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  1. Thanx, I have seen it before ! Quality wise there is no comparison between the 9vr and the newer, not as good 99vr and 999vr scopes. And for sure you can’t compare the 9vr and the Tak incl the huge $ spread, lol ! Having said that the solid build, smooth workings and most of all the sharp, low power views are pretty, da*n good all for an unbelievably low price. Clear Skies !
  2. I bought my wife a small red scope from a guy in Texas, a 60mm Tasco 9rv from around 1985. This will compliment my Celestron Cometron CO-62 from the same era and provide some competition in seeing which will / can outperform the other. It will all begin this summer at our remote camp under Bortle 1, SQM-L 22 skies up here in northern Ontario. I sure hope she is talking to me after all is said and done, I think I will call it Isobel after her, lol !
  3. I only wanted the scope and diagonal, I told him to keep everything else, with 9 scopes of various sizes I sure don’ t need anything else lying around ! I will use it on a lite but quality mount with a ball head like my CO-62 Cometron. I never use a finder, on any scope, so he is keeping it as well, lol !
  4. I just bought a 9 vr from a guy in Texas, I will get it next week. It will be a good partner to test against my Celestron C-62 Cometron from that same era. How do you like your 9 vr, any operational problem wth it ?
  5. Great answer, many / most times you can’t have it all, you can squander away valuable viewing time trying to make it all perfect and still never get what you want ! We are talking relatively low power, wide field viewing not high power where you want detail as good as you can get !
  6. The 2” WO SWAN, 70° is a pretty nice ep for a pretty nice price, I think you would like it !
  7. Two sites that will give you some insite are : 1. Filter Performance Comparisons by David Knisley, he is a North American authority / guru on filters and 2. Astronomical Filters Spectral Transmission for various nebulas. Hopefully these will / should help !
  8. Many of the good write ups by the filter experts recommend, if you are only going to have one filter, the UHC instead of the O-III as it is more versatile, if you will, I have the Celestron UHC which is made by Baader as well as an NPB in both 1.25” and 2” as well as a 1.25” Bandmate. They all perform excellent and give slightly different views of strictly nebulas for which they are made, I would suggest reading some of the studies, looking at the different specs, the different performance curves to help you in a decision, they are revealing, very helpful !
  9. With a low power ep you want as wide a TFOV as you can get, so some compromise may be required ! You can’t have everything just perfect to fit all the specs a bit of deviation from the perfect world is required to get not just good views but maybe awe inspiring views such as with the Double Cluster, Orion Neb., Andromeda Gal. etc. ! A little thinking of what you want in the end is required !
  10. If you buy a 1.25” diagonal and all of a sudden you decide you want to start using 2” eps you will be right back into the diagonals but if you buy a 2” diagonal now with a 1.25” adapter you will be that much farther ahead in the future ! It boils down to do I spend the additional $ now or in the future ? Don’t say the 2” bug will never hit you, lol !
  11. I learn something new every day, I didn’t know there was two types, I will have to read up on that !
  12. All batteries sulfate as part of the chemical reaction between the plates and battery acid, its a natural process !
  13. The new intelligent chargers detect sulfation in a battery and it puts the battery through a cycle to desulfate it when required !
  14. I just tighten the az knob down to get the proper vertical tension when using one of my 2” eps. It works perfectly even when using my longer, heaviest scope, you just have to use a little more force when going through the vertical movement, its the way they are designed / built, its a great mount ! But if you have to double up on the dovetail then .........
  15. I guess I just couldn’t get my head around it as with all my short scopes I never had a problem with balance, with the focuser mounted on my AZ’s. Thats why the longer dovetail so that the actual scope hung out over the back of the mount somewhat but the balance / weight distribution was still excellent, thats how the AZ’s are designed and that Equinox for its size is not light !
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