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  1. Thought I'd let you guys know tonight looks pretty good tonight for seeing the comet. Might be some broken cloud about but the weather front is moving SE pretty quick. SE england though will be a hit and miss affair though. Kain
  2. Couple from last night before I starting imaging Kain
  3. This was posted on the weather forum I visit, it may interest you. Kain
  4. Well after having a real cack day, getting into abit of trouble and then finding a bat with a busted shoulder I'm feeling abit down in the dumps and depressed. Rather tham mope about feeling like poo, I decided to get the scope out and try to image and identify some craters. I did this for a while until the moon came out. So heres the pictures. Moon - 62x Mare Crisium with Promonitorium Agarum just showing (red dot) Langrenus (green dot) Petavius and Rimae Petavius (yellow dot) Where on the moon you can find these fetures. Really pleased with these, especally as I haven't taken the scope out in months, let alone imaged the moon. The close up shots was taken at 125x. I have no fancy gizmos to image, I just hold my A70 at the eyepiece and hope for the best! Kain
  5. Kain


    The moondog is on the right of the image at about 3 o clock on a clock face. What you you see is a Luna corona - which is moonlight reflected by tiny particles of ice in the thin clouds which like a prism, splits the light into spectrum's creating the colour. Kain
  6. Just setting up the scope, first time in months...and theres a moondog hanging there in the sky!! Rare as hens teeth these!! First time I have ever seen one! Kain
  7. Very ncie report, makes a nice change seeing a lunar report in so much detail. You have inspired me to do something like this myself! Thank you!! Kain
  8. Sure you hadn't messed up and was pointing the scope on the reflection in a pond? Though in fairness it's a good example what poor seeing looks like to newcomers to the hobby who have no idea what 'seeing' is! Kinda mesmerising though! Nice one. Kain
  9. Big things start with small steps mate, and this looks like a big step in the right direction. Get your scope collimated up and I think you will be there. great stuff. Kain
  10. Moore on the Moon is pretty good imho. Can't say I have read much else, I lack the concentration to sit and read (though I wish I didn't) Kain
  11. Nice report Rus! Might get the 2mm EP when it gets abit higher at a more socialable time lol. Could you see the ice caps? Kain
  12. Neptune exploded! Wonder what that is though, maybe a camera issue? Kain
  13. Very nice mate! I can't wait till see Mars, even if it is tiny! Kain
  14. Top marks Andrew!! Kain
  15. As it was moving fairly slow in meteor terms, I would say it was an earthgrazer. The flare ups must have it been skimming across the atmosphere. Well I think anyway, until someone who knows more about it than I do. Kain
  16. Did anyone just see the meteor tonight that when through Cassiopeia at about 22.40 (ish) It started off dim, them had an flare to about mag -3! (brighter than Jupiter by miles) faded then brightened again to about -1 then faded. Left a trail that lasted about 5 seconds? Never seen anything like that before. It was heading NE. I was up the lane with a few mates and we was all like 'wow look at that!' Kain
  17. Bet even WH can't do much with Kain! How about Kain Prestwood though? LOL Kain
  18. Very nice Phil! Looks kinda alien with it's yellow glow. Kain
  19. Really nice view mate! Wish I was somewhere like that, let alone just for the dark skies. Kain
  20. Yup thanks mate, was going to PM you earlier but got side tracked. Can't wait to try it out! Kain
  21. Brilliant idea Steve - And if it is a marketing promo thing - Who cares, stores do it all the time! If it promotes the hobby to newbies then fantastic, and if Steve gets a profit/sale out of it, good look to him. It's win win in my opinion. I wish something like this was going on when I started, having the the dob now makes me realise how Rubbish the Tasco was, and tbh, having seeing everything slightly out of focus and poor I almost said 'sod it' Steve when I get into this imaging lark, I will be coming to you for advice on a cheapish imaging scope - As you can understand, I can't afford alot in my position atm. Good on ya mate. I'm still relatively new to the hobby, and doesn't have alot of equipment, but when I get to replace bits and bobs, anything I don't need will be donated to the cause. Kain
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