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  1. Gorgeous image Rob. Nice one with the 130.
  2. And welcome from me too.....also from Bodmin
  3. Thank you brantuk. The dark site makes things a lot easier. Totally agree about Vixen mounts too - I'd wholeheartedly recommend them.
  4. It was great to see so many people there, fascinated by the night sky. Having the students come down from Exeter University Radio Telescope project was a real bonus too.
  5. That's looking lovely. Nice wider angle shot that you usually see.
  6. Thanks Naemeth, you're right, the tracking went off so there is some trailing. I suspect that I didn't balance the scope well. The CGEMDX is not as forgiving in this respect to other mounts that we've used. Those are indeed Bok globules. There look particularly prominent because of the great contrast. Once the weather clears we'll revisit this one with some more h-alpha Cheers
  7. No, not had to collimate this one (about 4 years old), but did my previous one (bought in 1995), and I can confirm that it is quite fiddly.
  8. We used the 7nm Baader 2" from FLO. The VC200L is a lovely scope, the field is as flat as they say it is. The only fault I have with it is that the spider vanes are a tad on the thick side which can cause a bit of bloating of brighter stars. We use the F/6.4 reduced which bolts on securely, and there's no flexure even with a heavy camera/filter wheel combo. Cheers
  9. A few nights back we tried out our new H-alpha filter with the VC200L and ST8300M. We lost a few subs because of poor guiding and intermittent cloud, so these are the best 4 of 10minute subs. Hopefully if the weather ever clears we'll add to it?! All processed in PixInsight. Cheers
  10. Very nice. I like the strong colours
  11. Hello from another Cornishman. Lets keep our fingers crossed for clearer skies.
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