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  1. I do like this setup but with the extra eyepiece i want to get ( Pentax 7mm ) its getting out of budget ....very nice tho !
  2. It starts to get complicated with driven mounts , power supplies etc ! I'm trying to keep it simple but thats a good mount for home viewing !
  3. That's what I was thinking . Hopefully it would be stable enough .
  4. I don't have a problem with collimating as I previously owned a 300p Flex . I was just thinking of something less cumbersome as the 300p is stil a big lump to transport around Thank you
  5. Hi all I'm still undecided which way to go with my new setup . I was going to go for a large dob for keeping at home but now I'm thinking of something more portable to take up to my grandson in Gloucester as he's interested in Astronomy and also to be able to take to dark sights if I need to . I'm thinking of the C9.25 as I've read great reviews on it and it will be on an alt az mount for quick setup . It's all about the uncomplicated pure viewing and ease of set up for me . Do you think it's a wise choice ? Thanks Chris
  6. Thank you so much for tyour input everyone . I did decide to go with the 130p or 150p Heritage scopes but could not find any available until end October/November so i opted for the Heritagfe 100p . Not my first choice as I mentioned but its his b/day next sunday and i wanted to give it to him then .
  7. Thanks Mick That is helpful as that scope has good aperture and will not need collimating ! A little more than I wanted to spend but if he loses interest I could always have it back as a grab and go as you say :))) Thanks
  8. Hi all I need some advice please ! It's my grandsons birthday in a couple of weeks , he will be 8 , and he's shown an interest in Astronomy . I want ot get him his first telescope but I don't want to spend a lot as he may lose interest , kids being kids etc . I want it to be easy to use as in grab and go , but also big enough to pique his interest and for him to see Jupiters moons , Saturns rings , possibly The Orion Nebula etc. Iv'e seen the Skywatcher Heritage 130 and 150 but a little put off by it possibly needing collimation every now and then , the problem with
  9. Sorry guys .. I posted the pics by mistake, my intention was to elaborate a bit on why I chose this setup and for any opinions on how to improve it but I couldn’t delete it and start again !! Sorry if it sounded a little abrupt
  10. I previously had a 300 Flextube which I reluctantly sold a few years back and now Im looking at getting back into my Astronomy have been toying with the 14" . Common sense has prevailed as I recall the 300p being more transprtable and easier to manage and the savings on the 14" will be going towards a XW eyepiece , Moonlite Focuser etc
  11. I think it’s gonna be the 7mm for now ! I’ll use it for a while and see how it goes with thoughts of getting the 5mm at a later date ! Thank you so much for all your feedback Chris
  12. Hi all After an extremely long lay off from stargazing I'm soon planning on getting a new setup which will be purely visual. I'm planning on getting a Skywatcher 300p Dob . I ,wisely , kept my eyepieces , which consist of Pentax XW30 , 20 and 10mm and I'm looking to add one more , either the 7mm or the 5mm . Can't decide between the two ....... any suggestions greatly appreciated Chris
  13. Come on guys !!! It is Christmas !!
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