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  1. Hi Guys, I am based in the Maidstone area(Kent). I am trying to locate a local Astro Society. Apart from looking in mags and browsing the net I have not had much lck yet. Does any one know of any near by? regards Dave
  2. thats what I am looking for thanks I set te alarm! cheers Dapper
  3. Thanks I will have a look at Stellarium cheers Dapper
  4. Hi Guys i am trying to find the planets! Nothing in particular just trying to find my way around. Best info I can give you is Orion is at the rear of my House. Pretty sure of that. My garden is directly South Facing. Any ideas on how I can find the planets as I have a Star chart but it has no planets on it. Dapper
  5. Thanks for the info guys and your help steve all this is appreciated. you have given me a lot to consider. As this is such an expensive hobby I may contact some distributors of telescopes and sell them as that way I can buy the goods cheaper. Wouldnt be that hard to do as I own a ltd company anyeways. Dapper
  6. Steve I agree with you on getting the most out of what you have but as we all know its an expensive hobby. If I were to purchase more eye pieces that is going to be around the £100 pound mark so I kinda figured that I might as well spend another £200 or so and improve the whole thing. Only being I can afford the eye pieces nearly any time. But a new scope is a bit more monies and I have the chance to do that soon. Its just such a big thing and I dont want to make a mistake in buying the wrong one. I want to get good veiws of the planets. And later on maybe take photos. So I am looking for one that is upgradable. Even been contemplting on making my own newtonion dob. Dapper
  7. Can any one give me dimensions of the Skyliner 250PX please? Like the length of the tube and height of the scope when it all fitted together thanks Dapper
  8. So am I right in thinking the the dob sky250px is all i need the mount, refered to me as the tripod is of a box shape thingy? So how do I ajust the hight? On my celestron 127 I can adjust the hight of the legs on the tripod. How is this done on a dob sky250px please? also Is the length of the dob sky250px much bigger than my celestron 127? Dave
  9. So am i right in thinking if I was to buy a dob sky250px I will need to purchase a mount seperatly. Or does it come with a mount/tripod Or could I manage with the mount that came as standard with my celestron powerseeker 127. dapper
  10. As for room in the car its not much of an issue as I have a 4X4 Grand Jeep Cherokee V8 LIMITED. Can you advise what are Rings and GEQ mount, sorry only a beginner! thanks Dapper
  11. I was just browsing looking at so many telescopes and its a bit confusing. No let me refrase its terrifying! I already have a 127 celestron powerseeker. Now I have a few options available either to upgrade my eyepieces, or an entirely new scope. I have only had the powerseeker 127 since christmas and enjoy it but wanted better veiws really and I know the larger the apature the better. Or am I wrong? Would I get better veiws with the LightBridge 8" Truss Dobsonian or not? Are there upgrade for LightBridge 8" Truss Dobsonian like a camera mount? With a LightBridge 8" Truss Dobsonian do I need to purchase a mount / tripod. I was only thinking as its an 8" and with price range soon. Dapper
  12. Looks ike I might make an amature astronomer yet! thanks guys
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