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I have always had an interest in astronomy but since watching Stargazing live the other week it has reignited my interest.

I am thinking of buying myself a telescope for viewing the sky and for astrophotography and learning more about the whole thing.

I love the photographs that I have seen coming from telescopes, the detail and colours are amazing.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to achieve these amazing colourful images from a scope like a Sky Watcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro.

Many Thanks

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Hi there welcome to SGL , the 80ed ds is a fine scope and great for imaging but for visual because of the size it wont be as good as the larget types like an 8" reflector . Some images on these forums are amazing and done using a dslr and an 80ed or the celestron version the c80ed try searching the imaging sections for 80ed i'm sure you will find some images to give you an idea whats its capable of .

Regards Alan

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Hi Starryeyes and welcome to the forum.

I would recommend buying Steve Richards "Making Every Photo Count" (FLO £19.95) A very good book detailing all you need to know, what to buy and how to use it to achieve the level of image that you want. However, like everything else you get what you pay for and the scope is one thing but what it sits on (mount) will make a big the difference. It will determine the length of time you can track an object which ultimately will therefore determine the maximum exposure time and so ultimately the amount of 'data' you have to process from. It involves a lot of time and potentially a lot of money, hence my recommendations of this book so you can have an overview before you start.

Clear skies


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Hi and welcome to the forum

The Celestron C80ED is a fine scope and as others have said, is great for imaging, and whilst there are bigger and longer focal length refractors more suitable for planetary viewing, it is a very capable grab n go and holiday scope.

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Hi StarryEyes, a warm welcome to the SGL forum, as has been said the 80ED is an excellent scope for imaging, the dark side as we call it, as you are starting out, have a look at the 127 Mak as an alternative, you will enjoy the visual with the much larger aperture and it is capable of some very nice photos coupled to a camera/webcam.


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