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  1. Not sure where to put this. Just wondering, is there a ground based telescope the same diameter / equivalent to Hubble that I could compare the images just to see the difference being in orbit makes? I know it's huge but it would be fun to see two images side by side!
  2. Finally had a proper first light last Saturday and thought I would share some observations. After a dodgy start (loose connection in the arm that prevented automatic alignment, soon fixed) I switched on and waited for levelling to complete and GPS signal to fix. After a few minutes it was pointing towards the first bright star which was easy to centre as I had aligned my finder and main scope earlier on a tree. Another star later and all was set up and ready. Jupiter in the twilight. Not bang in the middle of my 18mm ES 82, but close. Two moons and two bands showing. M13. Just a smudge using averted vision. So I waited a few hours and at about 1 in the morning back to M13. Woah! Using the 11mm ES 82 this was a sight to behold. The LX200R is so flat! Stars across the field looked so crisp. I could resolve stars down to the core and on previous scopes could only resolve the outer ones. And then a meteor goes across the EP to completely blind me! M92, again superb. M5 and 3, not as amazing but still, they were globular. Before I had to take a shot to see them properly. M57, a ring immediately in the 18mm. Such good views compared to my old Nexstar GPS. Always close to the centre of the EP. A very accurate goto. Saturn had creeped between my rose arch by now. A bit low and blurry, clear rings and a moon. One band showing. Not superb but always worth a look. Then some open clusters, M29 and 39. In the Maxvision 40mm 68 they were astonishing. I have never seen such a sharp view of them before. Then an old favourite. The Blue Snowball. There it was. Clear and blue, my daughter loved it. I was worried going Meade. I loved my three (!) GPS scopes, especially the two 8". But I didn't need to worry. This thing is accurate, the view is crisp to the edges, the goto is bang on after a quick auto alignment. It is noisier but I don't care. Could not be happier!
  3. Well I bought a Telegizmos and my scope has been out for three nights with no issues. It's nice to be able to park the scope and not align. It means even small gaps in the cloud are worth the effort.
  4. Great advice, thank you all. I am very tempted by the 18mm next but on just the right day I'm sure the Pentax must be stunning. I was looking at M13 last night wishing I had my new EP!
  5. Thanks Chris. Have ordered the 11mm 82 degree and will see how I get on before deciding on a mid power EP.
  6. I suppose another question: would I be pushing it with the 8.8mm? I want something I can use most of the time ideally, not just once in every three outings. Thanks for input so far!
  7. Seems to be £30 now! Should I wait for an offer? Hoping to use this to control my scope.
  8. Having googled my eyes out I am starting my own thread. I know much of this has been asked before so please humour me! I have just purchased the mammoth Maxvision 40mm but with Jupiter so nice at the moment have realised I need a c.10mm lens. I have narrowed it down to ES 82 degree 11mm or Celstron Luminos 10mm. Any opinions please? I would also like a wider FOV than the Meade 5000 26mm plossl. Again ES 82 degree 24mm or Liminos 23mm seem good choices. But then I see there is the Maxvision 24mm. Is there a great deal between these 3? Final thought, can't remember the word but if I stick with the same range will they stay in focus? May affect my decision but only a tiny bit! Thanks!
  9. It arrived today and is absolutely huge! Need my diagonal to arrive and clear skies now.
  10. Thank you. I have the Maxvision on its way from FLO. Since it should be better than my beloved Axiom, I am in for my best views ever.
  11. Thanks for replies - it is the older one I am referring to so, John, you have made me feel much better that I would be able to replicate those gorgeous views and maybe even exceed them. The two affordable options seem to be the Aero and Maxvision - how do they compare? Also, would I need to balance my scope with either of them?
  12. I used to own a 40mm Axiom EP. Loved it and wish I had never sold it. Great views of double cluster, stunning nebulae. Etc. I just need something with a similar performance and wide view. Been pointed towards Maxvision. Can't find reviews. Seems wide enough but is it as sharp? I know the Axiom wasn't the best ever, but I want something at least as good. Recommendations greatly appreciated!
  13. Wondering about a cover so I can leave the scope out for perhaps a week at a time. Telegizmos look good but anyone have any recommendations? Anyone use a scope cover have any tips? Don't want a condensation covered scope! Thanks.
  14. Will do! Yes I did buy that one, another true gentleman to deal with. Any other tips gratefully received. Especially if you have an EP suggestion for wide as possible pin sharp viewing!
  15. I know this thread is a little old but what a great read. Today I bought a used LX200R 8" after much deliberation. I am a Celestron man and have owned three Nexstar GPS scopes (I must love carbon fibre), 2 x C8 and a C11. So I was a bit paranoid about trying a Meade but have always wanted to and the ACF optics were too tempting for the price. Of course it will be cloudy for several weeks now, but it doesn't half look good stood in everyone's way in the kitchen! Not as noisy as I was expecting (but not as quiet as my old Celestrons) and really looks sturdy, just need to watch my back, but it came with a JMI wheely thing that should help. Now to buy a dew shield and work out the best EPs.
  16. All very useful, thank you. Need to find one at the right price now. Can anyone recommend a good wide lens. I once owned an old style Axiom 40mm 2" EP, 70 degree FOV and loved it. Something like that would be great and then something for planets.
  17. Thank you, even my wife is saying go for more aperture, she knows I'll only regret it! Any thoughts on my other concerns? E.g. The memory being lost on the controller? Is this a fault or something I'd have to live with?
  18. It has been a while but I am now looking to buy another scope. Most of my history involved Celestron Nexstar GPS setups, I have owned two 8" and an 11" over the years. I have also had refractors and a Mak. I really want something more portable to take to France when I visit my dad, the skies look fabulous and I want to enjoy them visually. The SE looks just right. Either the 8" or 6". 6 seems more portable, but is there a big difference? Not just optically but weight etc. Also, I read somewhere that it doesn't remember the time or your longitude/latitude? This seems rather archaic but are there ways round this? I know I was spoilt with the GPS, but would rather not buy the module when most of the time the scope will be in my garden. Realise I will need a power tank as the batteries won't do much, however, is there a power supply I could use when near mains electricity? Many thanks, also open to alternatives suggestions but must be goto and portable.
  19. Oh, I missed the transit too thanks to cloud!
  20. I am a part time twitcher thanks to my step dad and I remember travelling through the night - eight hours - to the highlands to see a belted kingfisher that never materialised. We do amazing things for our hobbies because when it does all come together it is an unbelievable rush that we keep trying to replicate!
  21. To me it seems to be a bad year. I got aperture fever and have had three chances to use my scope through broken cloud and now my car has discombobulated so I need to sell it! Having said that, Saturn is beautiful and I love my clusters. So I will do it all again when the funds allow!
  22. Mine came yesterday. Very fast service. Just have to fit them now.
  23. No. I bought a 5" refractor (not an apo) on a manual eq5 mount. As a complete beginner this was a huge scope and far too big a learning curve. I had no idea how to align the mount or find anything in the night sky. Had I had the Internet then maybe I could have found help but really I needed something smaller to get me started like a pair of bins. Or the amazing Nexstar 8 gps which gave me fabulous views at the push of a button!
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