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  1. thanks Scarlet, Mr Spock - its still a little chilly late at night to be lying on my back - and I'm a little too old for that sort of thing anyway - lol. Regards Ralph
  2. Sorry I haven't been around for a while - 3 weeks ago bent down to pick something up from garage floor and BANG my back went, aggravating an old injury from HMF days - so there I've been flat on my back, all those clear nights missed, and getting very frustrated!! Only able to read astro books and mags (it made it even more frustrating) - hope to have the 'scope out soon and viewing again. Regards to all Ralph
  3. Really sharp images, Ben, lovely crater detail.
  4. Great image 'js' - and thanks for the exposure details - very helpful Ralph
  5. Thanks for a nice clear review Ed, its got me thinking seriously about a Dob to go with the Newt. regards Ralph
  6. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive in great anticipation . Come Royal Mail - fingers out !!
  7. Hi 'CanUguess', Well I see your scope arrived and you have plumped for the SW 130. Looks like you had a brilliant first light - and I can see that you've been 'bitten by the bug'. regards Ralph
  8. Hi 'CanUguess', Think you may be referring to the triangle occurring on the 20th with the Moon (full), Spica and Saturn. Ralph
  9. lovely sharp image, congrats Ralph
  10. Hi Digz, Impressive is all I can say - this is my favourite nebula, I'm fascinated by it, the more I see it, the more I want to get into astrophotography Ralph
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