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  1. Much, much better than the last one! A little problem though with the flats!!! There's still vignietting in your frame...
  2. It's so fluffy I'm gonna Die!!! You are despicable.... Great Image, nive job!
  3. Cmon now....That's an absolute stunner!! Nice...nice,nice Job!
  4. Great Ha Image...just great! Ahhhh....the field rotation between filter changes....Agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  5. WOW! That's one of the best Images of M33 posted so far!
  6. A great Image for a dslr! A bit noisy but Still GREAT. I Think that if u add more subs to it the it will "cool down" ,refering to the noise, and help u stress it a bit further.
  7. Thanks a lot for your comments:). I'm glad you liked it! Here's the new version with the core added and 150 min. more Ha! Hope u like it and as always comments are always welcomed!
  8. Very nice for only 3 min exposures! Adding more data to be would be Great!!!
  9. Hello eveybody! That's a Ha Image of M42 ,my favourite target:). I'm going to add more 10 min. subs to it and some extras for the core. Colour will be added later.In Hst maybe...not sure about it yet. Your opinion is welcomed since I'm not sure about the strechin of the image. Do you think I've gone too far or there's more to it? The scope I've used here is the Mak-190 and for the guiding 9x50 finder with Qhy5 using PHD. 13x10min.Ha Bin1x1. Flats-Darks-Bias Enjoy!
  10. The first thing about mosaics is not to be able to spot the the join points...and you done an excelent job, because as u said you can't see the join!! Now, for the Orion Nebula you need to take sub exposures of the core from 30 sec to 1 min. and join them together,with the longer ones, so that you don't have a white spot area instead of the Trapezium. Great Start!!! Mosaics are awesome!
  11. It looks like it's going to pop out of the screen! Very nive work, well done! Are you going for colour?
  12. Very nice indeed! But a bit redish though?! Have u saturated the red chanel?
  13. These shots are Great! Especially the second one. Shall we look forward for the RGB in the Ha Image?!
  14. Nice Image-Nebulosity and beautiful star colours. Saadr Looks Great...Not as bright as your spiked teeth:Dthough but still great! !nice Job!
  15. Please go for it cause it's going to be a cracking HST California!!! U 've got a great Ha there!!
  16. Narrowband is a bit tough but u are doing Great! That's a very nice image u got there.
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