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  1. Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd last night, image details on the image. Clear skies Matt
  2. Taken last night, comet 78P Gehrels, Mag 11.7 Size 3.0' Motion detected over 30mins.
  3. yes in dss it will stack it twice overlaying the stacked star image over the stacked comet image.
  4. ako


    excellent, ca i ask what you used to make and publish the movie? ive been blinking images in astrometrica but there is no way of publishing them from there? thanks matt
  5. Hello, I took some images of minor planets last night, spaced half an hour. I used astrometrica to blink the images and can confirm them by their motion. What's the best way of publishing this to the web? Astrometrica does an amazing job of normalizing the backgrounds and aligning if the subs are slightly out. Thanks for you help
  6. Taken last night, early and quite low but wanted to capture in the short spell of clear weather. image details on image.
  7. Apolgies, was meant for post in imaging section. Now posted there. Pls ignore/delete.
  8. Taken early friday morning from our yorkshire wolds observatory. had major computer issues quickly followed by sense of humour failure after sleeping on the obs floor to have a chance at this shot. would have liked to have made an attempt at longer subs when the moon got below the horizon. Many thanks to edd peacock for recovering the data from the broken hard disk drive. clear skies matt
  9. Image taken from our Yorkshire wolds observatory, image details on sub. would have liked to try longer subs but had a massive computer failure, along with a sense of humour failure after sleeping on the obs floor to get this shot then it all crashing. many thanks to edd peacock for recovering the data i had from the broken hard drive. clear skies matt
  10. more observations have been added at the minor planetary center, latest orbit calculations for C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS). From MPC C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) T 2013 Feb. 5.8937 TT MPC q 0.337628 (2000.0) P Q Peri. 331.2931 +0.5575233 -0.2221664 Node 67.5247 +0.8246312 +0.2592388 e 1.0 Incl. 59.9548 -0.0956615 +0.9399135 From 60 observations 2011 May 24-June 11. Date UT R.A. (J2000) Decl. Delta r El. Ph. m1 h m s 2013 02 05 000000 22 33 41.4 -19 10 15 1.033 0.339 19.1 72.6 0.9 2013 02 06 000000 22 39 05.2 -16 54 21 1.014 0.338 19.4 75.6 0.8 still very early days and likely to change of course but looking like a healthy naked eye comet if ti behaves! matt
  11. has anyone come across any further news on the orbit, would have thought that a lot more measurement would have been undertaken these last few days, allowing much better orbital data to be calculated?
  12. Very early days for this new discovery, as usual there is great hype. Hopefully it will live up to or exceed expectations. Matt Further info:* Minor Planet Center*just issued a circular about new comet discovered by*Pan-STARRS survey.*Comet was designated as C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) and it may be a very bright comet on 2013!*The orbit is not accurate, but it’s already clear that the new comet have closer perihelion* than the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) – about 0.36 AU. The comet could reach magnitude 1-2 in April 2013. By the rough*forecast, C/2011 L4 can*be the Great Comet, and reach 0 magnitude or brighter.*In March 2013, C/2011 L4 will be about 1 AU*from the Earth.*This is in 4 times distant than the comet Elenin.
  13. AuroraWatch UK amber alert, 2011-05-29 16:00:01UT. some interesting data on the magnetometer Welcome to AuroraWatch UK the third alert in 3 days after a good few years without any alerts at all. things seem to be hotting up
  14. Does any1 subscribe to this: The Astronomer Magazine looks like might b a bit less beginnerish than sky at night and astronomy now? Thoughts?
  15. Hello, im having problems getting the eqmod software to talk to phd and skytools pro at the same time, it will happily do one or the other but not both (which i need for slewing to targets and guiding) ive had a search around but havent found any answers. i have tried starrynight but still it doesnt seem to want to play. suggestions welcome cheers matt
  16. i have stacked all the frames again with the cosmetic setting as above, and ......drum roll...... we have success, ive only done a very rough process but here is a results with a similar crop. many many thanks, i thought i had a duff ccd for a while. :hello2:
  17. When get back 2comp I'll give it s go and post results. As long as it's something that can be fixed and it isn't dreaded equiptment issues. Many thanks for the speedy replys
  18. thanks for the replies, yes was stacked in DSS. i have a set of 5min darks at -30, will try that. is it normal for so many hot pixels like this, is there a problem with the ccd?
  19. no i dont yet have a set of 5 min darks at -20, will hav to do some. if they are hot pixels there are loads of them? and why do they appear like trails?
  20. Hello, attached is 2 hours worth of 5min subs of m109. ive done a rough process, can someone tell me what the streaked colored lines are? are they noise and would darks remove them? i dont understand why they are lines as guiding seems good on the stars? something during stacking? camera is a qhy9c, cooled to -20 would appreciate any help. many thanks matt
  21. ako


    a poor m106 image. Last night it cleared earlier than expected. Dew was a major problem with as even the dew heaters couldn't hold it back. Link is to an image of M106 A Magnitude: 9.10 barreled sprial galaxy in Canes Venatici. also in the image are (top )NGC 4248 Mag 13.2 Sprial (image does not show structure) and (right) PGC 39615 A dwarf irregular at mag 15.2 Image has lots of bright coloured marks, i assume this is noise and could be taken out with dark frame subtraction?? if someone could advise would be greatful. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/VuPszZg0TdfLRSeCk8OX4g?feat=directlink Image is a stack of 5 520 Subs. much detail was lost because of dew, and the eventual cause of the end of the evening even though the sky was still clear (with intermittent cloud passing over). wind has also given elongated stars. Image also submitted to astrometry.net for blind automatic plate solving, results here: m106edit | Flickr - Photo Sharing! clears skies matt
  22. ive decided its time to take the plunge into dark subtraction. ive collected 20 5 min dark subs at the temp set-point i use. firstly with my OSC qhy9 i usually batch de-mosiac and sqaure my lights in nebulosity, i assume the same same needs to be applied to the darks?? second, i was going to use DSS to make a master dark, do u load them under darks in DSS let it stack them, how then do u load the master to be subtracted from the image?? many thanks matt
  23. ive been using nebulosity since upgrading to my qhy9c, is much simpler to use than maxim but still having more functions that u know what to do with. ive used it a few times for a bit of processing and it seems excellent. u have to remember its by the same chap who wrote phd for guiding which most people rave about.
  24. Apologies, it's probably me not been clear. If I sync the goto on stars 2the east the main scope (which I'm syncing with the stars) is above the axies of the mount. slew to the west and the main scope hangs below the axies of the mount? Does this effect the pointing accuracy when skewing to targets? Thanks for ure persistance
  25. Cheers Greg, I hav all that gubbins. I mean the pointing accuracy of the imaging scope with it been off center 2the mount?
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