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  1. Cheers all.....Is there a best time to view or is it viewable all night? Great photo Starman
  2. Hi all.....long time no post on here but need a bit of advice. I am looking to photograph the Milky Way, not through a scope just a plain old dslr. Is it visible at the mo, if so when and does anyone know of some good dark skies in the SE Cheers Chub
  3. the 10th is the first beam...not sure when they are actually doing the first collision. Did anyone see the programme on bbc4 the other night? Tis one big machine! One thing I did take from it though was when the presenter said something along the lines ..."we have the worlds top scientists here and NO ONE is acually sure what will happen
  4. Ssshh :) Havent got that scope....yet...just saying that the SGL magic still seems to be working, come on looking to spend £100 ask for advice...walk away several hundreds of pounds lighter did I really...ah but now you have your own obs so you've moved the goal posts
  5. Thanks everyone.... but I fear I may have made a costly mistake I have only been on this afternoon and have posted one post about a possible Grab N Go setup, then I started wondering around the forum and Ive come up with this....
  6. hmm..didnt think of a dob as grab and go, more "heave n stay" but im willing to stand corrected. I was thinking perhaps either maks or sct's. The dobs are quite large arent they
  7. Has it been that long already...a lot has happened it that time !
  8. Goto as well What are those mounts like...they just look unstable ?
  9. Hi all Been thinking about getting another scope (wish I didnt sell the C8 ) Im torn as to what to get though...a grab and go type affair or similar to what I had before - C8 with HEQ5. I know they are two completely different scenarios so suppose what im really asking is what is the BEST grab n go scope you can get and what can I expect from it. Cheers Chub
  10. Hi Everyone Although not new to the forum, I have been away for awhile concentrating on other things, I thought id pop back in and say hello again. There are a lot of new members in here since my last visit! I might be thinking about getting myself another scope so would welcome comments but I will post that question in the appropriate board. Cheers Chub
  11. You can use Hammerite Helen, does give a nice smooth finish, one thing to look out for though is with hammerite you apply the second coat "before" the first coat is DRY. Sounds strange but true! There are other alternatives, why not pop into your local Brewers If you have one near, they will point you in the right direction. As for the shed painting do I feel another SGL Observatory Makeover coming up Looks really good!
  12. Cool Didnt even know you could do things like that with a Toucam. So what sort of distance/height (sure there is a correct term) would that be from the sun ? Chub
  13. Fantastic shot...it is images like these, that make me want to get another scope !
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