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  1. I just tighten the az knob down to get the proper vertical tension when using one of my 2” eps. It works perfectly even when using my longer, heaviest scope, you just have to use a little more force when going through the vertical movement, its the way they are designed / built, its a great mount ! But if you have to double up on the dovetail then .........
  2. I guess I just couldn’t get my head around it as with all my short scopes I never had a problem with balance, with the focuser mounted on my AZ’s. Thats why the longer dovetail so that the actual scope hung out over the back of the mount somewhat but the balance / weight distribution was still excellent, thats how the AZ’s are designed and that Equinox for its size is not light !
  3. Why didn’t you just buy a longer dovetail, say a 13” ? They aren’t that much money. Why does the focuser have to be in that position in relation to that of the dovetail ?
  4. You are probably right, I hope so. Its an interesting conversation !
  5. I think most if not all scopes of that class have rotatable focusers, as to balance on an AZ4 or equivalent of which I have 4, balance has never been a problem with those small, rather short, lite scopes, just ensure a long enough dovetail. As well I sometimes use a 2” Luminos ep that is very heavy and balance remains satisfactory, the biggest issue is tightening it down so that the draw tube doesn’t slip back when the scope points above say a 50° angle. Size / weight is the mentioned issue by the poster with some mention of performance, all that being said, the poster had better weigh / take into account the use of the scope in their own back yard over short distances not just when travelling over longer in order to ensure they get the best overall performer or they may be kicking themselves. There is more than one dimension to consider regardless of what they expressed, it is important. I still think 80mm vs 70-72mm is the key to consider when thinking of the views, the objects to see on those awesome nites when they are all hanging there to be seen, hopefully with the right scope !
  6. In your case it is relevant but in the posters case we aren’t so sure it is, in the same way. He is basically trying to analyze size that are very close to the same not performance differences. To me it is kind of a strange concern when they are all so close.
  7. There is no question that every case, every situation is different but in your case that rather heavy 14” throws a curve into the mix that can’t really be factored in to the posters concerns. In the posters case we are talking about a number of scopes with, in all honesty, are not much different in specs but could be in performance on those black, star strewn nites when you want to pull out everything you can with a scope that you made a critical decision on, just make sure its the right one as there is no turning back ! I can see if they were comparing 60mm to 80mm or 80mm to 100mm but ........ ! PS: I would squeeze the 80mm ST in even if I had to jump up and down on it, to get it there, lol !
  8. Are you not splitting hairs when you start talking about 0.5kg +/- weight wise vs losing important, maximum performance b y downsizing the scope ? Every time you look through the smaller scope the ? will always be there, the ? ‘ should I have bought the larger ... ‘ all for a kg. Its your choice but get something that will last a life time !
  9. Why would you question the ability / quality of any of these scopes to perform ? As well, with all things being equal, why would you not go with either of the 80mm scopes as normally larger diameter usually wins out ? I own an Equinox and it has everything the others have, this is a solid, well built scope that is at least as comparable to the one you are leaning towards incl. weight with more diameter. You can’t get any better than the Schott / fpl53 glass and you are talking scope weights on average of 2.5kg, no big deal unless some one has a disability. My advise is get the Equinox, it doesn’t matter whether I own one, its a great scope.
  10. Has anyone owned / played around with a Celestron CO-62, f4.8 refractor from the mid 80’s ? They were built by Vixen about the time of Halley’s Comet appearance.
  11. If you don’t already know or just haven’t done it, the next time you go to an optometrist or ophthalmologist have them measure your pupil diameter, they will gladly do it at least where I live. Then you will know, have a base to determine on and have both eyes checked, there are so many floaters in my right eye that I trained myself to view / use my left that has literally no floaters, works well.
  12. For the most part I don’t get too exited about exit pupil, I just point the scope and view, lol ! As I mentioned it is a good guide, a starting point if you will, a quick check when buying a scope or an eyepiece to give you an idea as to what kind of performance you are going to get as a start. Its a good reference.
  13. Google / download the NAA Telescope Calculator, this will give you the best case parameters for any scope based on scope specs and the observers age etc., its a fill in the blanks thing and it calculates the theoreticals but it doesn’t mean a particular situation can’t go above the numbers, if you are lucky I guess ! Thats where the numbers I gave you came from so check it out, I use it all the time to check a scopes characteristics when looking at buying a particular scope to give me an idea as to whether I want it or not or might already have one that is quite similar.
  14. The math says that with that scope, to maximize its performance, you are restricted to eps between 18mm - 36mm so with the 6mm ep the brightness factor should / will be practically at zero, you may just make out a bright DSO, a planet or the moon? You figure it out, is that what you want to spend quite a bit of money on when you already have it in a pretty fair set of eps already ? Clear Skies to you !
  15. They sure are unless you are a perfectionist that just likes to spend money in the pursuit of prestige !
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