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  1. Couldn't get on with SGpro to well and ask happy with my current method of doing things but I would like some software, ideally stand alone, that can control my Pegasus focus cube ascom focuser and auto focus the stars for me like in SGpro, anything available ? Cheers
  2. The astronomic ones are as close to par focal as you will get, not used baader RGB so can't comment on those, but have used baader narrowband and they are a nice set.
  3. i use the astronomik LRGB type 2c ones, no problems, Baader good too i find.
  4. Bloody loads outside my house, I'll have a word with him, I hate littering anyway
  5. I am, I'll collect a big ball load and flog them back to post office
  6. i pick up 3 or 4 elastic bands every day when the postmans been, he just drops them on the pavement where he leaves his van, he must wonder where they all go !
  7. Just seen it, friend of mine was looking at one at the show last week, I'll let him know about it, cheers
  8. very nice, i like the tinge of blue around the edges, great work
  9. Flaming Star nebula in HA and Sii another pain to process to my satisfaction but got there in the end. 7 hours ha, 2 hours 20 minutes of Sii
  10. i could do but i would imagine shipping to be around £20, that would be signed for of course
  11. It should fit a SW ed 80, it is ascom compliant so should work with apt, I use it via the stand alone software from Hitec astro, and nebulosity 3, also used it to auto focus using SGpro, and it auto focused using the SGpro software.
  12. Handset has been found, as new never used it, to be included in the price.
  13. I have for sale a Hitec DC Focus controller and a Skywatcher Auto focuser motor unit for sale, excellent condition, i may have the hand control unit somewhere but can`t find it at the minute but will include it if i find it, i have never used it as the DC focus unit has buttons on it to manually move in and out, looking for £70 collected for the two from the Sandiacre area, M1 junction 25, or £75 including delivery, Cash, Paypal as gift or bank transfer. has served me well, motor is very strong, never had any problems moving my camera and filter wheel.
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