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  1. I am a bit slow getting round to processing my data from last weekend. This is my best sunpspot so far with the ASI 120MC camera. I love the detail it is able to pick out. The seeing was very varied. When I started setting up it was nice and stable then deteriorated very markedly between captures. I am quite pleased with the outcome. The image below was captured using my 3x TAL Barlow, using an orange planetary filter, 3 minutes @ 30 FPS captured in Sharpcap, stacked the best 1300 frames in registax. Tweaked in Photoshop.
  2. Addictive doesn't even start to describe it! Showing an image like that, telling someone it's 370 million miles away and you imaged it from your back garden - that never gets old Just don't expect other people to understand. Great first images by the way!!
  3. Cheers Knobby & Stephen. My Gamma was 59 and the Gain was 33 on each of them so I'll give the suggested settings a go next time round.
  4. Can anyone help me here? The image below was taken on 15 Feb. I seem to have some strange "onioning" around the edges of Jupiter. It's not the sort of colour fringing you sometimes see before you do the RGB align in Registax. There is nothing visible when you view the original video or in stills. I have processed three videos from the evening all show the same strange rings around the edge of the planet. Other than the strange rings I am pretty pleased with how the ASI camera is working out. I just wish I had some really good seeing. Image details: Skywatcher 250 Goto Flextube Dob ASI 120MC c
  5. We have our own dialect here in Hertfordshire but if you're from another part of the country I meant "pushing" the scope
  6. Yep - it certainly does. I was out on Saturday night for quite a few hours and as the power was getting low I started puching it around instead of using the motors and when I centred an object it just picked up the tracking again without any issue. And it's a really great scope.
  7. You've recreated one of the original Voyager images there - you weren't working for NASA in the 70s were you
  8. I just run the timeline forward I usually only do it just before going out to observe so I can see if there are going to be anu transits to look at or image. I don't plan any further forward because the disappointment when it's cloudy is too depressing!
  9. Nice shots, longer captures will give you a step up in quality for sure. Fingers crossed for some clear sky for you. You mentioned sky safari on your comment on my image - if you use Stelarium you can forecast when the GRS or shadow transits will take place.
  10. Here's a PNG thumbnail you can see without downloading it.
  11. I got the ASI120MC in September 2013 and have barely had a chance to get it out and the few occasions I did the sky was horrible - that included last Thursday. So I couldn't believe my luck when it was clear and stable(ish) on Saturday night! Finally I got an image that was worth processing. The attached image is through Skywatcher Flextube 250 dob, 3x TAL barlow, 3mins captured in SharpCap, processed in Registax and tweaked in Photoshop. The weather wasn't entirely friendly - everything in sight was getting thick with frost, the secondary kept misting up, and I gave up on the finder, I just
  12. Please don't laugh Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1. This was my first dabble at any sort of long exposure with the ZWO ASI120MC. The comet was absolutely beautiful - so easy to spot and a great bright coma. I was picking out a little tail with averted vision and this image doesn't really do it justice. Despite the fact I got up at 4.45am to look at it and then left for work at 7am it was well worth the effort. This was taken using the following: ASI120MC camera Skywatcher Flextube 250PX Goto Dob 7.5 sec exposure captured in Sharpcap Processed for noise, lighting and contrast in Photoshop I need to ge
  13. Just like the others - way better than mt first go which looked like a painting by a 5 year old :-) Great start!!
  14. Great images Moxican :-) My new ASI120 came out of the box on saturday for some practice on the moon. Cant wait to have a go at Jupiter now that I have seen these.
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