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  1. Where can I buy a set of rings for my newly arriving Tasco 7T scope so that I can mount it on an AZ3 or equivalent mount , if I want to ?
  2. I must have missed something, I didn’t realize it was a Tasco focuser, I thought it was a third party named focuser ! My finder fits on the focuser not the tube so I would have to figure that one out or just eliminate the finder altogether as I don’t usually use one, just point and view !
  3. So it fit your Tasco without any problems, the screw holes lined up okay ? For the low price it is solidly built ?
  4. It is still in transit, it comes with a couple of eps, a barlow and a diagonal, mirror or star, I am not sure which ?
  5. I have 8 other scopes of various types but I have been watching for / researching these older scopes for some time, I can’t believe this one came up on Kijiji in this condition, apparently its been stored away for quite a while ! Its in shipment as we speak, can hardly wait to try it but it may be a while yet too many nights of haze and ice crystals, lol
  6. I was lucky enough to find a 60mm Tasco 304 incl. the wooden case all in mint condition for $150 C here in Ontario ! Does anyone in the forum have any experience with one of these older scopes from 59-61 that they can pass on to me and also where I can pick up the older ep’s for it !
  7. Have a look at the iOptron Universal Phone Adapter it comes with its own 10x ep, it works perfectly with my Samsung Note4 ! Here are a couple of examples through my Celestron 4se ! Price $70 Canadian !
  8. So there you have it right from the horses mouth ( Agena's ) ! If you have any reservations about the newer models performance regarding number of elements, glass types etc. shop around and buy a used older model, you won't be sorry. As well what is a stiff movement to some means nothing to others, it's the views that count ! I would never recommend a zoom as an only EP but for me it is a great compliment to my four 2" EP's ( 70° - 100° ) and my various mid price 1.25" EP's ( 70° - 82° ) that I use in my 7 refrac. / dob scopes, some nites you just want to have some quick fun with great performance and the Meade fits the bill ' for me ' . Inevitably the choice is yours, I am just lending my actual experiences ! The stars are wait'in so good luck ! Clear Skies to you !
  9. So what did you find was the big difference between the two ? If you are talking the difference in the FOV and / or the number of elements ( 6 vs 7 ) then I would go with the Agena add as I buy a lot from them and they are probably rated as the top dealer by most when it comes to astronomical knowledge / service. Phone them and I know they will clear up these slight discrepencies pretty fast !
  10. I think you will find they are one and the same, I bought mine a couple of years ago from Agena for less than $100 C incl ship when the exchange rate was more equal. As far as the discrepency in the FOV don't be fooled as some manufacturers / dealers like to round the numbers up a bit to make an item look even better, happens all the time. No manufacturer in the world is going to market two products with the same specs in the same price range. It doesn't make sense, it's either a low end model and a high end model with considerably different specs / quality / price. In this case we are only playing with some slightly different numbers and sometimes a dealer might be a little greedy on their profit margine or for other reasons, so they charge considerably more for the same item ! Before I bought mine I did a considerable amount of research based on my criteria / online ratings etc. and I never came across two Meade 4000 zooms on the present market at the same time.
  11. I have only ever seen one model of Meade zoom listed at least in the last five years or so and thats the 4000 series and I doubt there are more than one model in the series with different specs in that price range !? If you start splitting hairs you may never get one as there is the danger of the OP talking themselves out of it ?
  12. Times a' wastin, the stars are waiting ! Get the Meade before the price goes up ( if you wait too long ), you will never regret it at that price range ! Mine ranges between 40° and about 54° FOV, even 60° is not going to show any difference in the view on those great seeing nights ! Your only alternative, in my mind, is to bite the bullet and jump into the much higher priced zooms and for what as in the end everything is controlled by the sky conditions on any given night !
  13. That EP provides excellent views vs the price as confirmed by the one that I purchased a couple of years ago. Here in North America it is rated at the top, by many experienced observers, for zoom EP's in that price range. The FOV is rather narrow but so are the rest but for a quick viewing session especially of the moon, some planets and brighter DSO 's you won't regret it !
  14. Google the N.A.A. Telescope Calculator and it will explain everything in detail that you can understand and as well you can enter scope dimension and EP sizes and it will calculate all the performance specs for your scope / EP's. Very simple and very comprehensive !
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