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  1. Thanks guys I think I shall wait and keep my eye on the 2nd hand market. I can still use my 1000D for now.
  2. Its £566 at https://www.cyclopsoptics.com/cooled-camera/qhy183c/ Do you think its a good camera?
  3. I going to look on the 2nd hand market see if I can get something there, what other models should I look out for around the £600 range?
  4. I cant afford any more, I shouldn't really be spending this much. Do you know what adapter I need to connect it to the skywatcher reducer?
  5. Hi all I'm just getting back into astrophotography after 7 years, its nice to be back I still have all my old gear: NEQ6, Skywatcher 200PDS, Skywatcher ED80 with reducer, guide scope and QHY5, various filters and a modded Canon 1000D. Anywho I've been catching up on whats changed over the past week and Ive seen these new dedicated cooled cmos cams at affordable prices, Ive got my eye on the QHY183C it seems like a good choice at £650, would this be a good choice or should I consider something else? even a DSLR Canon camera? I cant go any higher this is the most I can afford and I dont want mono as would need the filter wheel and filters, plus the extra setup time and potential problems. Also what do I need to connect this camera to my ED80 with a skywatcher reducer/flattener? Thank you for the help
  6. Incredible image, takes some dedication to create that, one of the best I've seen
  7. Looks good for the south east.
  8. Should be fine just as a quide scope
  9. Better checking http://www.sat24.com/ you can watch the never ending clouds.
  10. Setup after checking sat24 all day, got 3 images then the clouds rolled in I feel like packing it in.
  11. Mik3

    M42 RM3

    From the album: 6th Febuary 2013

    M42 and Running man. ED80, Canon 1000D
  12. Well done Very sharp clean images, a joy to look at.
  13. Its been like that for most the UK, I can't remember a winter as cloudy as this one. Its depressing
  14. I wouldn't bother doing the star align and polar align utility, takes up to much precious time that could be used taking images. just quick polar and drift align, 1 star align then use astro tortilla.
  15. No problem, hopefully a version with clearer audio will pop up somewhere.
  16. I also like Brian Cox, he has a real passion for astronomy and shows it in every series he does and always has a constant smile.
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