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New Skywatcher large-aperture Dobsonians


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All three of the new Skywatcher Dobsonians are now listed on our website. The 14" model has already arrived in the UK but in small quantities, the others are incoming. We will post prices as soon as we know them.

Skywatcher Skyliner 350P FlexTube Dobsonian

Skywatcher Skyliner 350P FlexTube GOTO

Skywatcher Skyliner 400P FlexTube GOTO

Apologies for the sales cliche but these really are going to be in short supply so if you know you want one please contact us to place a pre-order (no deposit is required and you can cancel if you don't like the price :icon_salut:) we will then phone when they are ready for dispatch.

Skywatcher 16" GOTO Dobsonian:


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GOTO? Not just tracking?

So far the 14" model is available as a traditional manual model and a GOTO/tracking model. Currently there is no 'Flextube Auto' option.

What are the dimensions of the base unit for these? I wonder how 'door friendly' they are going to be?!

We are already on the case :icon_salut:

That was our first question, people are going to want to know whether it will go through their front door and fit in their cars so we have requested dimensions of both the 14" and 16" models.


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I guess it's wait and see but I'll be measuring my front and back doors tonight :(


Doorways ? My OO 14" dob base is about 20" wide including the drive motors. :icon_salut:

But seriously I think the 14" will be a very, very popular size. Should be a glut of used 12" dobs on the market soon.


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DAMN and BLAST you Skywatcher!!!!! :(

Why do they bring something like this when I've just bought my 300P Skyliner 6 months ago!!!!

This is not my lucky day today??????

If I was phyic I would have bought the 350P that's for sure!!!! I know that the 400P would be too big for transporting in my Golf.

But damn the 350P Skyliner looks mighty!!!

Apeture rules!!!! :icon_salut:

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Both models would be great jump up from a 10 inch model that's for sure and you will see alot detail on the planets and Deep sky objects!

But if you have money and have prepared to carry heavy weight around than go for the 16 inch model if you can!!! :icon_salut:

However I prefer the 14 inch Lol! Cos storage space is definitely important for me!!!

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I am on FLO's 14" list. I currently have one of the original manual 12' Flextubes and it is great - but aperture is king. The 14" OTA weighs in at 26Kg, the 12" at 21Kg. The base weighs in at 18.5Kg. I find the base okay to lug around, and the 12" OTA is a good bit more awkward. The 16" OTA will probably come in at around 30Kg. I think this might be a bit much for most people. The weight is a major reason why I have gone for the 14".


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