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  1. Putting my Skywatcher Skymax 127 go-to up for sale soon :(

  2. Mate, it should get easier to see, with Bino's for best views, as the week goes on. Start looking from 7pm onwards as it gets darker. It was low last night.
  3. managed to see it briefly last night . Nice image, well done!
  4. Some really good shots there!! Thanks for the position comparison shot of moon and comet too. Hopefully tomorrow will be better viewing conditions for everyone else .
  5. Nice crescent new moon , shame about the comet. Clouded out here tonight to .
  6. I had a look last night, just on the off chance, but was also hindered by a low bank of cloud. Here's to hopefully seeing something tonight
  7. Thank you for reminding me of the crater & as somone alredy pointed out earlier, an asteroid! As for me need to 'get up to speed' i was aware of Patricks dislike of names for sale, that wasnt what i was refering to, but thanks. As for the IAU, well, am sure it might give them something to think about
  8. Just a thought, but how about a patition to have a star or a moon crator named/changed in honour. Prob a very long shot, but thinking of all the astronamers & non ones around the world who knew of him if we could get the word out, as a ever lasting tribute to him, am sure people would sign up. I mean, they add/change name for other objects in the night sky, and think how many more people would stop and look up at the night sky to see the 'object' named after Sir Patrick Moore. Just a thought I do also like the idea of the lounge name change.
  9. Thanks for heads-up. Nice of the beeb to put it on at a reasonable time........... no comment!
  10. Only just heard on the news, a very sad day! He was a largerr than life person who has inspired many to gaze upon the night sky. There will be one more star in the heavens for us to see and remember him by. RIP Sir Patrick.
  11. Amazing images!!!! What a chat that must of been!! Thanks for sharing
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