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  1. The 120 ST, a great wide field scope !
  2. These are excellent performers with a great price to use as a compliment to your fixed eps !
  3. Try either the Svbony 8-24 or 10-30 zooms they are more than great for the price of less than $100 C ! They are very close to the Baader in performance for about 1/3 the price.
  4. Here are a couple of 60mm, f5’s ! One for each finger, lol !
  5. It will allow me to do all of that but tell me how are the results thats what I want to hear. Can you post any results ?
  6. I was thinking more the Orion nebula, Andromeda, the Pleiades etc. for more close up images ?
  7. Has anyone tried one of these attachments or similar ? You can insert a 1.25” ep into the tube then attach it to a 1.25” focuser and attaches to your dslr at the other end. I tried it in a couple of my 80mm f6 refractors for a long range daytime test and had no problem with focus providing I used a 3-4” extension in the focuser first. I just got it and haven’t had an acceptable nite sky yet to try it on the real objects like Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda etc. This thing is solidly built and all for $30 C !
  8. I ordered the 1.25” Lunt Wedge yesterday so the learning curve will start in a few days, lol .,
  9. When I tried my dslr for those WL pics I did have to pull the adapter out of the focuser about 1/2” to get it to focus if I can remember correctly.
  10. If the wedge replaces the diagonal, do all things not equal out pretty well when it comes to focal length ? Is it because of the design of the wedge ? What is the easiest solution ? Are there sites that I can research this issue ?
  11. So will I need an extension tube ?
  12. Lets not get into the parfocal issue again, at least I won’t ! I am stating my case, my experience, the other great astronomers on here can make their decision ! I made mine and I am happy I did ! I don’t want any part of what could be a high jacking about parfocal definitions !
  13. If you have one I sure wouldn’t sell it, the new ones that are being talked about, such as the Svbonys or the Orion ‘ e ‘ model would just be a good compliments to your top end Baader ! Thats why I have several to compliment my older Meade 4000 model and as I said these great performing up and comers are about a quarter the price of the Mark IV to boot. Its fun and interesting to mix and match on any given nite, a change of pace if you will from the old tried and true, lol ! For many having more than one is part of the changin’ times !
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