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NGC 1499 - California Nebula... even more narrowband


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Hey, sry for posting even more HST palette stuff, my 3rd in just one week of imaging. It's a rematch, 'cause last time I tried to image the California nebula, I was using my unmodded dslr & my 190MN, so I just got a starfield (not even sure I pointed the scope on it).

I think I've just seen one or two images of the California nebula in HST palette, so I decided to give it a go, using the reducer on my FSQ, making it a f/3.64 scope with 385mm focallength, but it still filled the sensor of my QSI583wsg. Here it is:

S2: 5*20min

Ha: 5*20min

O3: 6*20min




Sry it's upside down, but I thought it looked good. Thanks for watching!

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Oh wow, that really is glorious! Smooth, contrasty and very subtle in the colours. The cloud looks so fluffy.

Perfect seems a fair description of this. Mind you, some RGB stars would really make it perfect...


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Nasa spent how much on that telescope, they could just have used the narrow band filters and we'd all have been just as impressed!:)

Excellent shot... HST filters moved two more notches up the wish list.


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