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saying Hi to every one here


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Hi to all you peoples,

This is Dapper, and hello everyone. I have only just started in astronomy. Have a celestron 127 seems ok.

Dont laugh but it took me around 15 minutes to find a big silver looking planet called the moon. If there are smaller planets out there Please god help me. But it was fun and a laugh at that.

Give me a computer, website anyday and ill be ok. I can help with computer related issues

Can anyone tell me what lense I require for real close up veiws of the moon. Is it even possible with my scope.

I have a 3x barlowlense, k20 and a SR4 so any improvements would be grateful.

Wishing you all the best


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Welcome Dave.

Smaller than the big round shiny thing... Ummm you're going to be busy on the next clear night as Saturn is over there in the east from around 10pm.

Welcome to SGL, you'll enjoy yourself here.

Any question feel free to ask, don't worry if you think they are silly - most of us have probably already asked them at some point.

The SR4 is going to be a fairly high power. If it's the scope that I've just found searching for a celestron 127 then the SR4 will give a magnification of 250. This is right at the maximum magnification (thats useable) for a scope of your size - worked out by 50x per inch.

The 20mm eyepeice will give 50x magnification - so you may find that the 20mm and the 3x barlow will give better views than the 4mm.

It's rare to get a night good enough to use a magnification of 250x.

Sorry to go on.


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Welcome aboard Dave......Take it from me, everyone here very friendly so any probs, questions just ask away....

Oh and trust me I will not laugh re the moon....how many times has this great big white thing been hanging there in the sky and there I am on knees "looking down the scope"...yep there it is....back to the eye piece....no nothing ....right "im in the right area im sure" swing it a little left....nothing....then a little right ...nothing....aghhhh...

But when you get it right...you get it right...and very satisfying it is too :D


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Welcome to the forum mate. If you're having that kind of prob with the moon, maybe your finder needs aligned ? Do it through the day, sight the scope on a distant pylon, chimney etc, then adjust the finder so you can see the same thing through it. Should help.

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Welcome aboard, Dave. You'll find lots of advice here, and some of it is pretty good. :D

You will want to look at those eyepieces fairly soon. TBH, I would put the SR4 in your sock drawer and leave it there. A magnification of 250 is something you will only rarely be able to use, due to seeing conditions and the limitations of a 5" scope. Your Kellner is not a bad eyepiece. Is it a 1.25" eyepiece (slightly bigger than the breadth of your thumb?) If it is, you can easily get relatively better eyepieces at an astronomy shop, or online. Use the Kellner for now, as most astronomy is done at relatively low powers, say 75 to 150.

Get a current issue of Astronomy Now, or Sky at Night, and spend some time outside, without the scope, learning where the constellations are. You'll have a great deal of fun, and your astroknowledge will grow by leaps and bounds.

Keep coming back here to ask questions. :p

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