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  1. Just reading your post again, you use your guide scope camera to capture an image for solving ? I've been using my imaging camera which I used when I was solving with astro tortilla, do it matter ?
  2. Excellent ken, much appreciated, I tried again the other night but no joy, I produced an image with astro photography tool but nothing with nebulosity 3, even when using APT the sync was off.
  3. Had some luck today using the program with astro photography tool, it displayed and image and tried to solve it, obviously it couldn't as it was daylight, so I'm guessing that all sky plate solver isn't compatible with nebulosity 3.
  4. can you confirm that the camera you are using definitely provides a workable image under your ASCOM settings. thanks for the help, I don't see any image appear, can you tell me how to check ? I've just been ticking the boxes for connecting the mount and camera, it says the mount is connected on the bottom left of the program, but I see nothing for the camera, what I did try is taking a 10 second sub with nebulosity, saving the file and then loading the file in the file name box at the top.
  5. Yes I did see that YouTube video but had know idea what he was on about L.O.L
  6. here is one of the error messages i get, is there a step by step tutorial anywhere that you know off that i can look at, can`t seem to find any instructions on how to use it properly on the internet.
  7. had another try last night and it was strange, if i clicked off the target onto another part of the screen and then clicked back onto the target, when i then pressed ctrl and 3 it would sync ! very strange, messages in eqmod did not show any messages when first trying to sync with no success, it showed the command as a success when i clicked off the target and back on and sync again. i`m not sure about which setting i should choose when selecting the side of pier drop down, it means nothing to me if you can help on that at all. all other setting i.e. longitude and latitude and j200 are the same in both programs
  8. Thanks Chris, I'll try that later tonight
  9. Yep jnow selected on both programs
  10. i set it up to use the atik 460, i`m sure i`m doing something wrong, not sure how to capture a reference image and what to put into the file line at the top.
  11. i have had this problem where stellarium and stellarium scope works fine going to a target, i used to plate solve to centre onto a target but that is giving me problems now, so went back to the old method of slewing to a bright star and syncing onto it, but for some reason i can`t seem to sync the scope target onto the star, the scope target stays where it is, i have updated to the latest version of stellarium, i.e. 16 and stellarium scope, the configuration buttons on stellarium scope say that all three commands are connected, before only the slew command was showing connected, i`m using windows 10 pro with eqmod, any help in resolving this please.
  12. M13 Hercules Cluster

    nicely done, stars nice and round, you have blown the core some what but if you take some shorter subs you can over lay the shorter subs with the longer ones and it`ll look so much better, or try masking the core before you bring up the levels
  13. first clear sky for ages last night and could not get all sky plate solver to work, i have put in all the scope focal length and camera pixel size but the instructions on how to use a basic and i could do with a hand held instruction list, i`m using windows 10, stellarium, eqmod,and trying to plate solve with all sky plate solver, i have switched to this as i was using astrotortilla very well until it stopped solving too, any help please or address to a good website for user help. many thanks
  14. that seems to be normal, if you don`t use the 2x or 3x box it fails to stack stating memory problems or something like that.
  15. I had to pass on Bargain of a Lifetime :-(

    if i remember rightly i think i got £300 for it, i just wanted the 8 se scope