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My first M42


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I've always wanted to have a go at this, but there was a 7' hedge in the way - the hedge is now a 4' hedge so I had a go on Monday evening.

It's a composite of 3 different exposures put together with layer masks in CS3.

30 x 8s, 21 x 60s & 11 x 420s taken with the cooled, modded 450D and 10" f/4.8 Newt;


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Truly exceptional, with seamless layer masking and that fine quality of being at once highly resolved and yet smooth and unforced. Lovely brown dust around the emission nebulae, too. This may be famous but it is also darned difficult, though you make it look easy here. Another good sign.


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If the colour needs anything I agree that it might be more blue but it really is such a good image that I would be more than happy to leave it. To be sharp and yet gentle is the thing I dream of achieving and you have it here. If it ain't broke...


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