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  1. red dwalf

    Orion nebula with Quattro and 1000D

    looks good to me, if you want to lower the red channel a little, it should be easy in photoshop using either the colour balance or selecting the red channel and lowering it a little with the sliders in levels or curves, look at the histogram with all channels selected and you`ll see if the red is overdone
  2. would i be correct it thinking that the best imaging resolution with scope and camera is somewhere between 1" and 2" per pixel ? and does it make any difference if you image from a light polluted area ?
  3. red dwalf

    Eq6 guide speed nn x sidereal

    believe it is 0.5
  4. if you are doing narrowband imaging then really no point in using a light pollution filter, i also found on my setup that i would get a funny reflection showing up on the image when using one
  5. red dwalf

    Why was my wife a little upset??

    did you look like you were enjoying yourself ? i usually find if i look happy my wife doesn`t like it
  6. red dwalf

    Urgent help in Phd2!

    if you can get focus on both sides then i can`t see what the problem is realley, if your using sharpcap, try and increase the exposure times, should be able to see things with a 2 or 3 second exposure, also what exposure time have you set in PHD ?
  7. red dwalf

    Urgent help in Phd2!

    looks like a focus issue, sometimes if you can`t get focus with your guide camera and guide scope a small adapter to add extra length to the focus is needed
  8. red dwalf

    Ha acquisition

    a lot depends on the camera your using
  9. red dwalf

    wizard neb in narrowband

    always struggled getting a half decent picture from this target, not my data but processed by me using a different method than ni normally use. data collected by Steve Lawrence.
  10. red dwalf


    i had one and it would not work well indoors, even in the wooden obsy warm room, i but it out side on a usb cable and it worked immediately.
  11. i think we are losing a lot of detail Ron
  12. i tried saving it as the biggest jpeg size possible in photoshop
  13. been working on the Eastern Veil Nebula and it looked great when processed and saved as a 16 bit tiff file on my obsy monitor, i have saved it a 8 bit jpeg for posting to websites and it looks awful and dark on my house pc monitor, the monitor is not as good a quality as the obsy one but it looks shocking, so what is the best all round file format to save and post images for the web ? i`ve added a copy of the image i took.
  14. Reducing the size in software is a good idea, cheers

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