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  1. Just got kicked out of the history museum grounds as they were closing up bit stuffed in the city as there are lights everywhere that mess with any photos, however we did have a lovely first sighting from the outside of the flat so still really pleased!!
  2. Just seen them from the flat! heading out soon to a local park to try get some snaps
  3. Has anybody reported any sightings today? Currently on holiday in Oslo, I have not seen anything yet but to be honest I've no idea what to look out for or how visible it could be from a city centre!
  4. Thanks! ... Glad I have inspired someone! Hopefully the OIII filter will arrive this week so I can try and get out to do the bi-colour image! Stay tuned I will be posting it up as soon as I can. Ste.
  5. Hey, I managed to get out again last night and add some more data to this. Had to crop very slightly but 2x drizzled this time following reading about drizzle and Ha images. This one has an additional 8x10min subs bringing the total integration time to just over 3 hours. Taken with the same settings as the first image. Thanks for looking!Ste.
  6. Yes DSS. I looked back at one of my old horsehead edits and can see the same defects. I think it has something to do with shooting in Ha and not using the correct settings on DSS because when I edited the horsehead I think I just used default settings and not the recommended for Ha. Ste
  7. Hi msh1, This seemed to have been an error with the stacking. I played with the settings and it disappeared. Obviously I don't know what type of image you are getting the same error on but when you are about to stack go into the recommended settings and select all suggested settings (there is a handy little description next to each one). I had to change 1 or 2 that were not selected and it sorted out the issue with the frame. Thanks, Ste.
  8. Thanks for the comments Looks like another clear night tonight so going to head out and capture some more data for this one do people think it would be worth pushing for 15 mins subs on this? I want to get as much imaging time in as possible, so will likely not be taking any darks again, but I am fine with this. Also just looked at some bi-colour images of this area and it pushed me over the edge so I went and bought the OIII clip filter (whoops) Ste
  9. Hi Sub Dwarf, Yes it is incredible how much structure is actually in this area... I remember taking a shot of this region without a Ha filter about a year ago and although you could see some structure it was nothing compared to using a Ha filter. Just a bit more practice with the Ha filter and some saving the pennies and I will be ready to attempt using all three narrowband filters to add some colour!!
  10. Hi there!Ok this is a shot I took last night of the Cygnus region (inspired by Proto Stars excellent example in Ha).Details:Astrotrac50mm SMC Pentax M F1.4 @ F4Astro Modded Canon EOS 1000D 12nm Ha Clip filter10min subs x 10No darks, flats or bias framesProcessed using PhotoshopThings to improve:Add more subs, take some dark frames to help smooth out the image and flats. I also plan to re-visit this one with the OIII and SII filters once I can afford them and create a colour image.Thanks for looking!Ste Large version available here: http://www.astrobin.com/full/108973/0/
  11. Ok I have solved the issue it was to do with the stacking settings! Phew! looks much better now... I will be posting the full picture in the forums very soon! Thanks again for the help! Ste
  12. Thanks Pete, I have checked each sub and there does not seem to be any tracking errors on any of them - I thought it was tracking to begin with due to the fact it looks like small stars 'wiggling' around a bit during the exposure but there are a lot of stars that do not show any movement and it seems consistent across the frame. I have loaded a single sub into Photoshop to examine and cannot see the same pattern once stretched, do you think it could possibly be something to do with the way they are being stacked? ste
  13. Hi, Does anybody know what the little diagonal lines are in this image? They seem to be consistent across the whole picture but just wondered if this was read noise or something else? Noise.tif
  14. Thanks for info! Was pretty happy to have captured them Now to work out how long I can get with a 300mm lens @martin_h - what is the software or website you have used for identifying the nebula? Ste.
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