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Walking on the Moon

Crescent moon and venus


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Had a lucky break in the clouds this evening. My wife went to work at around 5 to 5. Jamie and I were loking out the window to wave goodbye and saw nothing as there was a bank of cloud in the SW.

About 20 minutes later we looked out and found the crescent Moon and Venus siting nicely above the buildings. Nice to see the Earth Shine as wel.

I've just checked and at 1.6 days old I think(not 100%) thats my youngest ever moon.

I tok about a dozen images and now that I have looked at them think that the first one I took was the best. The clouds have now rolled back in so Life of Brian here I come!


Click to enlarge


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Nice shot Ant, its a shame about the telegraph pole, but then when you cast an arty eye over the image, it works quite well... 8)

I knew the moon was up from 12.30 onwards from my position, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't spot it against the blue afternoon sky... :D


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Cheers All,

I had no choice with the composition! I was not wearing anything on my feet - so didn't want to go walking, I also had a three year old that wanted to press the shutter release. So this image was very rushed and was actually taken by a three year old :D

I was quite happy with it considering... Actually very happy with it!


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Cherrs again for all the nice comments...

Thats a real nice spontaneous picture Ant, and unless I have got a dead pixel on my laptop, there is also a star in the upper left corner too.

Am I right or wrong ?.

Barkis. :D

Yes your right, there are actually two stars that I can see (they move in relation to pole and streetlight and remain in the same position compared to venus / moon).

When I saw the stars I realised that the focus was a little soft, but still happy!


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