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  1. Yeah, probably lol . Thanks because that saves me from discovering that later this evening and then having to unbolt the thing in the dark
  2. Check it out men, fitted the extra tube ring, cut a length of chequered aluminium plate, drilled some holes, sprayed it all black including the rings. Just need to test it out. Does feel very solid though. Defo an option for you hobsey if your not already sorted. Regards
  3. Bottom? I'm pretty sure I typed (Bottom) Ahhhh, auto bad language correcter, cool
  4. You're right there regarding 2 rings, even with that travel scope which feels about the weight of a can of coke it's a little flimsy when mounted, sticking the DSLR on the back of it makes it's Bottom dip. With the ST80 I can assume that you're gonna need a better solution with it being heavier again. A ring on the front end as you say also with a flat aluminium bar keeping the weight to a minimum would definitely work with a bit of modding. On a plus those rings are cheap on ebay, with combined postage it could work out better. Or...... duck tape
  5. What luck, all the stuff arrived today Quickly putting it together I found that the only mounting position (Or best) is at the rear of the tube, here's some pic's (Hopefully they work): Forget that mounted DSLR, that's never gonna work, too much weight at the rear of the wee tube making her do a wheelie lol. What you said is right regarding the mounting, I don't know where you could mount another ring to fit the likes of the ST80. I'll probably have to fabricate something to support the front of the travel scope tube if I wanted to take pictures through it. There's always a way, but nothi
  6. Look's good hobsey. In my impatience I went with the little travel scope, wanted it for the weekend. Being on Amazon prime I expected it to arrive yesterday (And it didn't). On a plus though they extended my prime account (Would have preferred my little scope though) I done a lot of searching for mounting options. This may help you, bought one of these on ebay for £15. I'm sure the guy can get more: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400593527486?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 It has like a DSLR type screw.
  7. Ahh pitty, here's the link anyway : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-21035-Travel-Scope-Telescope/dp/B001TI9Y2M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382551886&sr=8-1&keywords=celestron+travel+scope+70 I was tempted to hit the button on it Hobsey do you have an ST80 ordered? I seen First light are out of stock.
  8. hobsey, have you had a look at the Celestron travel scope (70mm)? Wondering if this is an option perhaps
  9. Cool, gonna keep an eye on developments Best of luck
  10. Hobsey, bit of a noob here, sorry in advance Are you suggesting mounting an ST80 on top of your Nexstar 127? Would love to see that if it can be done. Could a DSLR be mounted also or is that just asking for trouble weight wise? Is the ST80 regarded then as a wide field scope. I've a good view from my roof over Belfast lough, I was thinking in my head that I could have a little scope like this for terrestrial viewing and images. I just took it for granted that I'd have to swap over each time between the Mak and smaller scope (When I buy one). Having both mounted and ready to go would be excell
  11. In general what are second hand goto mounts like? I know, how longs a piece of string My concern is that if I buy something second hand and a motor etc fails I'd kick myself for not spending a few quid more on something new. At the minute I think the front runner is the AZ goto from flo http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-az-goto-mount.html I'll mount the 127 Mak and probably always keep it. Eventually when I gather a few quid early next year and have had my fun go for a EQ5 Pro goto Do flo have promo codes? Might ease the shipping costs
  12. Seen this on my travels via Astrobuy sell (The mount for an Nexstar 6se) http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=74153 How is this as an option? Silly question but would my Mak fit?
  13. Hello everyone, thank you for the replies. The above looks good, is this essentially what I was looking for only this has a better mount (or more suitable). Are there downsides to going second hand on a goto mount etc? I've a house full of sick kids at the minute, so my heads in a bit of a spin lol, I'll look over all the posts more clearly in the morning and try and decide what I'm doing, not that I've much of a clue what I'm doing anyway as you can tell. Ideally I want a goto for my mak that's simple to use, that my kids can use eventually and that can take some nice shots within reason. I
  14. Sorry I did'nt see your replies, plus I'm not thinking right. I've the telrad finder mounted and then if I mount the DSLR etc then yeah, I'll have to rule it out
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