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  1. Hi all, The scope & mount are still available and have now been posted for sale on other sites. If anyone is interested in purchasing this setup or part of the setup please message me. Looking for around £450-500 but will listen to offers. Thanks, Simon
  2. I have had a few pm’s regarding the scope and mount - it is still available and I am open to offers to buy or swaps. Please pm if you are interested. Thanks Simon
  3. Hi Everyone, I have not been on here for a long time but I am looking to sell or swap my Celestron C6 and the Nexstar go to mount. They are in very good condition and there are some extra bits as well such as a gps module, large finder scope (ask for further details) My kids are now very interested in astronomy and I feel a Skywatcher Dobsonian would be better for them and myself as it would be quicker to setup and give us good views from our decking. if anyone has a 150p/200p and is looking for a swap please contact me. I’ve attached some pics of my scope and mount.
  4. Thanks Spaceboy, I have already put an ad on the wanted section earlier today but as of yet no response - I may well try Astro Buy & Sell. I found a couple of new finders online but they were all in either Canada or the USA - just wondered if anyone may have come across old stock in the UK anywhere. Cheers Simon
  5. Hi All, I have a second hand Celestron C6 XLT scope that came without the original 6x30 Finder scope and bracket. Does anybody know where I can get hold of one of these - I believe the part number is 51602-B and it is discontinued. I have seen the 9x50 version for about £62 new but not sure I want to go to that size or price for this scope. I have tried four or five different red dot style finders and would prefer to have the original. Any help gratefully recieved. Simon
  6. Rufusgj


    Hey Russell.D71 - Redcoat and I have just come back from the lizard! Awesome dark skies you have down there! Simon
  7. Rufusgj


    Hello - new I'd find you!!! Welcome to SGL! Managed to star align it yet then? Si
  8. You beat me too it! Just used it and it works! Thanks for the heads up! Simon
  9. Inspired by your post I wrote to my council last night and have just had an e-mail back to say that my request has been passed on to the street lighting team for action! Amazed to get a response within 24 hours! Looking at your photo though that wouldn't help for my back garden as the light is the other way round and would need the shroud on the front!!! Here's hoping anyway Simon
  10. Great result - can you send them to Milton Keynes to do my street light as well? Simon
  11. try this one from eBay: 75mm Thick Pre-Cut Pull Out Camera Case Foam Packaging on eBay (end time 20-May-11 10:23:36 BST) You'll have to check sizes etc. Simon
  12. I tend to use this combination for EP's and the corrector plate on my SCT: First Light Optics - Baader Optical Wonder Fluid Simon
  13. Personally I always use the IR/UV filter and as mentioned above it acts as a dust block as well. You will have to play around with the settings in sharpcap as it can make your images more yellow, so a little tweaking with the colour and brightness setings usually gives you the more natural look. Simon
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