc across the
  6. Some great links, and yes, a little depressing. Perhaps the most stark contrast on Earth is along the border between NK and SK (Korea). NK has some very dark skies, I'm sure. Some national parks out here in the states have dark skies and have begun to advertise that fact. The darkest skies I've ever seen were deep inside Yellowstone National Park.
  7. I hope you get some good cycling in and have clear skies tomorrow night. I just arrived in the mountains with my bike and SE 8. Scope is cooling down on the upper deck now. Almost dark.
  8. If you've got the room, bring the Vixen too. Perhaps it will get dark enough to enjoy the lack of light pollution.
  9. That would be frustrating. Hopefully the greenhouse will be off tonight.
  10. Deepest sympathies to my friends across the pond--a cloudy night during an eclipse is not fair!
  11. Remarkable discovery, although at a depth of 1.5 km, it will be difficult to get to. And at the relatively slow pace of exploration, how many years or decades will pass before this lake is explored?
  12. I'm a wimp when it comes to frigid winter conditions, but summer means having to stay up late to see anything, and some bugs to deal with. I like the fall.
  13. That's sounds lovely and you're not even that far from Dublin. On Google Maps, the area a mile north of Maynooth looks sparsely populated and very green.
  14. Thanks for the links. I hope the storm abates before September. I want to see some detail in August.
  15. I love Ireland and have been twice in the past 3 years. How are the skies in Kildare? Much light pollution?
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