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  1. Nicley done John just looks like the view I had on Sunday from my place
  2. Excellent images great detail and nicley processed , 3rd from top my fav shows the "scar" well
  3. A couple of great images you got there
  4. Cheers guys yeah I was considering stacking a good bunch but I have to admit the cold got the better of me
  5. Hey folks thought i'd test my Canon sx530 out on the moon tonight seeming as though it was nice and clear , captured the image using manual settings and full 50x optical zoom which worked out to 215mm focal length plus a small amount of digital then just a crop on the final image .
  6. Great first attempt Baz better than my firsts on saturn , there is as much a learning curve to post processing your images as there is to actually capturing them i found so once you get to grips with your software i'm sure your results will get better and better plus of course sky conditions play a big part in image quality but thats just a matter of getting out as much as you can till you get that "perfect" night .
  7. Thanks guys i'll see what Brian says and if all else fails i'll mod an old eyepiece
  8. That would be great Derek thanks appreciate it
  9. Hi all i'm looking for one of the Billet parts adapters for the Microsoft lifecam , according to their website they have been out of stock for a while now so thought i'd ask around to see if anyone has one they are not using thanks .
  10. I'd say the same , normally with sct telescopes you dont get focus issues but using the focal reducer and a diagonal might be too much so its worth a try especially as its an easy test ☺
  11. Great results nice to have that wide field with astro video ☺
  12. Thats a great first attempt especially with no processing , looks like your on the right track
  13. Looking forward to the results
  14. Superb images if i get anywhere close to these i'll be happy
  15. Thanks for comments guys i seem to have the swing of things with the sdc435 on lunar but not tried any planetary yet and still getting to grips with deepspace targets , @ happy-kat yes i think i'm the person you mean i did a few globs earlier in the week m13 and m15 .
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