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Newbie From London


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Greetings to all

I recently signed to this forum but did not have the time to say hi due to exams at uni anyways I just wanted to say that I am happy I found my self an active community to learn astronomy and science in general because I am very keen to get my self a telescope after exams and get observing the night sky :icon_eek: how effective this will be in a city like London I don’t know, but all the info I need is here

I will see you all in the forum threads

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Hello Sisko. Welcome to SGL.

There is a lot of objects visible even in London. Moon and planets are not really affected by the light pollution. Deep sky objects do suffer, however if your telescope is a big enough, narrow band filters can bring out nebulae. Obviously solar observation is immune to the light pollution, so that may be another route to pursuit. However solar observation is dangerous, so you should find someone experienced to show you how to do it. Which London Uni are you at? Some of them have Astrosoc, you should join one if there is one in your uni.


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Thanx for the nice welcome, as for which uni I go to London Met Business School so I really doubt they have a astrosoc (is it like a club thing??) etc but I will check and see

oh and I don't have a telescope atm so I'm looking to buy one and last night was some nice clear skies and easily saw orion so I wish I had one sooner, o well

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