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  1. Come on guys !!! It is Christmas !!
  2. This may help http://www.nightskies.net/scopetest/scopes/altair_astro/starwave_152_f5-9.html
  3. http://www.altairastro.com/starwave-152mm-f5.9-achromat-refractor-telescope-with-3-crayford-focuser.html Not yet but delivery soon I hope !!
  4. At just 1090mm long that would be nice sitting on a dob base .
  5. I have the Pentax XW 30 , 20 and 10 and I will be going for the 7mm and I think that will do me .
  6. I saw a 300 at Astrofest earlier in the year. I did not play around with it too much but it seemed very well put together .
  7. Also this may help . I am a Chauffeur by trade and always like to keep my car clean . What i have been doing lately is on the final rinse I take rainwater from the waterbutt and rinse off the whole car .You can then let it virtually air dry without those nasty hardwater marks all over it. It may be a good idea to give the mirror a soak or final rinse in rainwater as it seems kinder to reflective surfaces and it is very cheap !!
  8. Hi Shaun Thanks but I will not be selling them. Waiting for the right scope to come along
  9. i have a 3 XW's a 30mm , 20mm and a 10mm the 20 and the 10 are virtually unused !! Sitting in a draw in my bedroom waiting to be attached to a telescope
  10. i would definitely send it back . Why would you accept a damaged item if you bought it from new ?
  11. I tend to only buy stuff that I can get to see first before handing over any cash. If that means travelling a fair distance to see an item , so be it .
  12. Beautiful scope !! I'm sure you will get some unforgettable views.
  13. vlebo

    Dark Site

    it seems like a large area where you can pull into off the road. it is not an entrance into anywhere, just a large flat area of concrete off the road , so nobody to ask permission to use really. I will take my large bino's and set up and see how it goes next time i'm free.
  14. vlebo

    Dark Site

    I dropped a client off in Wingrave the other night at about 11.30pm . On my way home through the back roads I came across a huge concreted semi circular area on the side of the road , so I pulled in and got out to have a look at the night sky. I was absolutely gobsmacked by how crystal clear the night sky was. I was a long way from any street lights or towns and the seeing conditions were perfect. I must have been there for a good twenty minutes and not a single car passed by. There were great views through 360 degrees at 10 degrees above the horizon.It was quiet and peaceful and a perfect place to set up and spend an enjoyable evening under the stars. I marked it on my satnav and was home in 40 mins. Looks like I have found myself a little spot to call my own !!
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