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  1. This is brilliant and gives me tons of hope and inspiration.
  2. Omg so glad it wasn't a total wipeout
  3. James I'm going to do the same to my kids when they are teenagers too
  4. Beautiful and what a great start to the day
  5. Im getting my Christmas present from hubby early in the form of a Dob 250PX in 3 weeks ))))))))
  6. My husband is buying me a joint Christmas and birthday present next month when he gets me a £500 Dob but I will have to save for extra bits and give up other stuff for parts. I want to buy an expensive heavyduty mount and that will have to be done saving little and often strictly over a year I reckon.
  7. That doesn't sound too bad when you say it like that Fun times ahead
  8. Blimey its going to take me ages to understand my scope I think :/
  9. Yes I was you are right but figured get the best my money can buy at the mo so that's a Dob and then later I can get a mount. Makes it a massive set up but think for me it's the best way to go and I kept coming back to a Dob. If I had over £500 to spend things would be different but with the budget I think this is the best way to go as I can do photography later down the line when I have a lot more knowledge.
  10. My problem is I have 3 year old twins and do not trust them lol Think it will be safer in the garage.
  11. Ordering my 10" Dob in 3 weeks and counting

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