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  1. I didn't know we were in kindergarten so feel free to kick me off this site if you want to ! But lets not have guys speaking on behalf of ZWO on subjects that don't apply to them directly ie EQ mounting or Mosaics even if they would be nice to have. Talk about being nice and polite to beginers, lol ! I won't even use the word deceiving or .. S because I'm not like that !
  2. It is the same as with all this Mosaic talk !
  3. I didn't read all of this ......, I have seen most of this before. So are you saying this is official from ZWO ie that they intend to go EQ or just more heresay on CN, this site and the FB sites, many on there are good for this kind of .....p. I and I am sure many others are interested in the official statis not more idle talk / rumors, lol !
  4. There is something about the Sombrero that you never get tired of.
  5. I have one for each SS, they work perfectly and very fast leveling, if you want to be bothered ! PS: I do !
  6. Please explain where this comes from because its news to my experience ! ZWO and EQ, really ?
  7. I did tell you better in my post but to each his own ! Good Luck ! PS: You seem to know better than SeeStar, lol !
  8. No piece of ground is level in relation to the sky so for the minute or two that it takes to level why wouldn't you ? I think I know why, lol ! I am very interested in the rational, the reason. PS: I calibrate and level every time, every nite and mine works great instantly, there is no figuring anything out.
  9. The next time I will try doubling the exposure time.
  10. My first try at a comet on May 29, Bortle 5.
  11. I was really lucky to get NGC 7635, the Bubble Nebula in my Bortle 5 backyard. Right now it is way up in the north which is not my best direction due to my house and a big Maple tree.
  12. And make sure you do an Auto Focus at the same time.
  13. What I do on every dso take after about 2-3 minutes when it starts to show detail is I hit the Adjust button on the right side and I use the Contrast and Brightness sliders to get what I like, very rarely the Saturation slider. I might do that several times as it progresses along. I do this every time, every nite.
  14. Sorry you are correct, I had a try at the Elephant as well but it was a no go. I will change that, lol.
  15. I had a go last nite with a portion of the Pelican Nebula for 35 min, Bortle 6 skys The sky was full of humidity with a half moon shinning bright I just wanted something to do and practice does make perfect, sometimes.
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