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  1. Thanks for the tutorial Roger. I will read thoroughly and digest! Ta to everyone for the kind comments too.
  2. Hi Adrian, welcome to SGL from me, who's just up the road from you! Hope you enjoy your new hobby.
  3. AndyM


    From the album: AndyM's photos

    Canon 1100d SW 80ED 10x 600sec @iso 1600
  4. AndyM

    AndyM's photos

    A collection of photos taken over the last six years!
  5. AndyM

    Jupiter 180315

    From the album: AndyM's photos

  6. AndyM

    Sun 220415

    From the album: AndyM's photos

    First solar image
  7. A quick spur of the moment imaging session from yesterday evening.....all of five minutes! Taken with a Canon 1100d attached to Skywatcher 80ED with a solar filter. This is a stack of four frames, (ISO400 1/1000 sec exposure) put together manually in Photoshop, then the result put through RS6 for wavelets followed by a further small amount of processing in Photoshop. It's my first attempt at solar imaging....I can see another money-pit looming.....
  8. M51 from 8th April. My best result of this galaxy yet! 20 subs of 180 seconds plus 6 of 300 seconds @ iso1600 + 10 darks +10 flats. Using Canon 1100d on a Revelation 6"RC scope. Processed in DSS followed by Photoshop.
  9. Captured with the ASI120MC through the 200pds using a 3x Barlow. 2300 frames stacked in AS!2 then used wavelets in Registax.
  10. I've used the 200pds with a DSLR and a ZWO camera for DSO and planetary imaging with very pleasing (to me!) results. It's a lovely scope, but it is big! For DSOs I tend to use the much smaller ED80 refractor, mainly because it's easier to set up. The HEQ5 Pro is a good mount for imaging, I owned one a few years ago and was always pleased with its performance. It coped with the Skywatcher 200 extremely well. As for extras, a light pollution filter might be a good idea. I recently bought one of these and it really does make a huge difference to the exposure length that can be achieved.
  11. I couldn't get rid of the fringing, but did get a bit more detail out! (Using RGB align improved the colour, but I lost a lot of edge detail for some reason...not sure why.)
  12. As long as it has Live View, which I seem to remember the 450 does have (may be wrong!!), then BYE will capture AVI files in planetary mode.
  13. Thanks! Yes, it was through the 200p. Total of 4000 frames.
  14. Not many gaps in the clouds here last night so I had a quick play at imaging Jupiter with the Canon 1100d. Captured through BYE. I used the 5x movie mode in BYE, ISO 800, 1/60 sec exposure. Scope was Skywatcher Explorer 200, 3x Barlow. Stacked and wavelets in Registax. Further processing in Photoshop. Quite pleased with the result.
  15. AndyM

    horsehead nebula2

    From the album: AndyM's photos

    Canon 600d 10 x 6 mins @ISO 800 6 flats SW 80ed CG5gt mount
  16. Hi Not posted here for a good while, but thought it was about time the scope and camera were allowed outside again! Taken on 15th Jan with modded 600d, SW 80ed, guided with QHY5 on a 9x50 finder, all on top of the CG5gt mount. 10 x 6 minute subs ISO800, couple of flats, no dark frames. I'm not too unhappy with this one.
  17. Lovely picture. One of my favourite parts of the world.
  18. I ordered a 600d from Juan a week ago. Confirmation of the order soon followed. Yesterday I had an email to say it was ready and on its way. Juan also included instructions as to how best use the new modified camera.......very helpful! It arrived this morning, well packaged with all the usual accessories you'd expect from Canon. You wouldn't know that it had been taken apart and modified, it looks factory fresh. Everything works as expected and I'm looking forward to some cloud-free (Ha-ha!) nights to try it properly. I was very impressed with the service I received from Juan. Recommended.
  19. Yes, the doubling is visible post-processing.....I can't blame SGL!
  20. Beautiful night here last night....haven't seen the skies looking that good for ages! Anyway, I took this with the ASI120MC on my little 127 Mak. 2x Barlow used. Captured through Firecapture, 3000 frames captured @28FPS, the best 60% stacked in Registax. I'm quite happy with this, especially as it's only my second time out with this camera.
  21. Set up under beautifully clear skies an hour ago......solid cloud now!
  22. Thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  23. I took this the other night whilst waiting for M51 to clear the huge tree in my garden! I was using BYEos, trying out the video function at 5X. This is a stack of 600 frames at ISO1600, stacked in Registax then upped the saturation in PS. Nothing amazing, just a pretty picture.
  24. This is my attempt at M51. Its a stack of only three frames of 150 seconds each. Not many I know! I used a Canon 1100d, Skywatcher 200, CG5gt mount, guided with a QHY5 on a 9 X 50 finderscope. Stacked in DSS then prodded and poked in Photoshop. I was quite pleased with this one.
  25. Myself and my two sons saw this from the Blandford area at 6.30. Certainly gave us all the "wow" factor! I've only ever seen one other fireball before, this one was much brighter. As Hypernova said, we saw what appeared to be fragmentation, but all three of us thought we saw it flash bright orange at that point. Whatever colour it was, it was impressive!
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