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  1. Hi Dave, Welcome to THE forum, can't help you with the scope advise (only just started myself), but would sugest a bit of research on what type of scope you want, Dob, Reflector or Refractor. Where you are going to keep it / use it, would you need something fixed or mobile, what you want to see deepspace planets (everything) like the rest of us, lots to consider before you get the wrong thing and loose interest. we wouldn't want that. Once you have made some sort of choice post on here for advice on which scope/s and the feedback will help make your mind up.. From an Ex Warringtonion, Cheers Dave B
  2. the chap in pic 2 is thinking this don't look like a RoRo roof
  3. top link Nill. I would love to be there, but dont think me bones would cope with the flights.
  4. Welcome to SGL Rob & Sophia Im sure at some stage of my "trucking life" ive been stuck behind you on an A road at the speed limit when im trying to get there and back on one card :D Dave
  5. bring your mouse to the bottom of the screen, and a nav-bar will show, to the right are a few buttons like a tape deck, one is to close the app the others speed up real time etc. mouse over to the left and another bar will show, in this one is a settings menu, where im sure you can alter screen size. Hope this helps Dave
  6. wondering what really is next to the scope so ive enlarged the photo, now I know its a "WUWU".
  7. Hi Cunhaval, welcome to SGL. Is there room for a small one in your dark hills Dave
  8. naked"I"


    Hi Phil, and welcome to the forums. Dave
  9. Monday is looking good round North Wales as per met check, cant think of anything more important to do on the 14th so looking up it is.
  10. Nice pics, on pic two it looks like there are a couple of people in the big crater
  11. My plan is to see everything in one night "iz it coz I iz nu" At the moment Im just pointing at what I know I can see so that I can learn how the scope, mount and Ep's work. But I do like the idea of a plan of targets and ticking them off, esp the lunar 100. Dave
  12. One of each for me and along with nick R baseball caps would be good/ Dave
  13. A flamer is someone who hijacks a thread only joking. A very, sometimes exceptionally, rude person mostly found in forums. These persons will use foul language against persons who might have mispelled a word or have another oppion. Welcome Tim Welcome Pilot
  14. Not much if your a Utd fan Saints playing very well in first half
  15. Jupiter won, but Utd aren't looking too good. great views of jupiter so thanks for your votes lol
  16. What to do ? Jupiter before it hides behind the trees or Man Utd v Southampton on tv in the warm????????????????? please vote to help me decide Jupiter Man Utd
  17. naked"I"

    Hi SGL Folk

    Hello Bolts, A warm welcome to THE forum from a blumming cold Abergele.
  18. Yeah, so happy for you, for the scope and the much improved service. Dave
  19. Hi Steve, Welcome from North Wales. Dave
  20. Sounds ideal, no wife no kids no dogs just fishing gear and scope, mmmmmm heaven. pm me with the info if you would sir Dave
  21. naked"I"

    Hi from Bucks

    Hi ozwebuk. Welcome to SGL and congrats on your first post lol. ebay is no longer what it used to be, only a few bargins here and there. I bought my first scope two weeks ago and have not had many clear skies (yet) so spend hours on here learning as much as poss for when allm the clear skies arrive. Dave
  22. Sorry people I've searched for hours. I can't seem to grasp the basics, Doh. 1/ When an EP is classed as 6mm 10mm 15mm etc what is that measure for ? 2/ what affect does the length of the EP have for planets DSO? 3/ FOV is that the part you look through or what you see via the scope. 4/ (a) My scope has a 2" Dual-speed Crayford focuser, with a 1.25" adaptor, would a 2" Barlow be best or a 1.25"? 5/ Why would I need a 40mm EP? I assumed that the smaller the EP mm the deeper into space you could see. Again sorry if its an easy one, and it been asked over & over Dave
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