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  1. I have not been out for quite a while but got a clearish skies outside in London and decided I would have a go at trying to find andromeda I know the area it's in but I can't find it lol. My question is can andromeda been seen in London with a skywatcher 150p if it makes a difference it's mounted on an Eq3 .
  2. Sounds plausable will follow as i would also be interested and have contemplated some thing similar
  3. Not that one Zedds but cheers have seen that one b4
  4. Guys n Gals I hope one of you may have seen a link for a tutorial i watched last week i have search everywhere including my history but i cant find it or where i linked from to it ..... the video was done by a women , and she did a full tutorial of blending m42 and the core in photoshop i have been searching for the last couple of days and havnt found it yet so i'm hoping some 1 else may have seen it cheers Dan
  5. Running giant stack as i type will see how it comes out with drizzle for mo
  6. it looks like i might have to a giant stack to get all pics in one
  7. The roi is set automatically from the reference frame and are all set to 2x does that mean i will have resize the 4 pics in photoshop via crop ?
  8. right guys more probs it wont let me stack my results from previous stacks to make one big stack even with using the rectangle heres a pics of wot it comes back with
  9. I keep mine in a secure locked garden shed so no probs with cooling down normally split scope from tripod and store tripod erected t same on time ...
  10. I wanted to use drizzle so that when I crop it down I should still have a nice size image
  11. I did turn of drizzle x2 but also reset all settings back to average i should be finished doing the stacks today on basic settings will try run big ish stack tonight with drizzle x2 then try using sigma and see wot happend
  12. Hopefull i will have 3.42hrs of data tomorrow not including the core pics Can i re-stack the results without darks or flats to achieve i pic with 3.42hrs data ? Am i getting this right. I plan on stacking the core pics tomorrow in the same manor as the others and then blend the main and core results in photoshop
  13. Right a follow up on the follow up lol everything seems to be ok at the mo so far i have processed a small stack of 12 lights a stack of 58 light 30 darks and 13 flats a stack 0f 140 light 30 dark and 13 flats all on standard settings apart from using mosaic instead of standard mode now chancing my arm with 300 lights 30 darks n 13 flats see if that gives me a result
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