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  1. you can rotate the view when you use the field of view, but that was putting in camera chip size and so on, should be able to do something similar in ocular view
  2. also first star will be off somewhat, you then need to slew to it and sync it, then onto the second star
  3. you certainly don`t need to level the mount perfectly flat, there is no need, and as above, the day date should be in the american format
  4. photoshop will open fits files with the proper plug in, i do it all the time now. http://hubblesource.stsci.edu/sources/toolbox/entry/fits_liberator/
  5. M31 for Kelling Heath star party

    i was using an Atik 460 mono camera with a William Optics gt 81 fitted with a 0.8 reducer, with the reducer fitted this makes the scope a very short focal length but using my camera which doesn`t have a massive chip i still can`t get all of M31 in to the frame, it`s such a large target, this image was slightly cropped to remove some processing artefacts, this is the thing about imaging i like, no way would you be able to see such detail and M31 true size with an average visual scope. i have used Photoshop CS3 and Startools to process the image which does allow me to bring out the fainter edges of the galaxy.
  6. this was from early Thursday night, there was a bit of cloud about so i only took 2 minute subs in LRGB
  7. good camera and it might be worth while getting a 2 x barlow lens for planetary imaging with the scope which will increase the focal length
  8. Kelling Heath imaging strategy - opinion please

    Luminance should be good enough to get at home although there may be some gradients, same with the ha filter but a lot less gradients, best to find what target your interested in and find what colour band might be the weekest than blast that with the better seeing conditions of kelling.
  9. long time since i`ve looked through a 18" dob, will take you up on that with luck, what pitch are you on
  10. I'll also be at kelling, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, maybe Sunday too, I'm in the blue field b238, your more than welcome to pop round anytime for a natter, beer, tea or coffee, you can learn so much from others at these events.
  11. looking at the middle again i see what you mean, i had the dew heaters on, always leave them running and last night was cool but not that cold, i`ll try a few shots with a luminance filter and see what that shows.
  12. clear ish tonight so managed a 5 minute exposure in ha and it look like the problem is solved, the distance is indeed 64.38 mm or near as can get, this does not include the 9.5mm adapter that comes with the reducer, flattener. glad that is sorted.
  13. Kelling Pitch for sale

    Guy on astro buy and sell after a pitch Kim.
  14. With luck I'll try it tonight
  15. I have thought about it last night and think your suggestion of 64.38 mm including the 9.38 mm adapter that screws onto the reducer, flattner is correct, I was going to try it last night, just as I went out it tipped it down, so hopefully I can try it out tonight.