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  1. With afocal you want to use the longest focal length eyepiece to give the brightest views. Good to hear that you’ve had some success, keep us posted how you get on. Peter
  2. One Nagler down, one more to go… being ousted by Morphei that are better suited for bino use. peter
  3. I’d go with the Morpheus, I found 82degree a little large to take in - with the Naglers I used to use. I got some cheap 7mm 82degree which are nice, but the Morpheus has more eye relief and higher quality. They’re not small and noticeably heavier than the Naglers, but I’ll be good to go even when I find I need glasses now! Peter
  4. M13… no note of the “propellor”, which should be clearly visible with your scope and NV? Peter
  5. I believe some groups meet in Ibstone in the Chilterns. Looks like the chilterns may have some dark areas, but I don’t know if anyone has surveyed them in any detail: Peter
  6. This device works as the sensor allows it auto detect and align itself, an NV tube couldn’t do that so you’d need a hybrid camera/NV system. From reports I’ve heard the EV scope is good for outreach under crappy skies, letting people see things they wouldn’t otherwise. The “screen” and non-live not being big issues. NV excels at outreach, but for whole sky star density. Neither are cheap. Peter
  7. New model announced, have to see how it differs from the original. Interesting to see there seems to be a lot of people buying these. https://unistellaroptics.com/evscope2-en-us/ Peter
  8. …. Not if you are a disciple of Bartels the IFN hunter… f3 to enable 7mm exit pupil with the 21E-bomb. (No electronics in sight). Peter
  9. Definitely. If you’ve been to Walthamstow you’d definitely be needing some scope power! Peter
  10. 13” f3 picked up a few years back and under a bed…. The focusser I bought for it has been used on my 8” as the stick one was UGH! No idea when it’ll get a scope build round it. f3.5…. Good speed, hope you’ll use the Explore corrector so you don’t lose any of the speed. Peter
  11. I’d be investing some pruning kit to keep the shrubbery at bay and improve you views! What f-ratio is the mirror in the cupboard? I’ve got one under a bed still waiting…. some good objects in there! Peter
  12. The lens can be detached if you know what you’re doing. Refer to Cloudynights forum user cnoct who is the expert on adapting the different sionyx models to camera lenses and eyepieces. Good luck, do tell us how you get on. Peter
  13. I went to Strumpshaw fen and realised all the wildfowl were in “eclipse”(moult), so they all looked like female mallard! I need to give it a month or so before visiting Barnes WWT again. Did you bring any optics with you? Your TV85 with an amici prism and an ethos would have given the “green scope” crowd a good thrashing! Peter
  14. “Unorganised rainy river district”….. great name for a location too! Peter
  15. Was on holiday near Norwich recently… but the moon was up and the light pollution almost as bad as back home … need to return to the county and persuade people for we need a more rural location when the moon isn’t about! I didn’t manage to get to Cley in the daytime either… apparently it’s rather good for bird watching?! Peter
  16. Campfires?…, I bet your neighbours were seriously missing on the view… peter
  17. Some darkness to hang on the washing line to block out (some) of the streetlights. Peter
  18. Roller coaster, I was going to have a peek recently, will definitely dust off the chart and have another look! Peter
  19. Very empty field, hopefully nice and peaceful and dark. Any info on that nifty sun/light shade you got there?? Peter
  20. There are some notable greenkat models out there, these may be one of them… I don’t take too much note of I might be tempted into binocular collecting… which I mustn’t do! Peter
  21. Never seen the need for a moon filter, a bright image gives you more contrast, might totally destroy any dark adaption, but then the moon is up so deep sky won’t be so good anyway. I’d go for a dedicated narrow nebula filter as it will really help for nebulae…. No filter helps on galaxies - only darker skies. Peter
  22. We it’s not on his website then still waiting. That video was super helpful even for an old hand like myself. Peter
  23. “Difficult sledding…” https://www.bbastrodesigns.com/dneb/Observing Dark Nebulae.html Mel suggests to go as dark (and transparent) as you can… I’ve never had much luck, but then I don’t to really dark skies often enough. Peter
  24. 20.5, not too shabby, be interesting to see much better those other sites nearby can get. Peter
  25. … hope you didn’t leave the SQM behind in the move… Peter
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